Auburn University has a Strong Girl on Campus

McCoy Evans, an Auburn University nursing student, overcame the struggle of body image and depression by getting involved in fitness, which led her to be recruited for The Strong Movement. Evans is now the representative on Auburn University’s campus for The Strong Movement.

When Evans attended the McCoy Evans lifting weightsUniversity of Alabama she became unhappy with her body. Her unhappiness led her to get on the treadmill to run for hours. People started to notice that she quickly lost weight and they became concerned.

“My negative body image began when I gained the freshman 15,” said Evans. “Around that time life hit me hard. I felt alone and extremely sad. There was no one for me to reach out to and that is when the anorexia and depression started.” (Photo: McCoy Evans)

Evans transferred to Auburn University for nursing school and to be closer to home. She felt like the Auburn community offered a better environment for her. Not long after coming to Auburn, she began to get better.

Evans made positive transformations to her life by changing her mental health. She realized that being mentally healthy is equally as important as being physically healthy.

“Depression is like a sinking hole, once you let it begin it continues to get worse,” said Evans. “ I remember thinking the more weight I lost the happier I was going to be. The only way you can find happiness is when you accept yourself for who you are. You need to love yourself before people can love you.”

When Evans developed a positive mental and physical health she got involved with The Strong Movement, which is a women’s lifestyle and fitness guide that encourages women to be their best self.

“The brand focuses on how women can be their best physically and mentally and that is what I love,” said Evans.

Fitness has always been a part of Evans’ life. She started dancing at a young age and continued throughout high school. She also played volleyball in high school, which kept her active and fit. (Photo: McCoy Evans)

Her favorite exercise to do now is to cycle. She loves to work out her legs because they are the strongest part of her body and cycling is great for burning fat.

Evans encourages women who struggle with body image not to give up.

“Don’t give up, you are good enough,” said Evans. “You are beautiful enough. The trials you go through only make you stronger. There is another side and the other side is so much better. Start loving yourself and things will get easier.”

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