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Auburn University monitors posts and comments to our social media community. We ask that you read and follow our guidelines when participating in Auburn Family discussions.

Because Auburn prides itself on its friendliness and thinks of itself as a family, and because this site will attract prospective students and visitors, we take the task of monitoring the site very seriously. We realize that our visitors will want to know more about Auburn, see photos, read comments, and other postings. Naturally, we feel that content must not be offensive or suggestive in any way. Since the space being utilized is part of the domain, the university reserves the right to remove any postings and content at any time.

All posts and comments are moderated on stories and videos posted here. Your posts will be moderated as soon as possible. The site is monitored throughout the day.

The content you post should have some connection to Auburn University. We're looking for Auburn stories. Think of your Auburn experiences. Alumni, do you have that scrapbook sitting around somewhere? Any photos or videos from your days on campus in there? Share them here.

You may write about your Auburn experiences. Each account comes with a blog. Write about your Auburn experiences. We want prospective students to see Auburn from the perspective of students and alumni.

Auburn does reserve the right to approve all content posted to the site.

Those signing up with and email addresses will be approved first. All other email addresses will require that we either (a) do a search to assure you are who you say you are and/or (b) contact you first to assure that the email address is valid. We apologize for the inconvenience, but in today's world of spam, we must do all we can to protect the site and our members from that sad spam experience.

1.) Use your real name. We believe in transparency. The authors here post their real name. Anonymous posts are not allowed.

2.) Be respectful of others. Sexist, racist and other discriminatory comments or images will be removed immediately. Users are free to discuss topics and disagree with another, but please be respectful of others' opinions.

3.) Keep it clean. Do not post offensive, obscene or sexually explicit language or photos - such posts will be removed immediately.

4.) Keep your contact information private and simple. Do not share personal information beyond the basic information required for signup. The email address you used at signup is not visible to other members. Elsewhere in the network (beyond the initial signup), for your own safety and security, please refrain from posting personal contact information (home phone numbers, mailing addresses, personal email addresses, etc.).

You control what messages you get from this site by clicking Settings and choosing the Privacy section.

We strongly encourage you to check "Wait for my approval" where ever it is offered in your privacy settings. This will protect you and the site from unwanted comments.

5.) Don't spam. We encourage you to use the space as a platform to share information about your work and achievements. However, commercial advertisements, solicitations and promotions are not allowed. Do not use the space as a marketplace to sell or request tickets for Auburn events. This is also not intended to be a space where tickets to events, for instance, are offered for sale or trade.

6.) Stay on topic. We encourage open discussion among alumni; however, postings that are deemed irrelevant to the Auburn community may be removed at our discretion.

7.) Alcohol and other issues in imagery and content. The site will not accept any images or other content with alcohol represented. This is particularly enforced with regard to inappropriate alcohol use/references and sale or promotion of alcohol. Final determination of what is allowed on the site is up to the site's administrators - students and faculty.

Note: This is a new project for us. It is to be expected that we will have to adapt to what we learn while continually working to develop the site and its guidelines. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we learn along the way.

8.) Profile Photos Your profile photo should be of you. Yes, we know some want to use photos of their children. That's OK, too. But, we really prefer that you share a photo of you. It helps old friends find each other.

We have made reasonable efforts to assure the accuracy of all information on this website. However, information posted by members from outside of Auburn University exemplify the nature of content that exists in a social community network, and we are not responsible for the reliability of their statements, availability or content of any external sites they may link to, or any other content posted by the site's members.

The views expressed on this web server do not necessarily reflect those of Auburn University or any of the people contributing to this site.

Questions and comments regarding this website may be mailed to

NOTE: We reserve the right to revise and extend these guidelines as the site grows and we learn the best practices to follow. At any time, we have the right to edit, revise or remove the Terms of Use, Disclaimers, Rules, Contact Info or any content on this Web site. If we make changes to the Site Guidelines, we will send a sitewide email to all members. However, if you have your email settings such that you do not receive the site's announcements, it is your responsibility to read our Site Guidelines every visit to stay updated.

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