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This Is Auburn Alumni at Top Social Media & Tech Companies

by Robert French

This is Auburn ... in social media, no less. 

I was thinking ... we have Auburn alumni all over the world.

Students are graduating and want to network and find jobs. So, I was exploring LinkedIn's new Education section. The thought popped up, "Who from Auburn is working at major social media providers and related top tech corporations?" I wondered how many Auburn alums we'd find at companies like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, Microsoft,…


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5 Things Incoming Freshmen Should Know

This is my sage advice to the youngin’s just arriving at Auburn University. These lessons were all learned by trial and error on my part...hopefully me passing them on will allow you to skip that step.

1. Stressed out and homesick? You’re not alone.…


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Algernon Sydney Sullivan Humanitarian Award 2014

Each year, Auburn University recognizes the efforts of three outstanding individuals who represent our institution through their unsurpassed humanitarian leadership and contributions to the community. Eligible recipients for the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award include one male and one female student from the 2014…


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Natalie Roberson 2014 Foy Spirit Award Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Auburn PR Junior Natalie Roberson. Today we learned that Natalie is the 2014 recipient of the Foy Spirit Award and a $1,000 scholarship. War Eagle!

The Foy Spirit Award is a $1000 scholarship given each year in honor of former Dean of Students Dr. James E. Foy and his…


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5 Lies You've Heard About College

1. Your professors don’t care about you:

Professors wouldn’t spend time with college students if they didn’t care. They love to have students come in to office hours and chat about class, life, Auburn football, basically whatever. They are your greatest guide to not only getting good grades in their class, but about where the best doctor’s office is or which restaurant is perfect for when your parents come in town.  Trust me, they…


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Black Auburn: My Experience at a PWI

     Hello! My name is Jamecia Crenshaw, and today I am going to talk about my experience as a “minority” at a Predominately White Institution (PWI). I know. Scary right? Not too many people are brave enough to tackle the big, gray elephant in the room, but, I believe we should not shy away from diversity issues. If we want to solve them, it’s best that we first address…


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50 Pieces of Advice to Freshmen Girls from a Senior

Dear upcoming freshmen girls:

Can I be you again? With graduation coming up soon, this week consists of many "lasts" for me. Last week of classes, being a member of my campus organizations, writing these articles, etc. When did that happen? I feel as if I just packed up my bags and headed to Auburn, Ala., to begin my college career. During my four years at Auburn University I laughed, I cried, I passed, I failed, I became me, and I wish I could do it all…


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Seven Things Every Freshman Should Know About The College Experience

Welcome to life after high school. As a graduating senior, I wanted to share with you several things that are important to know your freshman year here at Auburn:

1. You don't have to know what you're going to do with your life.

Auntie SparkNotes: I Don't Know What I Want to Do with My Life

Yes, It would be so easy to have your whole life planned out from the time you step foot on campus. Truth is,…


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Five Experiences You Must Take Away From Auburn


Game day on The Plains is nothing short of magical. Whether you are a huge football fan or not, the excitement of the Iron Bowl is one of the best college experiences you will have during your time at Auburn. Cheer the beloved Auburn Tigers to victory in Jordan–Hare Stadium with 87,451 of your closest friends and family.…


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What I Will Miss Most About Auburn University

Prepare yourself for extreme cheesiness. You have been warned.

Throughout my time at Auburn University, I have always known that this place was special. But now I am faced with the realization that after graduation, I'm not going to be in Auburn every day. My four years here have been the best years of my life. Here are the four things that I will miss most about being a student at the greatest university in the world:

1. The Campus -  This one…


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Dear Freshman Self

Dear Freshman Self,

Welcome to college! You have such an amazing four years ahead of you. Here is some advice from your senior self:

Make friends with new people {that didn’t go to your high school}. Best advice ever. Although this seems obvious, and maybe even inevitable, I was surprised to see a lot of my fellow high school classmates run with their same high school crowd in college. I consider meeting new people a hobby of mine, I love it. I…


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5 Things Every Freshman Should Know

1. Go to EVERY home football game!

But seriously go to every single one. You never know when there’s going to be that awesome catch, like last season’s Georgia game! Wake up early to tailgate before, stay up late to celebrate and roll Toomer’s after! Before you know it you’ll be sadly counting down how many games you have left in the student section.…


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My tales and tips on how to be a sassy backpacker

      Visiting Europe has almost become a staple on every American’s bucket list. This summer my best friend and I fulfilled every American college kids dream. For a month we studied in Barcelona and after the program ended we packed our one backpack each and traveled around to eight other countries in…


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There are thousands of popular and widely-recognized mascots across the U.S. who are loved and admired for various reasons.  One stands out from all the others.  

There is something so special about Auburn University’s mascot, Aubie, that sets him apart from all the rest. Aubie has a huge presence on campus and he is welcomed at both on and off campus events throughout the week. He has grown to be more and more loved over the years, and his friendly personality is magnetic. Here…


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Nerd Alert: Why It's OK to be a Square in College

Before we get started, let's introduce ourselves.

This is me, Rachel Pipan.

I’m sorry, that’s me *trying* to be poised and look like a totally cool, adjusted and professional college student. Here’s me, in…


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Advice for Incoming Freshman Girls from Graduating Seniors

A list of thoughts (that only reflect the opinions of the individual) which should be kept in mind during your next four (five, or even six) years at Auburn University.



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April showers got you down? There’s no need to be bored in Auburn on a rainy day because there are various indoor activities to keep you busy and entertained. On rainy days most people feel like laying in bed and enjoying a Netflix marathon, but there are many other social and active alternatives that you could be participating in instead. Here are the top four indoor activities in Auburn that are perfect for a rainy April day.

1: Go Bowling at AMF…


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Bo Bikes Bama Event

If you go to Auburn, chances are you've heard of Bo Jackson, and if you haven't, you need to get off of Netflix and go to a football game or two.

Bo Jackson is one of the most well-known Auburn athletes in history. He played both football and baseball at Auburn from 1982-1985, won a Heisman Trophy,…


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Top 5 Things Every Auburn Freshmen Should Know

1. Choose a major you love!

- This might just be the most important thing on my list. I think it is absolutely crazy that at the young age of 18, college students are supposed to choose the career path they will be doing for the rest of their professional lives! That’s a lot of pressure. My advice? Choose a major and career field you love! I mean, we work more than we do anything else in life, might as well like what you’re doing. Don’t give in…


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Parallel Parallel: Spring 2014 BFA Candidates Senior Thesis Exhibition

The Department of Art in the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University is pleased to announce the Parallel Parallel: Spring 2014 BFA Candidates Senior Thesis Exhibition.

The show opens in Biggin Gallery on Monday, April 14, and runs through April 25.

There will be an opening reception at the gallery from 4 - 6 p.m. on March 14. All events are free and open to the public, and Biggin Gallery is wheelchair accessible.

The exhibition features the work of: Juliann Aune,…


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