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Top 3 pieces of advice for incoming freshman

 Jackson Garrett, a freshman this year at Auburn, may be considered one of the friendliest people on campus. He never goes anywhere without seeing some one he knows. He is on Auburn's Ultimate Frisbee team, a member of the Auburn Christian Student Center and is excited about sharing his love of Auburn with anyone. He gives…


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Frenzers Attend Auburn in Multiples

Caitlin, Beth, and Megan Frenzer

Political Science and Business Administration, Civil Engineering, History

Freshmen from Chicago, IL


Auburn receives new freshmen every Fall semester, but this Fall the University welcomed three girls from the…


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Adapting to Something New

Chris Gluckman

Student majoring in Biomedical Sciences


With the majority of his class staying in Texas for college, freshman Chris Gluckman made the choice to venture out and really experience what it meant to be away from home. Coming to Auburn left him with many unanswered questions that had him second-guessing as to why he chose to go so far away from home. With fall semester under his belt, Chris quickly learned the ins and outs of what he…


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Alabama Fan Since Birth

Jordain Rutherford

Auburn University Freshman

Jordain Rutherford is a freshman here at Auburn University.  She grew up an Alabama fan but could not resist the charm of the loveliest village on the plains.  She is actively involved in her social sorority and hopes to get into Auburn University's Harrison School of…


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Encouragement of Tiger Transit's Toomer's Ten

Commonly known as the “drunk bus” to current Auburn students, the Tiger Transit’s Toomer’s Ten has given service to those in need of late night rides for almost two years now.

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Toomer’s Ten leaves from Toomer’s Corner and goes to seven different common locations off-campus. On May 2, 2009, it was implemented by Sarah Molony, vice president… Continue

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A day in the life on an Auburn architecture student.

Auburn University is known mostly for its football team, especially this year. However, one cannot look past Auburn’s academics. Auburn has an abundance of prestigious programs, one of which is Architecture.

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Architecture at Auburn is a grueling process. A student must learn to live on little sleep and learn to live in their studio.… Continue

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Jai Hind! Indian Student Association Celebrates 62nd Republic Day

Orange, white and green colored the Haley Center auditorium 2370 on Saturday, Jan. 29. The halls were filled with people wearing vibrant colored sarees and kurtas, gold jewelry and tiny bells. Children in traditional Indian outfits ran back and forth across the hall, waiting for the festivities to begin.

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This celebration marked India’s… Continue

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Campaigns on the Plains

It’s an unsung Auburn University tradition. Like the fight song playing from Samford Hall at noon, so is the certainty of being bombarded on the concourse the week before spring elections. They swarm the campus in matching t-shirts, greeting innocent passersby with smiles, promises and coupons, if you’re lucky.

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Yes, it must be the… Continue

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Auburn’s 2011 Career Expo Provides Opportunities for Students and Alumni

Auburn University’s Career Development Services will be hosting a Career Expo on Feb. 8th and 10th from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. at The Hotel at AU and Dixon Conference Center. Students and alumni of all majors are welcome.

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Engineering and technical majors including architecture, design and construction, engineering, forestry and wildlife,… Continue

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Take initiative and get involved

College is like a fountain of knowledge - and the students are there to drink. So who’s thirsty for knowledge? With more than 380 on-campus organizations, Auburn’s student programs offer each individual a world beyond the classroom. Organizations offer opportunities for students to give their time and energy to part of something bigger than themselves.

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Chinese students share culture on campus

On Thursday, February 3, millions of people around the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year. A few hundred of those people will be members of the Auburn Family.

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Auburn is home to more than 500 Chinese graduate students, employees and faculty members, said Dr. Carolyn FitzGerald, assistant professor of Chinese in the…


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The Freshman Experience


Lauren Jones, from Trussville, Alabama is a freshman at Auburn University. She is a pre-business major and when she graduates she hopes to live in Nashville, Tennessee and work in the music industry. She is involved in many campus organizations like Greek life, Junior Panhellenic delegate for her sorority, College…


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Auburn Football Success Fuels Increased Admission Statistics

The national focus on Auburn University’s football success in 2010 has translated into an increased interest from prospective students across the country.  Applications for enrollment at Auburn University continue to roll in at higher-than-normal rates.…


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Meeting the Average Auburn Freshman

Catherine Stapleton is much like the average freshman just trying to find her footing here at Auburn.  She comes from Fairhope, Alabama where she has lived since birth.  As we chat she tells me about her senior year and how excited she was to come to Auburn.  Now with one semester under her belt she tells me about a few things she has learned and experienced this year. …


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Exploring Drawing on Alabama 2011

This year, Auburn University’s Art Department is holding the 2011 Drawing on Alabama exhibition. This exhibition is specifically tuned to display works from Alabama artists of all ranges, with no education or training necessary. 


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According to Auburn University’s Art Department website,…


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Friends for a Cause

It takes a unique individual to dedicate their time to those with disabilities. At Auburn University, there are more than 100 eager college students willing to do so. 




Auburn's chapter of Best Buddies is one of the largest in the country. It has been active since 1993 and is one of only two chapters in Alabama.


The mission of Best…


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The Gravitones Premiere

It was absolutely freezing outside. I could feel the numbness in my toes and fingers beginning to spread to the rest of my body.  I was a good distance from the fire, but it was totally worth it – the music was amazing!

On Saturday, Jan. 22, I listened to the Gravitones perform for the first time. Many at the party were too distracted by the cold to truly appreciate the skill and dedication it took the band members to continue playing.

“My hands were numb after the first… Continue

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Join Honors College

Auburn University’s Honors College is a program designed to allow qualified students a unique academic experience. Honors College allows students to learn challenging materials in small class environments while being enrolled at a large university.


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“To me, the information that you learn in the classes is harder,”…


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Come Sail Away

Simply because we live on “the Plains” doesn’t mean we can’t have an incredible sailing club. And Auburn University Sailing Club is just that, an incredible group of young and talented sailors.

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Every year the Auburn University Sailing Club (AUSC) sets sail out of the…


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Desi Ingram: New Home Away from Home

Desi Ingram is a freshman at Auburn University majoring in business with the intent of going to law school upon graduation. She had a long move when deciding to attend Auburn. She is from a town just 15 minutes from Chicago, called Glenview, Ill. Desi was ready to…


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