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Wo(man)'s Best Friend

Being in college requires a lot of work.  After a day spent listening to lecture, working in the lab and studying to get the 4.o parents dream about, many Auburn students have signed up for another job that takes just as much responsibility, attention and dedication: "pethood." For those fortunate enough to live off-campus, raising a pet is a common trend. From dogs to cats to birds and snakes, the city of Auburn is increasingly becoming pet-friendly.




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Auburn Freshmen Work To Start Three-Day Eventing Team

Auburn University freshmen, Mary Akins Hunt and Hannah Begue, are trying to start a three-day eventing team.

Three-day eventing is an equestrian sport based on three phases of riding, Dressage, Cross-Country and Show Jumping. Auburn University has an equestrian team, but it does not offer or compete in the discipline of three-day eventing.

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Fledgling Pilots Take Flight with Auburn's Flight Education Program

Despite the country’s troubled economy and recent mergers of commercial airlines, the aviation industry is experiencing a shortage of pilots. Luckily, Auburn’s Aviation Program continues to provide some of the best.

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Director of Aviation Education and Auburn alumnus Dale Watson has been managing Auburn’s Flight Program for over ten years now. A…


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Incoming Auburn Athlete explains how he is preparing for his Freshman Year

It’s a typical Saturday morning and Michael Duderstadt, leaves home at 8:30 to get to swim practice at 9. He swims three miles until practice is over at noon and then heads back home to fall back asleep.

Duderstadt is an 18-year-old senior from Panama City, FL., and will be a freshman in fall at Auburn. Just about one month ago, Duderstadt committed to the Auburn swim team. He said he was torn between Texas and Tennessee, but liked Auburn’s campus more.…


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Diamond Dolls are the Ultimate Fans

This weekend kicks off the 2013 baseball season. It's time again for fans to venture to Plainsman Park and enjoy some cracker jacks or a hotdog while watching the Auburn Tigers.

The Diamond Dolls, a student organization, are the official hostesses for the baseball program and help fans have the ultimate Auburn experience. Other duties include assisting with marketing promotions, cheering for the team and encouraging fan interaction.



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Elisabeth Epperson Leads The Cooking and Baking Club

Elisabeth Epperson, freshman at Auburn University majoring in hotel and restaurant management, has a love for baking sweet treats. She is the president of The Cooking and Baking Club at Auburn and is working to expand the organization and make it known on campus.

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Lindsey Beno, a senior at Auburn, started The…


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Looking into Law School

For undergrads contemplating law school, before you pound the gavel on the decision of whether or not to apply, take the time to consider the application process and some benefits of having a legal degree.

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According to lawyer Lisa Jones Johnson in an article on, the price of attending law school is incredibly expensive,…


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YoungLife brings Christ to kids in Lee County

Middle school: that awkward stage of life that everyone wishes they could have fast-forwarded through. Braces, relationships, bullying and popularity clashes bring flashbacks of dreaded middle school struggles.

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Wouldn’t it have been great to have had someone to talk to (besides your parents) to help get through some of those struggles?…


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Love Your Heart Run

The 24th annual Love Your Heart Run and six annual Crank Your Heart Ride will take place on February, 23 to benefit the Exceptional Outreach Organization. 

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This local non profit organization consists of parents of special needs teens and adults (buddies) and interested citizens. The EOO financially…


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Auburn’s New Brewing Science Program Means Business

The Alabama State Congress passed legislation in 2009 that loosened the restrictions on the size and alcohol content of beers sold in the state. During the same legislative session a bill was signed into law that allowed brewpubs and microbreweries to sell their own batches as long as it was on the same property where the beer was brewed. This opened the doors for new gourmet beers to enter the state lines, and priming Alabama for economic growth through brewpubs and microbreweries.…


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Should Your Horse Come to Auburn, Yea or Neigh?

While packing for their first year of college, many freshman students mull over whether or not to bring an extra comforter, a desk lamp or that teddy bear their Aunt Shirley bought for them six years ago.

However horse-owning students face a much harder decision, whether or not their 950-pound quadruped should accompany them on the journey to Auburn University.


Teresa Brennan, a senior majoring in exercise science at Auburn, had this…


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Annual Auburn Study Abroad Fair

Tired of the same ole classroom scenery? Want to get away but not quite sure where to start? If this is the case, then the Annual Study Abroad Fair is the perfect way to explore more options.

Auburn University will host the Annual Study Abroad Fair in the Haley Center Lobby on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013 that will allow Auburn students to explore abroad…


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Dorm Life: Why you should live on campus

As an incoming freshman, the idea of moving into a dorm may seem less than thrilling.

After living at home in your own space, having a kitchen that is always stocked with your favorite foods by a mom who conveniently prepares said favorite foods for you whenever your stomach so much as rumbles, it’s hard to find the upside of living in a dorm.

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High School Leadership Conference Has Greater Purpose

After 10 long months of planning, six Auburn student directors are proud of what happened in the Student Center ballroom last week.

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“High School Leadership Conference helps high school juniors and seniors grow in their own leadership and implement it where they are in their own high schools,” Assistant Director Natalie…


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Auburn empowers women

Auburn University was originally an all-male college in 1856 when it was known as East Alabama Male College; however, many things have changed since 1892 when the first woman was allowed to enroll.

Now, several young women make the decision to come to Auburn every year, and there are several empowering programs that support those decisions and encourage women to not only continue furthering their education, but to become lifetime leaders.…


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Toomer's Oaks to be Rolled Away April 20

Over the years, toilet paper flapping carelessly in the famous Toomer’s oak trees on the corner of College Road and Magnolia Avenue is a common sight during football season or various Auburn University events.


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However, April 20 marks the last day the 130-year-old oaks will be wrapped up and covered with toilet…


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AUBIE-EDA Love Your Body Week: Promoting Healthy Body Image on Campus

AUBIE-EDA, or Auburn University Body Image Education & Eating Disorders Awareness, is an organization on campus that promotes healthy body image. AUBIE-EDA hosts the annual event, Love Your Body Week, this year from Feb. 25 to March 1. The event is always held in February in conjunction with National Eating Disorders Awareness Month.

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The End of an Era

Be born on a farm.

That is the frank advice given by the well-known professor of animal sciences Dr. Keith Allen Cummins when students ask how they can know what he knows.

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Cummins and seven of his College of Agriculture colleagues are set to retire within the year, and Auburn University will be losing some…


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A Keepsake for the Auburn Family - "The Spirit Tree at Toomer's Corner"

“The Spirit Tree at Toomer’s Corner” is a magical and memorable story of the Toomer’s Oak Trees. “This book was created to remember the beloved Auburn Oaks and the tradition dear to its fans hearts at Auburn University,” said co-author, Mave (Lough) Duke. The book was published in the fall of 2012, after the poisoning of the trees and is considered a keepsake for the Auburn Family to always remember them.

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The Intern Queen Visits Auburn University

Auburn University’s Career Center recently hosted Lauren Berger as a part of its 2013 Experience Week, engaging students to believe they can be successful and one day get their dream job through an internship.

“Rejection doesn’t mean never, it just means not right now,” Berger said.


This is one of many pieces of advice Lauren Berger often gives college students when she visits their campus to speak to them on how to land the…


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