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Go Green! Auburn's Industrial Design Department Hosts Annual Designing Green Competition

Auburn University’s Industrial Design Department put on its annual Designing Green competition on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 20-21. Each spring, the Industrial Design Department’s student chapter of Industrial Designers’ Society of America sponsors a competition in which industrial and…


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A Meal to Heal: Sorority Takes on Human Trafficking

When one thinks of the word “slavery” an image of people in bondage may appear. The word may even evoke an emotional response in those whose ancestors experienced such an atrocity. Unfortunately, however, the word slavery no longer lends its self to history. These days, there’s a newer form of slavery- human trafficking, and research suggests its reach far outnumbers victims of the past.…


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California, Here we Come!

    Auburn University’s Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRMT) program selected 12 students to participate in a four-day sponsored trip to stay at the Sutter Home Estates in Napa Valley. 

    This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allowed students in the HRMT program to receive…


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Camp Ozark recruiters visit Auburn University

This week, Auburn University will be host the Incomparable Camp Ozark recruiters who continue their journey across the nation’s colleges to hire the best summer camp staff possible.

Camp Ozark is a Christian outdoor adventure and activities camp for kids ranging in ages from 7-17. The camp is located in west Arkansas and nested within the Ouachita Mountains. Over 130 activities are offered and range all the way from wakeboarding and canoeing to crafts and woodshop, with much more in…


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What Your Favorite Auburn Symbol Says About You

Vintage Aubie

If this vintage logo of Aubie is your favorite then you always give a kind War Eagle to every person you meet. See a stranger wearing a tiny bit of orange? War Eagle! Someone mentions the state of Alabama? War Eagle! It’s just the southern…


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Ways to Birth your Inner Leader Before, During or After College

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and are from all backgrounds and walks of life. There are countless leaders living among us that we encounter every day. Most do not have the official leadership titles—you know, president of so-and-so, director of this and that etc.

Not to diminish the work and effort of…


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4 Free Services Auburn Students Should be Taking Advantage of

Auburn Students have access to several amazing services that are provided to us free of charge. Unfortunately, these services are sometimes overlooked or forgotten about. I have personally used each of these services and can attest to their high quality.

1. Study Partners - This is a great service located in the Ralph Brown Draughon Library. It is easy to use and can be very helpful. I have used this service in the past and cannot say enough great things about it. I…


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Auburn Ablaze with Songwriting Craze

AUBURN, Ala. -- Auburn University's student body is no stranger to singer-songwriter's bringing their talent to town. The Plains have welcomed many original performers over the years.  Auburn has welcomed artists belting their original tunes such as Beth Wood and Pentatonix.

The Auburn…


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Auburn Listed as Best University in Alabama

Rankings are by Reputation, Dedication, Accreditation and Overall Caliber Compared to Other Schools in the State

Yet another website praises Auburn as the best in the state.…


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Spread the Word to End the Word

Best Buddies Auburn chapter is gearing up for their annual Spread the Word to End the Word campaign, scheduled the week of March 3-7.

The week is a part of Best Buddies International’s Spread the Word to End the Word Day, which is March 5, 2014.

The week, and especially the day, is focused on…


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Auburn's Interdisciplinary Studies Program Cultivates Creativity, Independence and Practicality in Students

Variety is the spice of life at Auburn University.  With 14 colleges and schools offering everything from architecture and engineering to journalism and zoology, students have a multitude of educational options from which to choose.  But for some students, a traditional degree program limits the amount of necessary freedom for pursuing their passions.

“In some cases there isn’t a degree program on campus that would prepare the student for what they are…


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Auburn Researcher Part of Team Finding Women’s Primetime Coverage Less Than Men’s for Sochi Olympics

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Through nine nights of NBC’s Sochi Olympic broadcast, male athletes have again received the bulk of the primetime coverage, but not by as large a margin as in past years.

Lauren Smith, an assistant professor in Auburn University’s School of Communication and Journalism in the College of Liberal Arts, along with a research team consisting of assistant professor James Angelini of the University of Delaware, professor Andrew Billings of the University of Alabama and…


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Tai Chi on the Plains

Every Monday through Friday from 11:30-12:15, Master Qin Chin leads a group of about 20 people in 45 minutes of peaceful exercise on the green space in front of Foy Hall. While many faculty and students are going to class or lunch, you will find Chin and his class fighting stress with the ancient Chinese tradition called Tai Chi.


Inspired by…


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A Different Kind of Friday Night

Sometimes doing the “same ole, same ole” every Friday night get’s extremely boring. Whether it’s frequenting the same watering hole or restaurant after each week, it can get mundane and old real quick. Opelika has a cure for that boredom; it’s called First Fridays.

Every first Friday of every month the Opelika Main…


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A Guide To Midterms | Advice from Auburn University Seniors

Uh ohh… it’s about that time again. Midterms. All college students dread them. They’re inconvenient, annoying and downright miserable.

Midterms are terrible because, unlike finals week, you can’t stop everything else you’re doing in life to focus on taking tests; you just have to figure out how to fit hours of studying into your already crammed schedule. Not to mention you haven’t completed any of the required reading assignments, and your notebooks are filled with grocery lists and…


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PSA: Spring Break Can Take Place Somewhere Other than Destin

Ahhh, Spring Break. Auburn University welcomes you with open arms.

If you are a freshman or sophomore, this means it is time for you and your 13 closest friends to pay entirely too much for a three-bedroom condominium (don’t forget to call NOT sleeping in the bathtub) and head down to Destin to enjoy a full seven days of fun in the sun—though early March is still too cold to actually enjoy the ocean.

It is time for you to research the important things, like how long it will…


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Tiger Eyes have an Audience of 87,451

Have you ever been interested in performing in front of thousands of Auburn football fans in Jordan-Hare Stadium? If you have any experience in dance, flag or baton, then the Tiger Eyes Visual Ensemble is the right organization for you to join.

The Tiger Eyes are a part of the Auburn University Marching…


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10 Ways You Can Tell Someone Went to Auburn University

10. You know someone went to Auburn when the only “Momma’s Love” comes from Momma Goldberg’s Deli.

After a long day, there is nothing quite like the comfort of a steamed “Momma’s…


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Auburn Apps You Should Download

There are numerous Auburn related apps available at your fingertips, but which ones are worth downloading? Whether you are a student, faculty member, fan or local, there are many Auburn apps that could get you hooked. Here is a list of the most useful Auburn apps you should have on your smart phone:

1: Official Auburn University 

This is the official university app that is your go-to guide for all things Auburn. This app is most useful for students and faculty. It comes…


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Running Wild: Auburn trails and parks for the running enthusiast

Where in Auburn does someone find a peaceful, tranquil place to take his or her afternoon jog? The answer should obviously not be the main roads and campus, where the likelihood of getting hit by a car or bicyclist will give any seasoned runner anxiety. Instead here are some running location alternatives that won’t involve stopping at overwhelming amounts of crosswalks.


1. Kiesel Park – 520 Chadwick Lane, Auburn, Ala.

Located about 14 minutes from campus, Kiesel Park is…


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