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Navigating Haley Center

Editor's Note:  Every campus has its stories of lore and this one is perhaps one of the most common tales that every student can relate to over time.   The Haley Center maze is legendary.

I’ve been on campus now for four years and every semester I dread having a class in Haley…


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Certified To Fly

The last semester leading up to graduation is stressful. Students have to finish off their remaining credit hours while battling the inevitable case of senioritis all while applying for jobs, attending conferences, career fairs, resume work shops; the list is seemingly infinite.

There are the lucky few…


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European travel with Grace Perry

Auburn Alumni Association’s Student Travel Ambassador, Grace Perry, is a senior majoring in marketing. As a woman with many aspirations, she has devoted her senior year to promoting the Auburn European Graduation Trip. Perry has studied abroad in Tornio, Italy, dubbing the Italian city as her favorite destination yet. Perry graduates in May and plans to pursue a career in marketing. Her love of travel will be a dominating factor in her job search, as she hopes to one day be a marketing…


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Auburn Fan Problems

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The Best Decision a Student Can Make

Spending eight semesters (if graduating on schedule) at Auburn University does not seem like enough time. Which is why it can be a huge decision for a student to decide to sacrifice one of those semesters to study abroad. Either people don’t feel like they have the time, the patience to live in a country that speaks another language, or they are just afraid to go out and do something on their own.

Ashley Patton, now a senior, chose to leave Auburn her second…


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A Twitter Scavenger Hunt for What Life is Like at Auburn University

Auburn’s campus is constantly filled with different kind of events and people with numerous purposes. During the week of Feb. 10-14, I interviewed multiple students and documented the exciting things occurring on campus to show what a week of school is like for an Auburn student. …


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Military Ball - A Night to Remember

Military Ball is an annual event held by the Army ROTC Cadets at Auburn University. This year, it will be held at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center Ballroom on Friday, February 21 at 6 p.m. 

Military Ball is planned and enforced by the Army Cadets, who raise money for…


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AU Club Handball Team visits "Wake Up, Auburn!"



Maurice Godwin, the President of the AU Club Handball Team, stopped by the Wake Up, Auburn studio to talk about how you can play one of the world's most popular sports for Auburn.

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Snow Days: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Upon waking up in the morning, you slap the snooze button between three and 15 times. Once you finally face the fact that you must get out of bed and begin another day, you check the weather on your phone. It is 34 outside and that sucks until you notice the snowflake icon. Even a 30 percent chance of precipitation has most students waking with visions of class cancellations dancing through their heads.

The Good

You get a phone…


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How to compete without being an athlete

Do you miss playing sports like you did in high school? Are you looking for a way to be more socially or physically active without a strict time commitment? Seek no more.

Auburn University offers numerous intramural sports to students throughout the year, and encourages participation, especially among freshman. It’s a great opportunity because “you get to meet people with the same interests as you,” Daniel Overstreet, the coordinator of intramural sports at Auburn,…


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Free Gotcha Rides, Tips for Lifts

While rides are always free, the drivers work off tips they receive.

Many have noticed the souped-up electric cars downtown, possibly parked just outside of Moes or Skybar one Wednesday night. Students have definitely spotted one breezing down the Haley…


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Pre-Spring Break Checklist

Spring Break is right around the corner. Three weeks to be exact. Vacation plans are most likely booked, and all you are thinking about is what bathing suit you'll be wearing, or accomplishing snowboarding for the first time. If you're like me, you make a packing list before a big trip. This year, I have decided to share a new list with you. Here is my pre-spring break checklist to stay worry free. 


1. Clean your room/house.

The last thing you want to do after a long…


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Ag Enjoys America’s Favorite Pastime

The College of Agriculture is inviting everyone to come out to the Auburn Baseball game with ‘Ag in the Park.’

The College of Agriculture is hosting ‘Ag in the Park’ March 29. They are inviting future students, alumni, current students, faculty and families to come learn about agriculture, eat lunch and cheer on…


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Top Spring Break Locations for Auburn Students

Spring break is beginning to get closer and excitement is building around Auburn University as well as many other college campuses. With less than a month left to go (yes it’s scary but true) people are chatting about spring break plans and how it’s crunch time for getting those beach bods.  The month of March is the prime time for many southern schools to let off for break. This year Auburn’s spring break begins on March 8.  Before you know it all the beaches along the gulf and elsewhere…


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Auburn offers online public speaking classes

For the past two and a half years, Auburn has been offering online public speaking courses for COMM 1000. That’s right; students no longer have to take their public speaking classes in a public setting.

Schools across the country have been offering an online public speaking option for more than 10 years, so Auburn is finally following the trend. Auburn now offers two online sections for public speaking and about 70 other online courses.

Online public speaking courses require…


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Through the Eyes of a Tiger Eye

Ever since she was a little girl, Michaela Daugherty always dreamed of becoming a “sparkly girl.” Now as a sophomore in elementary education at Auburn University, she is officially part of the Tiger Eyes Flag Line in the Auburn University Marching Band.

“When I was six, my dad brought me to my first Auburn game and I remember telling my mom, ‘Look how cool that is! I want to do that, I want to be a sparkly girl,’” Daugherty said.…


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You don't have to struggle alone, Auburn student counseling services is here

The transition from high school to college is not an easy one. Auburn University knows that and has provided comprehensive counseling services for all its students.

“Something for college students to realize is that yes, these are potentially the best years of your life, but they are also difficult, and that’s normal,” Jan Miller, senior staff clinician, said.

Auburn University’s student counseling services is unique…


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Speech and Hearing Clinic: What We Don’t See or Hear

Each day hundreds of students, faculty and Auburn citizens pass through the first floor of the Haley Center past the Speech and Hearing Clinic. Everyone has seen the sign, but many people do not know where the gray double doors below that sign lead. Many people think the clinic is only for speech pathology majors, but it is much more than just that.…


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Valentine's Day Specials

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day in Auburn as the local restaurants and bars prepare for one of the most irresistible nights out on the town! Valentine’s Day has always been notably one of the busiest nights of year for restaurants, but in a college town the local bars see a…


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The House on the Hill: Auburn's Honors College

Why would anyone join the Honors College at one of the hardest-grading schools in the nation?

In 2010, CBSNews reported on the growing trend of “grade inflation” and gave a list of the sixteen hardest grading schools in the country, based on their low levels of grade inflation (you can read the article…


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