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Welcome to the Mouse House: Where Research and Rodents Meet

On any given day at any given hour, Auburn University students could be up to just about anything. While some pore over differential equations and others perfect their clay sculpture, a select few are up to their ankles in, well, mice.

The “Mouse House,” as it is affectionately called is a research lab run by Dr. Wendy Hood, assistant professor of biological sciences.…


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Make Calories Count With AU Dining

Many a time, I have heard my friends and peers say that they feel limited to healthy options when it comes to on-campus dining.  I too once thought that I could only eat certain foods on campus that would appeal to my taste buds.

Last fall, I not only made it a personal mission to try new and exciting foods…


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No Ring by Spring? 10 Reasons Why That’s Ok

Note: The points in this article are in no way meant to be offensive to or directed at engaged Auburn students. The article is simply intended to pass humor at a classic Auburn University stereotype.

With graduation season around the corner it’s time to be on the lookout for every senior…


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"From Sidelines to Sidebars": The Story of C.j. Holmes

Being an NCAA Division I athlete is already a huge commitment as is, but for junior walk-on guard C.j. Holmes, his days go from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. as he juggles the responsibilities of a full-time student, being on the basketball team and working as a sports writer for The Auburn Plainsman. Oh, and taking care of his…


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Launch Your Career into Gear

With the job search after graduation often lasting up to nine months, college graduates are being forced to find new ways to make themselves stand out in the crowd. However, Auburn University students bring some flare to the competition after utilizing resources like The Auburn University Career Center.…


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Student Uses Advocacy on Campus to Enact Change Worldwide

As a college student, it’s easy to feel like your voice doesn’t matter and that you can’t make an impact on the world. Sara Rains, a junior at Auburn and campus leader of the ONE Campaign, challenges this concept daily by using her education and her passions to fight extreme poverty and hunger across the globe.

The ONE Campaign's Goals and Initiatives

As the campus leader of the ONE Campaign, Rains leads a group of Auburn…


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10 Roommate Bonding Experiences

From a girl with roommates of an unlikely yet delightful paring, there is nothing better than spending quality time with the ones with whom you share your walls.

1. Make a meal together.

Gathering in the kitchen to prepare a meal and eat together is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your roommates. Whether said meal consists of healthy selections or dessert for dinner every night this week, you will always treasure these…


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A Look into AU Adaptive Sports

The Auburn University Office of Accessibility’s mission is to help students overcome social and environmental barriers and that is exactly what they have done for freshman Chaffin Hart.

Like most freshman, Hart was looking for a way to…


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Top 10 Places Students Think of When Considering Off-Campus Housing

Whether you’re an incoming freshman who waited too long to make the greatest decision of your life, a sophomore sorority girl who is moving off of the hall or just someone seeking all the possible options, here is a list differentiating between some of the most popular off-campus living situations considered a “home away from home.”

1. Two 21 Armstrong- “Best…


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Chance of Snow Reminds Students of 2014 Snowpocalypse

A year has passed since the "light dusting" of snow was forecast for Alabama. White, powdery flakes weren't even supposed to affect the day-to-day happenings of the central and northern parts of our state. Birmingham, Alabama only saw two inches of snow, but the results left residents in havoc.  Thus, "Snowpocalypse" was the loving nickname given to the madness that ensued. 

Our lovely village was rumored to be…


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Goofy Games and Silly Antics:: Why Freshman Need Community.

The start of the week usually brings dread for freshman not wanting to hop back into school work, but for those who attend Auburn Christian Fellowship, Monday is a time to look forward to. 

“Freshman Throwdown is a way for new students at…


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An Auburn Student's Reflection of an Internship

When you attend Auburn University, you have so many opportunities to excel in your field of study. Auburn student, Claire Sullivan, has done just that.

This semester, Claire decided to take a leap of faith and move to New York City to pursue an internship in journalism. As a junior, she took advantage of all that Auburn has to offer by participating in Journalism Day.   (Photo available via Claire Sullivan)

Through attending Journalism Day,…


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Ashley Kickliter Photography Grows in Auburn

Hipstamatic, Retrica, Infinicam; all apps designed for the amateur iPhone photography connoisseur to snap photos of legs by a swimming pool or a particularly good looking menu item and make every Instagram look as if it was somehow produced in a dark room, still dripping with fresh chemicals. All it takes is a quick snap of the HD phone camera, a tumblr post inspiration and just enough of a fascination with film to want to have pictures that look like it but that do not actually involve the…


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Auburn Community Church: A Family Away From Family

AUBURN- Auburn Community Church (ACC), a nondenominational church, is opening at its new location at The Auburn Fellowship building on Sunday, March 1 at 5:30 p.m. 

The Auburn Fellowship building is located at 1400 N. College St. in Auburn, Alabama.

"With this new…


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How the Auburn Family Prayed for Lindsey

Being a member of the Auburn Family is no gimmick and each member can explain how special it makes this university.  Auburn student Lindsey Wintzinger’s experience in finding out what it truly means to have the…


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A Glimpse at Five of Auburn University's Earliest Buildings

If you have ever been on Auburn University’s campus, you know how rich its history is. Much of the university’s past comes from the historic buildings that have been around for many years. What began in 1859 as an all male college, is today recognized as one of the largest universities in Alabama. Here is a glimpse at five of Auburn University’s earliest buildings: …


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Iron Tribe Builds Muscle Through the Auburn Spirit

Exercise gives people endorphins. Endorphins make people happy, and for Forrest Walden, they have given him a highly successful and influential business, too.

Walden is the CEO and Founder of Iron Tribe Fitness, one of the…


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Thousands Arrive for Career Discovery in Auburn

Auburn Hosts Thousands for Career Discovery

Eighth grade students from all over the state got to experience a day in the life of, well, any career they wanted thanks to the Career Discovery expo in Auburn on Feb. 17-18. East Alabama Workforce Investment Network (EAWIN)…


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10 things To Do in Auburn During the Spring Semester

Many Auburn students get a little lost when the fall semester comes to an end. The leaves have fallen, the football season is over and the tailgating has ended. The fun doesn't have to stop when the spring semester comes. Here is a list of things to do in Auburn during the spring semester:

1. Go to a basketball game

Auburn University scored a new basketball coach in March 2014. Head coach Bruce Pearl creates an exciting…


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Francie Harris Reflects on Her Year as Head Cheerleader

Senior Francie Harris, a Human Development and Family Studies major from Vestavia Hills, Alabama, has been involved in many different organizations on Auburn's campus. She has been a member of Freshman Forum, an AU High School Leadership Conference Counselor, a member of various honor societies such as Omicron Delta…


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