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Raised in Orange and Blue

Any Auburn student or alumni can tell you the moment they fell in love with Auburn University. Whether it was touring campus, going to a football game or simply visiting a friend, the unique stories detailing when and where someone’s heart first swelled at the idea of being a part of the Auburn fa…


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Top 5 Craziest Things ‘Tagged’ on the Plains

Auburn University continues to stay ahead of the game in research, technology and now radio frequency identification. The University’s RFID Lab is a “research institute focusing on the business case and technical implementation of RFID and other emerging technologies in retail, supply chain, and manufacturing, according to the lab's website. Check out the top 5 craziest things to come through the lab:


1)   Mini bikes…


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Nine Things Every Out-of-State Auburn Student Goes Through

Total enrollment of undergraduate students at Auburn for Fall 2014 reached 20,315. The student body contained representatives of all 50 states and nearly 40 percent of the students were from a state other than Alabama. The transition is not always easy, but there are thousands of students choosing to leave their home states to continue their education at Auburn. So, if you came to Auburn from as…


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A Day In The Life Of A Football Player

It is seemingly easy to pick out the Auburn football players on campus every day. They are big, tall, usually wearing the well-known sweat suit that every player is given or an Under Armor book bag with their name and jersey number sewn in the middle. What we don’t know is how being a member on the team effects their lives on a daily basis.…


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USA Team Handball player calls Auburn home

Auburn University is the home of the Olympic USA Team Handball. In 2013, Auburn University and the school's kinesiology department partnered up with the handball team. The women's and the men's teams practice and play handball in the Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum located on Auburn University's campus. Many of the players on the team are also graduate students at Auburn University. One member of the women's team, Sarah Gascon, is a graduate student in the kinesiology…


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The "Chick" Behind Chicken Salad Chick

In Auburn, Alabama, it doesn’t matter which came first, the chicken or the egg, as long as you can get some Chicken Salad Chick. Stacy Brown, an Auburn alumna, founded the popular restaurant chain in Auburn. Brown graduated in 1999 majoring in communication with a minor in psychology. Today her Chicken Salad Chick team has made getting your hands on the…


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Healthy Weigh Challenge Helps Participants Create Healthier Lifestyles

The Auburn University Recreation and Wellness Center offers a number of services that students may not have taken advantage of yet. The Healthy Weigh Challenge program has started for the spring semester and offers faculty and students a chance to revamp their eating and exercise habits. The motto for the program is “Strive for progress, not perfection.”…


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Same Place, New Start :: Staying Home for College

For some students, Auburn University is not a new place. In fact, it couldn't be farther from it. "My brother goes to Auburn, my dad went to Auburn and his dad went to…


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How Auburn Tiger Ben Durand Tackles Big Things with Little Time

For many undergraduates, life is a balancing act. Classes, clubs and jobs can’t even begin to describe the list of commitments. Ben Durand, an Auburn student athlete, is no different. Since freshman year, Durand has plugged himself into as many corners on campus as possible.



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Auburn's Top Spring Break Destinations 2015

As spring break quickly approaches, many Auburn students have already made plans for their much-needed break from school. Some locations are similar from the past years, but many students have new and exciting plans in mind. Below are the top five spring break destinations for Auburn students:

1. Cruising the Caribbean…


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Auburn Enrichment Courses Available Without Prerequisites

At the beginning of Auburn University's spring 2015 semester, Josh Champion reviewed his class schedule with subtle frustration. Champion, a senior finance major at Auburn, found he was unable to enroll in a photography course. The official photography course at Auburn University requires prerequisites finance major's typically do not have.…


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Stop and Smell the Ink

Often times, people go about their daily routines so focused on their own lives that they forget to stop and notice the smaller things in life.  Other times, some people in this world were born with a special knack to notice some of the world’s smallest details.

For Auburn University professor Kevin Smith, his discovery of a lifelong passion happened by noticing a small flier on a telephone…


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Undergraduate Research: Land a Job, Find Your Passion and Make Your Mark

When thinking about research, most students instantly think of lab coats, thick goggles and tables full of test tubes. Others think of it as an activity strictly prohibited to graduate students or professors.

At Auburn University, this is anything but true.

As a comprehensive land, sea…


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Unearthing Auburn history with Dale Coleman

You've heard the War Eagle story. You've heard the Punt, Bama, Punt story. With over 150 years worth of stories, Auburn University is a campus rich in history. As each year passes, more stories are collected into the grand conglomerate of what we call the history of Auburn. Many of…


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International Justice Mission: Students Making a Difference

International Justice Mission, also known as IJM, is a worldwide organization whose inspiring vision has led to its recent gain in popularity. Founded six years ago, the Auburn University chapter is guided by a diverse team of students from various majors. Alana Broe serves as the current president of the organization.

The Issue Hits Close to Home

Broe wanted to get involved with IJM when she noticed that the problem of human trafficking became apparent in her…


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Hero Training on the Plains

 When asked to name a hero, students often spout out names of political figures or fictional characters. However, that doesn’t stand true for the 189 high school students who attended Auburn University’s High School Leadership Conference (HSLC).

Sponsored by Auburn’s Student Government Association (SGA), HSLC is an annual conference that attracts students from various states throughout the South who are interested in developing their leadership skills.

This year’s conference…


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Auburn Oaks Studio Offers Students Unique Design Opportunity

Although the original Toomer’s oak trees were cut down and the new ones are ready to be planted on Feb. 14, there are still memories to be made with the remaining oaks that were given to an Industrial Design studio in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction.

Associate Professor Jerrod Windham’s third year Industrial Design studio worked with the Auburn University Office of Development and the Office of Communications…


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Art for the Heart: Students create and sell handmade Valentine's Day cards

Valentine’s Day—the day of love and affection. Some people express their feelings through flowers, chocolates or a nice evening out, but if you are a member of the Association of Visual Arts (AVA), you see it as an opportunity to express your feelings through creativity and design.

For more than five years, the AVA has been hosting its own Valentine’s Day card sale. Members of the AVA get in touch with their inner creative side and design cards to express their own Valentine’s Day…


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Auburn University Creates Lifelong Friendships with Best Buddies Chapter

Deciding which organizations to join freshman year at Auburn University can be overwhelming. But, what if there was an organization that offers personal growth, character development, life-long friendships and is beneficial no matter your major? The Auburn University chapter of Best Buddies is just that!…


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An Auburn Bucket List: Ten Things to Do before You Graduate

Whether you're beginning your time at Auburn or winding down during senior year, here are ten things that you must accomplish before you graduate: 

1. Get lost in Haley Center…


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