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The Unexpected Philanthropist

There is a place where books sleep hoping to wake up in the arms of a child. The pathways are lined with boxes waiting to be shipped. A pile of misfit books sit in the corner hoping their torn pages will be opened one day. Thousands of stories are sealed up waiting eagerly for children to discover them.

This place is the Jean Dean Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) warehouse in Opelika, Ala. Hidden in the savannah of the stacked books is the special story of Cathy Gafford, the director…


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Why Auburn Will Always Be Home

In a matter of weeks thousands of students will begin to pack up their Auburn memories and move on into the next chapter of their lives. For some, it may be difficult to digest all at once. For others, they will pack up, leave and not look back. But for most, you recognize that although your time here is ending, there are several reasons why The Loveliest Village on the Plains will a…


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Auburn University's Relay for Life to be Held Saturday, April 5

Auburn University's Relay For Life will be held this Saturday, April 5, 2014. The event will be held on the Student Center Green Space and is set to begin at noon. Currently, there are 47 teams and 373 participants signed up for the event that have collectively raised over $26,000. 


Relay For Life is primarily a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. It also allows participants to honor cancer survivors, remember those who have been lost to the disease, and help raise…


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Can't find your fit at Auburn? Create it!

One of the great things about Auburn University is the ability to find your niche. Don’t see an organization you’re interested in? Create one! That’s exactly what Auburn junior Jade Whitaker, a biomedical sciences major, did when she established Operation Smile Student Club on campus.…


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Learning to Look at Life Through a Different Lens: The Road to Recovery After a Traumatic Brain Injury

As Auburn students we believe in “work, hard work.” Auburn student, Audrey Bellah puts this belief in action through her daily journey as she recovers from a traumatic brain injury.

Bellah has sustained a total of ten concussions (a type of mild traumatic brain injury) since 2005. Because of the large…


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Auburn College of Liberal Arts Perspectives for April 2014


Visit CLA Perspectives

A New approach to learning

A new approach to…


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Men's Health Magazine Calls Auburn's Wellness & Rec Center among the "Coolest in the Nation"

Men's Health magazine recognizes Auburn's Recreation and Wellness Center as one of the coolest in the country.…


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What You're Thinking When Choosing a Restaurant in Auburn

What I eat for dinner can make or break my mood on any given night.  I have probably put more thought into my nightly meals than I have put thought into what I'm going to do after graduation.  The great thing about living in Auburn is that there are tons of places to eat all over town, no matter what mood you're in. Here, I've given an example of what was going through my head when I've visited some of Auburn's most popular eateries through the years.…


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Interview with a EuroTrip Veteran Part II

Here's the second installment in the series of interviews with Milan Dekich, an Auburn European Graduation Trip veteran. Milan offers great advice for those of you attending the trip or traveling to Europe this summer!

For those of you interested in attending the 2014 AU European Graduation Trip, the deadline to sign up is next Wednesday, April 2. Follow this link for more information: Auburn…


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Change Your Body, Change Your Life

It’s 5:25 p.m. and she’s barreling through the main floor of the gym. She’s on a mission. Like animals searching for their prey, the boy’s heads turn as she walks by. But she’s focused. Focused on one thing alone. One simple little word that so many people rarely, if ever, dare to say.

“She” is Lauren Gregory, 20, a far from average college student who is choosing to dedicate almost all of her college career to a not so average sport. In January of 2012, Lauren made the life…


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Spring has Sprung in Auburn

Auburn sure has given us whiplash with its weather this year, but spring has sprung on the plains. Despite the random days that the temperatures drop to the low 40s, we’re starting to have some beautiful weather. After being cooped up during the past few months, we’re all ready to get outside and enjoy some nice weather. Wondering what there is to do in Auburn on a sunny afternoon? Here are a few answers to your question! …


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10 Simple Ways to Pay It Forward

Try these 10 random acts of kindness and help brighten someone's day!


1. Smile and say "hello" to a stranger…


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Student Spotlight: A Look inside a Radio, Television and Film major at Auburn University

The allure of Hollywood and a possible career in the business, draws many college students to consider a major in radio, television and film. However, many of those students take a second thought and chose a major that is regarded more sensible. Not Courtney Davison. This…


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Alpha Chi Omega hosts "Tim Tyler Tuesday"

Every year Alpha Chi Omega hosts a fall philanthropy event to raise awareness against domestic violence.

Domestic violence is often something many like to turn a cheek to. It is easy to believe that it could never happen to you, but it is something that affects millions daily.

“What is even more remarkable is that the most common age of women affected is 18-24, which are college-aged women,” Alana Broe, a junior at Auburn University said. “Our philanthropy directly affects the…


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The Auburn Acronym: What Does A-U-B-U-R-N Mean to You?



A is for All Auburn, All in. The Auburn Family is a community that…


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You Know it's Baseball Season in Auburn When...

We all know and love the sights and smells of Plainsman Park on a beautiful sunny day. So you know it's baseball season in Auburn when...


1. There’s a gaggle of little girls in Auburn cheerleading uniforms and little boys in the old fashioned Aubie hat at the intersection of Donahue and Heisman.


2. Remnants of…


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Survival Guide: Surviving the Dreadful Last Weeks of School

It's that time again--crunch time. The semester is winding down and summer break will be here before you know it. With all the assignments and projects that are left in the last few weeks, you may be wondering how you will survive it all and come out on top.  Below are five tips that may help you get through the next few weeks with the least amount of stress as possible.…


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A degree that's sunny and 70 - Nature-Based Recreation

Have no fear; a degree in Natural Resources Management (NRM) is now here. The only school in Alabama, and one of few in the southeast, the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences (SFWS) at Auburn University provides various programs for students, but for those seeking an education in conservation, the environment and the outdoors can now enroll in NRM.…


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Five Things You Should Do Before You Graduate

With graduation quickly approaching, our time here at Auburn is coming to an end. You start reflecting on all the memories you’ve made, all the new friends you’ve met and all the places you’ve been. Some memories stand out more than others and there are several things I believe you must do before your time here at Auburn is gone.…


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25 Travel Hacks in Honor of Travel With Care Week

When dealing with travel there is one undisputed law you need to follow: "Foresight teaches gently, error teaches brutally".  Basically, learn from others mistakes. You can loose so much time and money by not knowing the right information before making your trip. It doesn't matter where you are going, someone has…


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