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Teaching Students to Be Teachers

Teaching the future generations of America is not an easy task. Karlie Bergamini, an elementary education major at Auburn University, strives to find creative ways to teach children for an easy learning experience.

Bergamini is currently in her second semester of the elementary…


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10 Gifts College Graduates Actually Want

10.Gift Cards- As graduation becomes a reality, almost alumni start to develop an entirely-too-long list of needed items. Since gym shorts and T-shirts are not accepted in the professional world, at the top of that list is business attire. Gift cards to …


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From Classroom to Racetrack: Engineering Students Build Electric Race Car

Some Auburn men didn’t leave the love of model cars and thrill of Hot Wheel races in their childhood. They brought it with them to college and it’s anything but child’s play. 

Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) electric car team is made up of about 20 Auburn University mechanical and electrical engineering students working to build a fully functioning, electric car. Or race car that is,…


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Alternative Student Breaks: Serving in Many Ways

During spring break most college students plan a trip to the beach or even a cruise with their friends. Spring break is a perfect time to relax, soak up the sun and take a break before knocking out the rest of semester. Some students see a larger opportunity, however, and opt to give up the traditional spring break to serve various domestic and international communities.  These students are part of an organization called Alternative Student Breaks (ASB). …


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Co-Oping: A Senior's Story On Why It's a Must

Chris Bright, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering spent three semesters as a co-op at Mercedes-Benz in Vance, Alabama. There, he gained invaluable and practical hands-on experience in his desired field of study, which created the perfect stepping stone to further his education and career in engineering. Bright's incredible experience as an Auburn co-op has inspired him to encourage students to become a part of this worthy program. …


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No Objections? Auburn Mock Trial is the Real Deal

Some law students watch afternoon television court shows imagining themselves in the courtroom. Others grab pages worth of legal notes and create their own courtrooms through…


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Auburn University's Eight Best Hideaways

1. Agriculture Heritage Park

(Photo by: Jessica Terrell)

If you are in need of a breath of fresh air, the Agriculture Heritage Park…


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Dress for Success: Campus Interview Edition

Success - the end-all, be-all for most college students. Who would have ever thought there was a dress code for it?

Although students each take their own path to reach their personal definition of success, there is one aspect they will all have in common - interviewing. It seems inevitable that college students are required to interview for one position or another to achieve their dreams, and that means college students need to be prepared to dress for success.…


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What You Didn't Know About the Tiger Eyes

With auditions right around the corner, the Auburn University Tiger Eyes are gearing up for another season full of sequins, pom poms and Auburn Football. Many do not know that the The Auburn Tiger Eyes are an auxiliary group that is part of the Auburn University Marching Band (AUMB).

The Tiger Eyes are comprised of the Danceline, Flagline and Majorettes, each holding an individual set of skills that…


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Industrial Design Students Hangout at Music Festival

Auburn industrial design students have gotten the opportunity to take their talents to Gulf Shores to work with one of the largest music festivals in the country at Hangout Music Festival. 

Their skills and design knowledge were really put to…


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Bringing Awareness to the Auburn Speech & Hearing Clinic

Auburn University provides many services for the Auburn community, one of which is the Auburn University Speech & Hearing Clinic, located inside the Haley Center. The AU Speech and Hearing Clinic, an outreach service of the College of Liberal Arts, was established in 1947 and has been serving the surrounding community for over 60 years.…


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Industrial Design Students Find Balance Between Form and Function

Design Intelligence has consistently…


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Learn It. Live It. Share It. The Auburn University ePortfolio Project

If I told you Auburn University offered a program that can improve your learning and potentially increase your odds of employment or acceptance to graduate schools would you participate in this free, campus-wide initiative? Auburn University’s…


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Spring 2015 Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honor Society Announces 20 New Members

Auburn University's School of Communication and Journalism announces the selection of the new members of Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honor Society.

Membership selection is based on the following criteria:

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA with 60 semester credit hours completed.
  • 3.25 GPA for…

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Philanthropy Events At Auburn University

Philanthropy is something that we all want to be involved in, but sadly most of us shy away from. The time commitment is normally what draws people away, however, for the students and neighbors of Auburn University, philanthropy “parties” are put on for convenience and awareness. The programs below are just a few ideas to get started!…


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Eight Reasons A-Day is a Great Tradition

A-day is a great event held every spring, where Auburn plays itself and people are able to experience a Spring tailgate and get that Auburn spirit fix. The game will be played Saturday, April 18 at Jordan-Hare Stadium. A-day is a great experience for a variety of reasons. I’ve written a few that I think help make it such an awesome tradition.


1. The Auburn Family…


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Unconventional Minors

There is a constant debate if minors mean anything to employers or if they are just a waste of time while you are in school. Minors can hinder you, or they can work to your benefit. Students also seem to be focused on only getting minors that they think will be of value, like business or marketing. Other minors can say things about you and don’t have to be something that is conventional in study.…


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An Auburn Family of Engineers

Laura Noble, a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, knew at a young age where her path would lead. As a child, Noble spent her Saturdays in the fall at Auburn football games, as her parents have had season tickets since before she was born. Her grandparents, parents and many of her extended family members had attended Auburn and the university played a huge role in bringing her whole family together.

“Our cousins had season tickets right by ours,” Noble said, “So we would…


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Auburn Student Reflects on ASB Service Trip

While Auburn University has many resources, one of the most rewarding is having the opportunity to travel abroad through the University.

There are three options when traveling abroad: to study abroad and intern abroad through the Office of International Programs, and to serve abroad through the Community for Community…


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The History Behind Auburn's Orange and Blue

If you attend any sporting event at Auburn University it is sure that fans sporting orange and blue will surround you.

Associate Professor of Reproductive Physiology, Dr. Dale Coleman, has researched…


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