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Auburn University Coast Guard Auxiliary Program Needs YOU

Would it surprise you to know that you can join the Coast Guard at Auburn University?

The Auxiliary University Program (AUP) at Auburn University was created in 2008 with three enrolled students. The main purpose of the program is to prepare men and women currently enrolled who are interested in serving in the…


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Ten Moments You Know it’s Great to Be an Auburn Tiger

1. When you see the white game day tents go up, knowing on Saturday that you’ll be with 87, 451 members of your family. Is there really any better feeling?



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Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts Unique Job

When you get to college, everyone tells you to get involved in different organizations to meet people and take advantage of what your school has to offer. Well, Auburn has a unique organization that lets you pour your passion of football into helping the Auburn football program with recruiting prospective student athletes. Auburn's Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts are part of the Students of Auburn Recruiting in a different capacity. …


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The Backbone of the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center

So much comes to mind when we think about the Auburn University Recreation and Wellness Center. The fancy building, advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment give the recreation center the wow factor that it deserves. But, there is so much more to the recreation center than the material things. It doesn't just strive off of it’s $72 million facility, it also strives off of its hard-working…


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Auburn Professor Finds Balance between Teaching and Research

In 1872, Auburn University became the first land-grant college in the South. As a land-grant university, research is essential to Auburn’s mission, which strives to develop research programs and stimulate academic growth between professors and students. To hear about the role research plays in the lives of professors, I reached out to Dr. Lauren Reichart Smith, assistant professor and associate director for public relations, to learn…


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Rooted in Auburn and Sowing a Life of Passion: A Spotlight on Sidney James-Nakhjavan

After the Treaty of Cusseta was signed in 1832, Sidney James-Nakhjavan’s family started spilling over into East Alabama from Georgia, and many of them have not left since.

James-Nakhjavan is a seventh generation resident of the Auburn-Opelika area and is a descendant of five of its founding families.

Her heritage in East Alabama started some 170 years ago, in the areas of Oakbowery, Danway,…


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Another Look: Where Is Miss Auburn Today?

Sara Newdome - Miss Auburn 1998

Sara Newdome is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and returned to her home city after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in accounting in 2000. Newdome received a scholarship from the university and was raised on Auburn football, making…


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Eat Cookies for Breakfast

It is often the sprinkles on top that make life a little sweeter. While most college students spend their free time balancing school, work and play, Auburn junior, Elisabeth Epperson, is in the kitchen giving us those sprinkles. Her cookie business, Elisabeth and Butter, provides decorated sugar cookies for every occasion and sweet tooth.…


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A Day in the Life of an Auburn Nursing Student

This past academic year, the Auburn nursing program had 168 applicants apply for fall 2014 and 97 were accepted. For spring 2015, there were 118 applicants and 96 were accepted. Auburn’s nursing program is known for being incredibly difficult to get into, but this certainly does not discourage students from applying. In fact, it acts as motivation to challenge students who want to succeed in a rewarding profession. This was definitely the case for Auburn senior Adrianna…


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Auburn University: Told by Michael Scott

Sometimes there are just no words to describe how you feel about something, and sometimes there are.  Auburn University's traits and traditions are sometimes hard to put into the perfect words. Over the years Michael Scott has proved himself to be one of the only people who can articulate just what it means to attend to Auburn University. Here is Auburn University, told by the one and only, Michael Scott. 

1. The Seal- Don’t,…


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8 Reasons You Should Be Riding the Tiger Transit

I would venture to say one of the most under appreciated services on Auburn’s campus would be the Tiger Transit. Campus parking passes are fine, but they are nothing compared to the luxury that is the transit…


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Auburn Design Student Plans to Intern with Fashion Designer Tibi in New York

New York City is considered by most fashion enthusiasts to be a magical land where the best designers debut their work. It's where every fashion designer dreams of making it, but it's not for the faint of heart. For Paige Hawke, an Auburn University sophomore, her Big Apple dreams are becoming a reality this summer.…


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Chicken, Salad or Fried? A Selection of On-Campus Dining Favorites

Each semester an Auburn University student starts out with a fully loaded Tiger Card ready to use for on-campus meals. With more than 34 on-campus locations, Tiger Dining has provided students with a variety of options to spend dining plan money on.

On-campus residents must purchase a $995 meal plan each semester, while off-campus residents are required to buy a $300 plan. For…


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Discovering Sweet Auburn's International Campus in Italy

Auburn University is located in Sweet Auburn, the loveliest village of the plain - but, that’s not the only place. Located just 20 minutes from Rome in the city of Ariccia, Italy, Auburn University has an abroad campus in the Chigi Palace. Students trade their dorm rooms for a suite in…


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Behind the Lens: Auburn Student Photographers

Auburn students in every field spend countless hours practicing and perfecting their passions, working and striving toward their goals. Each sleepless night morphs into a bright-eyed new day, where hard work pays off and eventually, things click

Or click-click-click, in this case.

This handful of students can be found behind camera lenses all over Auburn. Whether shooting for campaigns or athletics, concerts or landscapes, babies or businesses, they are…


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Ten Ways to Prepare for Spring Interviews

1. Get your resume edited at the Career Center

The Career Center offers many tip sheets and resume guides on their website that give step-by-step instructions to create a notable resume. After you have created a resume, send it in to their E-Resume review to have one of their staff members review it. Your resume will be sent back within 3 business days with suggested…


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Money in the Bank: An Auburn Perspective on Financial Preparedness

"I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work." - Auburn Creed, George Petrie

The first line of the Auburn Creed, Auburn's beloved doctrine that unites Auburn students faculty and alumni, gives future Auburn students a glimpse of the well-rounded education they will receive during their time at Auburn…


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AU Alumnus Aims to Create Community in Auburn

As a philosophy major at Auburn University, Wade Preston always strove to find the greater meaning in life. This pattern continued in his post-grad life, leading Preston from a career in ministry to one in the coffee industry. He honed his craft while falling in love with the culture of coffee, and eventually opened to door to Auburn’s Wake Up Coffee Company.…


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Reverse Psychology? 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Attend Auburn

It's a meme we're seeing all over social media.  The reverse psychology headline.  It's in the spirit of The Odyssey's Why You Shouldn't Go Chi O. Here's our's.

Choosing a college is an exciting and new time for students.…


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Miss Who? The Difference Between Miss Auburn and Miss AU Unveiled

With the 2015-2016 titles of Miss Auburn and Miss Auburn University filled, there still seems to be confusion regarding the differences between the coveted positions.

For some reason, the similar titles seem to scream “WE DO THE EXACT SAME THING!” to most students. However, this common misconception is not the case.…


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