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CLA Perspectives Magazine for May 2014

CLA Perspectives May 2014


New SEC network provides valuable…


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Eagle Eye TV: Thoughts from the Former Director of Marketing and Promotions

AUBURN, Ala. -- Took my last final this morning. One step closer to my December 2014 graduation date, one step closer to that "real world" I keep hearing about...

Unfortunately, chasing the future means learning to say goodbye too. I'm sad to be leaving Eagle Eye TV after an incredible year as its marketing and promotions director. My next endeavor is right around the corner and soon-to-be announced, but first? One last contribution to the place that became my home…


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Time to say goodbye...

I’ve sat down to write this article I don’t know how many times now and it never turns out right. It is one of the hardest articles I’ve had to write because honestly I’m just not ready to stay goodbye.

It took me a year to figure out Auburn isn’t just a university, but a supportive family. I don’t know what I would of done without my helpful professors and supportive friends. I truly have had some of the best experiences of my life here and it’s hard to say goodbye without first…


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30 Thoughts Every Girl Has At Rodeo

Ladies and gentleman, the time has come. The brothers of Alpha Psi are once again hosting Auburn’s single largest fundraising event. Rodeo is THE party of the south. You have one week to prepare yourselves mentally and physically. Ready, Set, Go!

1. 6 a.m., it’s like Christmas morning!

2. Do…


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A letter to my freshman self

To my freshman self:

It’s hard to narrow down everything I’ve learned the past four years at Auburn. Being completely on your own means learning something every day, but if I could travel back to the fall of 2010 here’s some advice I’d leave you with…

Random roommates are not the end of the world.

I’ll never forget the car ride from Connecticut to Auburn. After a 3 a.m. departure I woke up somewhere in New Jersey and thought, “I’m about to move to Alabama.…


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He Totally Gets You

Have you ever thought it was just a coincidence that there’s usually a striking resemblance between you and…….your dog? Some people say that they always end up looking like their dog but they never mean for it to happen that way. You could say this is a coincidence, but there’s usually more to the story than you think. Think about it, Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua? Twins. Elle Woods and Bruiser? The same shade of blonde. And we all know it’s not a coincidence that Oprah and her springer…


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Auburn Says Farewell and Rest In Peace to Auburn Legend David Langner

Truly sad news. We say goodbye to Auburn legend David Langner. Rest in peace.

Widely regarded as a tenacious competitor and a kind, supportive friend, Langner and his fellow 'Amazins' from the Shug Jordan era captured the heart of Auburn.

Langner will forever be remembered for his role in the…


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Letter to incoming Auburn freshmen

Dear Freshmen,

Congratulations on joining the craziest, smartest and most-loving family. You are in for the ride of your life. As a soon-to-be Auburn alumna, I would like to pass on a few tips that will make your Auburn experience that much better.…


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War Eagle Forever: Advice to Future Students

Graduation is just a few days away and I sit here thinking about how fast the time has gone by. These past two years at Auburn have been some of the most rewarding and exciting years of my life. Walking the halls with Cam Newton, experiencing the 2014 snowpocalypse and finding out that every second counts are just a few of the things that have made my Auburn experience an unforgettable one. I’ve learned a lot since I first came to Auburn so here is some advice on making sure your…


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My Top 10 Favorite Restaurants as a College Student.

Graduation is slowly creeping upon me and many others. Everyone says, “Oh I am going to miss walking on campus,” “I am going to miss hearing the fight song when the clock strikes 12,” “I am really going to miss my best friends," and the list goes on. I am going to miss all of those beloved things about Auburn, but the one thing I am truly going to miss is the food. Seriously… I am not even joking.

My hometown is very small, and we are not blessed with the wonderful, food…


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Class of 2014, This One's For You

Arguably one of the greatest years in Auburn University history for students, here's to the seniors, Class of 2014, and the moments they got to experience during their final year at Auburn.

(In no particular order)

5. Experiencing another national or lose.

Let's be real, we can't complain one bit about the amazing football season. From zero to hero, we…


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How to Thrive… Not Just Survive… your Freshman Year

1. Get involved, but not too involved.

It happened to the best of us. We walked down the concourse on O Days and couldn’t resist signing up for every single club. After about a month we realized that there was no way we could keep up with the demands of being a full time student and attending five extracurricular meetings a week between intramural games. My advice to you is to pick one or two organizations and focus on those. You will thrive in the areas where…


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Living up your last week at Auburn

Class of 2014: Congratulations, we did it!


We have gotten to experience Cam Newton as a classmate, winning the national championship, winning two SEC championships and truly understanding the power of a second. We have also been there for the poisoning and removal of Toomer’s Oaks, a rough football season and a few bomb threats. We’ve experienced a lot over our four years at Auburn, but we’ve done it together as a part of the Auburn…


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A Historic Four Years

Throughout my four years as a student at Auburn University, I witnessed first hand what it means to be a member of the Auburn Family. The Auburn Family always supports, always encourages and always cheers.

I was spoiled my freshman year. Our football team was not expected to be anything remarkable, and I expected just another football season with wins and losses. Boy was I wrong. As each game came and went, we were still undefeated. It was amazing.

Our team and…


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7 Tips for Transfer Students

As a transfer student, there’s a good chance you’ll be living off campus so here are a few tips that may help when getting back and forth to class.

1. There is free parking at the Church of Christ on the (EAST) side of campus. Just be prepared to walk for days…

2. If…


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Leaving home and coming to college is a completely new and exciting experience. For most people, it is the first time you can live on their own without rules and curfews. A lot of responsibility comes with the college experience, and there are many decisions to be made.

One of the first decisions any incoming freshman has to make is where to live. Students have the option of living on-campus in the dorms, or off-campus in a house or apartment. Some people find the latter more…


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This Is Auburn Alumni at Top Social Media & Tech Companies

by Robert French

This is Auburn ... in social media, no less. 

I was thinking ... we have Auburn alumni all over the world.

Students are graduating and want to network and find jobs. So, I was exploring LinkedIn's new Education section. The thought popped up, "Who from Auburn is working at major social media providers and related top tech corporations?" I wondered how many Auburn alums we'd find at companies like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, Microsoft,…


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5 Things Incoming Freshmen Should Know

This is my sage advice to the youngin’s just arriving at Auburn University. These lessons were all learned by trial and error on my part...hopefully me passing them on will allow you to skip that step.

1. Stressed out and homesick? You’re not alone.…


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Life in Auburn: What We Learn After Freshman Year

We all know what freshman year is like: full of excitement, you say "yes" to everything and you want to be everyone's new BFF. "Studying" doesn't usually mean learning or retaining information, and you spend a whole lot of time wandering around the Haley Center looking for the same classroom you've been sitting in for weeks. (Well, actually I did that last week.)

But there are some very distinct differences I've noticed as three years have flown by. Not only has my appreciation for my…


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Top 5 Ways to Navigate Safely Though PRCM 4020: Robert's French's Style & Design Course

AUBURN, Ala. -- As many of you know, my recent postings here on Auburn Family's blog have been to fulfill a requirement for Robert French's infamous Style & Design course (Yes, I truly mean "infamous!").

     The class comes complete with a neatly bundled package including, but not limited to, a grueling amount of coursework and continual reinforcements to fuel your already slightly manic perfectionism. PLUS,…


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