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Beat the Burnout: 6 Ways to Cope with Stress from Finals

With the end of the semester just around the corner, it also means that the most stressful time of the year for students is quickly approaching--finals week. Parking at the library becomes nonexistent and it becomes harder to find a seat in your usually half-empty economics class as students shift into crunch-time in order to ensure the success of their GPAs. Before you start pulling all-nighters to study or panicking about every possible worst-case scenario, read these tips on how to keep…


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Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art: Auburn University's Hidden Gem

At the mention of Auburn, the first thought of most people is usually football related.  But just southeast of the football stadium, there exists a quiet and serene part of the campus, on College Street, where the artistic side of humanity can be nourished.  The serene, Italian Travertine structure sits behind a peaceful three acre lake.

 The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, the only university art museum in the state of Alabama, was named in honor of the wife of Albert…


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Choosing Auburn Over Stardom

She could have gone to Nashville to cut records, she could have won American Idol and The Voice, she could be traveling the states on a tour bus, but 19-year-old Country music singer Jessie Lynn chose to become part of the Auburn Family above all the fame.

She fell in love with Orange and Blue at 7 years…


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Auburn Graduate Works to Provide Relief in Nepal

Thousands are dead. Millions are hurting. One Auburn Family member works to provide relief.

Christie Bradley, Auburn University alumna, and resident of Nepal for the past 14 months experienced the massive 7.8 magnitude…


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Program Spotlight: Auburn Graphic Design

Auburn's Graphic Design Success

Whether or not you have a creative bone in your body, consider a number of items you've picked up today. The Starbucks coffee that started your day, the t-shirt you're wearing, the computer you're on and the granola bar you just ate have an important element in…


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An Auburn University Alumni Success Story: Bellhops

Auburn University is no stranger to cultivating students that achieve success, and 2009 Auburn University graduates, Cameron Doody and Stephen Vlahos are great examples. Just two years after graduation, the Auburn University alumni created a successful startup company, Bellhops.

As supply chain management and marketing majors, fraternity brothers, and best friends, Doody and Vlahos identified the need for moving help and lifting labor on college…


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The Auburn family comes full circle

Tim Gore was born and raised in Opelika, Ala., attended Auburn University, and now resides in Opelika and works as the Assistant Director of Membership at the Recreation and Wellness Center on Auburn University’s campus.

Gore graduated from Auburn University in 1977 with a degree in recreation administration. He,…


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Finish on the 50: A Race to Jordan-Hare

One of Auburn’s newest traditions is Auburn Running Festival’s Finish on the 50, a race that starts at Toomer’s Corner and ends at the 50-yard line of Jordan-Hare Stadium.

The 4th annual event took place on Saturday, April 25. Despite a rainy start, the race was another success. The Auburn Running Festival provides opportunities for runners of all ages and skill levels. Participants can run a half marathon, 10K, 5K or Fun Run, with all races finishing in Jordan-Hare Stadium.…


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5 Best Places to Study for Exams

As exam week quickly approaches at Auburn University, the stress of school starts to build up. This is the time that students begin to lock themselves up and get down to the dirty business of cramming all the information they forgot to learn throughout the semester. Exam week can be very stressful, but there are some ways to relieve that stress to make studying a little more enjoyable. …


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The Perks of Staying in Auburn for a Summer

A summer in Alabama can bring a person to their knees with its sweltering heat and unforgiving humidity. For those who were born in the Yellowhammer State, the warmth is just a welcomed sign that summer has come and fall will be arriving soon after (because we're all just waiting on football, right?). Our friends from the other 49 states and various countries that Auburn University students hail from might not know just what to expect when…


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6 Tips for College Students Wanting to Tone Up Before Summertime

Warm weather clothing is certainly not the best for concealing weight that you may have gained during the winter. Regardless of shape or size, every body is uniquely beautiful, but eating healthy and working out can also benefit many other areas in your life. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, these tips can be helpful in maintaining your weight. 

1. Invest in a fitness tracker…


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Auburn University Ranked No.1 Public College in Alabama

When taking into account the fierce 122-year rivalry between the University of Alabama and Auburn University it is no surprise that the two colleges, both located in Alabama, would show at least a glimpse of their competitive natures when the opportunity to be ranked as the best college in the state is presented. The opposing schools simply…


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Get Fit in Auburn

With the stresses of school, some students may have trouble staying active in college, but that is not a problem at Auburn University. On and off campus there are plenty of ways for students to get and stay active. Here is a list of the top seven things to do in Auburn to stay active:

1. Go to the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center…


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Organization Spotlight: Art of Living Yoga Club

A Brief History of Yoga 

Even though yoga's early beginnings are still fairly unknown, Georg Feurstein states that it originated in India about 5,000 years ago. According to Ashtanga Yoga, its origins are found in the Vedic period,…


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How One AU Senior Uses Jewelry for Good

When shopping for clothes or jewelry, many people do not ask the question, “Where did this come from?”  Most simply find what they like and buy it, no matter where it came from. In Auburn, the retailers Wake Up Coffee Company and Behind the Glass sell fair trade items that are both appealing to customers and ethically sourced.


Fair trade items are those which come from companies that pay suppliers fairly. One fair trade company that hopes to positively impact college students…


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Community Workshop: ACF Takes to the Beach

Every semester, Auburn Christian Fellowship rounds up their students and takes them to the beach for a weekend of fun and growth. 

"It’s like 36 hours of undivided attention on just this community," said Nicole Lynch, the assistant campus minister, "A lot of students are bogged down with school and work and responsibilities, but they don’t have to worry about that here."

ACF visited Panama City Beach at…


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Dining with Auburn's Don Roberts

Don Roberts, headmaster of Auburn's Lee-Scott Academy, is an Auburn University alumnus who began a blog, Dining with Don, to share his favorite eateries. Thanks to social media, he has a number of followers and has become an avid “foodie.” Sit down with the local figure to share how his past at Auburn shaped him into whom he is today.…


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Auburn Student Chooses Internship That Will Honor Her Brother

Auburn senior, Olivia Napolitano, has not always wanted to be in health administration. Her career path changed when she lost her brother, Nicholas Napolitano, in August of 2011. Ever since her brother’s passing, Olivia decided that she would…


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Visual Merchandising Class Works with Fringe Boutique

Towards the end of your student career there are always classes that tend to give you real life experience. This experience helps students better understand what to expect in the future and to help us succeed when we are no longer students. One such class is Visual Merchandising, a class for Fashion Apparel…


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Behind The Lens of a Former Auburn Art Student

Equipped with her unique name and a Canon 5d Mark III, Laura Jett Walker, has taken her love for photography and turned it into her own brand.  Walker is a 2012 graduate of…


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