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Warm Welcome for New Toomer's Oaks

Two Oak trees were planted Feb. 14 in downtown Auburn, marking the final step of Phase I in the redevelopment of Samford Park. The poisoning of the Toomer's Oaks four years ago resulted in a desire to restore Auburn tradition by replanting the Oak trees of Samford Park. 

Phase II of Samford Park's redevelopment will…


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Frost and Flight Management

Kris Frost, senior linebacker for the Auburn Tigers, spend a significant amount of time on the football field. Although Frost takes football very seriously, he knows that what he does with the rest of his time at Auburn is vital. That is why he chose to major in Aviation and Professional Flight Management. 

"Football after college is far from a guarantee,…


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Sustainability on the Auburn University Campus

Did you know the Princeton Review named Auburn University one of the top 350 sustainable schools in the United States and the only one in Alabama? Further, in the Hopes and Worries survey administered by the Princeton Review to prospective college freshman and their parents, 60 percent of respondents said the sustainability of a university was a factor when considering that school.…


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10 things to add to your Auburn bucket list

As my senior year comes to a close, I started to think back on all of the fun things I've done while at Auburn University and all the things I wish I would have done during my time here. From my personal opinion as a student, I've listed some things below that I think you should add to your personal bucket list for your time at Auburn University. 

1. Everyone's go to activity of grabbing a sweet snack and spending an afternoon on Samford Lawn enjoying a beautiful spring day. Whether…


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AUMC Food Pantry

The Auburn United Methodist Church Food Pantry is a gathering place for some of 

Lee County’s most genuine and caring residents. Thankfulness and joy fill the halls as food leaves hands of grace and is placed into hands of gratitude.

Each Thursday and Friday morning volunteers gather at the AUMC Food Panty to serve Lee County residents struggling with food insecurities. As you walk through a sea of volunteers and visitors, you will surely bump shoulders and…


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Auburn Student Puts a Twist on the Average Shoe

    While the average college senior may spend their evenings cramming for exams or dancing the night away with friends that they will soon part from, Auburn University student Tori Jones spends her time different than most.

    Jones, a New Orleans native studying Biomedical Sciences and Pre-Medicine at Auburn, opened an online clothing store in August 2014 after seeing the need for edgy clothing and customized shoes.…


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Top 9 Places to Relax in Auburn

Sometimes you need time to relax and refuel, or just a quiet place to read or study. This list is here to help you find a place to take some time to yourself or with some friends and just be.


  1. Coffee Shops: There are lots of coffee shops around Auburn, Mama Mocha’s, Coffee Cat, Wake Up and Overall Company, to name a few. Each has its own personality and has great coffee and tea. If you want a…


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Because This Is Auburn Campaign

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – With the public kickoff of an ambitious $1 billion comprehensive campaign Saturday – including the announcement of the largest single gift in school history—Auburn University is delivering a renewed commitment to…


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Go Greek! Not the yogurt.

One of the questions upon coming to college is “Should I go through sorority recruitment?” or “Should I rush a fraternity?” Well, the answer differs from person to person. There are, however, many positive aspects to joining a sorority or fraternity on campus. (Photo right: from…


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Auburn Student Accepted into Top Law Schools in the Nation

Children’s dream jobs growing up may have ranged from doctors and lawyers to figure skaters and veterinarians. For graduating senior, Jazzmin Carr, her burning childhood desire to one day practice intellectual property law never wavered; Carr recently received law school acceptance letters from Harvard, University of California at Berkeley, Duke, Georgetown, Michigan and New York University. …


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Carson Legg: The Man Behind the Brand

It’s 5 p.m. and Carson Legg is hard at work designing a logo for a client in Wake Up Coffee Company. He’s seated comfortably next to a friend, others walk by, giving him high-fives, the baristas know him by name. He is in his element. I offer to buy him a drink, but he’s already beat me to the punch.…


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How to Back-to-School Shop Like a College Student

Ahh, back-to-school shopping. What a wonderful time of year. The shelves at all your favorite stores are stocked with fresh folders, notebooks stacked neatly, packages of pens and pencils, bins of binders, highlighters, dividers and everything else you need for a successful semester at school. Sadly, as a college student you probably won't need colored pencils, construction paper and glue sticks, but that there are plenty of other things you'll need to take their place. (Photo credit:…


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Student By Day, DJ By Night

Sagar Leva leads an unusual college experience by being an Auburn student by day and a popular DJ by night. Leva, otherwise known as DJ Sagz, has been a DJ for eight years. He started his career by performing at school dances and other community events when he was 13 years old.

“I took an interest in music very early in my life,” said Leva. “It started…


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10 Things You Will Miss about Auburn after You Graduate

Auburn is such a beautiful place with nice people and a welcoming atmosphere that it is easy to think everywhere else in the world is like this. As graduation approaches, I have started to think about all the things Auburn has offered me and how I might not find all of these qualities in one place ever again. In no particular order, these are the 10 things you will miss about Auburn after you graduate:…


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8 Tips for Decorating Your Residence Hall

1. Choose fun Bedding-

When choosing bedding make sure it is comfortable, washable and properly fits the size of your bed. Many universities suggest twin XL bedding for their mattresses, which are a little longer than normal. Your bed will be the largest piece of furniture in your tiny room it is also important to pick a pattern and color that you enjoy.…


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The Start of War Eagle

People unfamiliar with Auburn University question whether Auburn’s mascot is a tiger or an eagle.

“War Eagle” is Auburn’s battle cry, not a mascot or nickname.

There are many different versions of the origin of War Eagle. Although we will never know the story, historians such as…


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One Student's Search for Why Materials Sound the Way they Do

Zachary Watson is a senior in material engineering at Auburn University whose research is unique. Watson’s research involves testing how different materials affect the sound of a guitar. As you can imagine this is a type of study that’s hard to gauge. He isn’t looking for which material is best but instead what makes them different.…


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5 Things You Didn't Know About Auburn University

Auburn University’s tales and traditions transcend time and have the ability to linger with students and alumni long after they leave. Aside from typical Auburn tales and traditions though, there are quirky facts about the university that you might not be aware of. Thus, I present to you some of the unknown and quirky facts about Auburn University.

1. Auburn University is home to the…


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Aubie's Favorite Vet

Aubie has finally spilled the beans about the best vet in town, and it happens to be right on campus. The College of Veterinary Medicine provides services to the public that many people do not know about. The Wilford and Kate Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital, the JT Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital and the Auburn University Veterinary Clinic are all great resources for the Auburn community to take advantage of.…


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Teil Duncan Art: "Pottery Barn Miami Style"

There's only one artist out there whose work has been summed up as "Pottery Barn Miami style." Meet Teil Duncan, a 2010 graduate of Auburn's studio art…


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