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The Auburn Family's Reflection in Tiger Giving Day

Auburn, Alabama - There are two popular phrases that echo within Auburn’s student body; these are the Auburn Family and the Auburn Spirit.

An outsider unfamiliar with these phrases might ask what the Auburn Family and Auburn Spirit are.  And while any given student can give their explanation of what these are, the truth is that the best way explain this spirit of family to someone isn’t to tell them but to show them. And this is what the Auburn …


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Living the Creed: A College Student’s Perspective

"I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid.”

Four years ago, this would have meant nothing to me. I was at Camp War Eagle as an incoming freshman, and all of the counselors kept referencing back to this thing called, “The Creed.” I didn’t understand it, nor did it excite…


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Why You Shouldn't Be Scared of Adulthood

As a graduating senior in the month of April, I am currently experiencing the emotional roller coaster that is college graduation. This place I have learned to call home for the last four years will soon just be a memory. This experience is bittersweet, leaving friends that I now consider…


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5 Reasons to Travel during your College Career

5. Travel Benefits your Health

From a health standpoint, travel can positively impact your…


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5 Things Students Can do at Auburn over summer break

Finals are just around the corner, and then it is the start of summer break for Auburn students. While the majority of students will be going back home, some will decide to stay back and spend some of their time here at Auburn. The small town atmosphere quickly changes after school ends. One might ask what they…


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Auburn Sets Example of How to Peacefully Protest

In recent news cycles, far too often we have seen college campuses at their worst, but last week in Auburn among escalating tensions and talk of protests over white nationalist, Richard Spencer, we saw a college campus at its best.

There have been a number of high-strung protests, many of which have turned…


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8 Skills Students Learned Outside of the Classroom


"Auburn men and women cultivate an environment of authenticity and genuine kindness that…


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How One Fraternity Changed One Auburn Student’s Look on Life

Georgia native Robert Still is a junior at Auburn University pursuing a degree in accounting. He found himself becoming a brother of Beta Upsilon Chi not too long into his college career. Before he knew it, he became vice president and now serves to better this…


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Influencers on Auburn's Campus: Meet the Men of Alpha Phi Alpha

Greek life organizations can be found on almost every college campus in the United States and Auburn University is no different. At Auburn though, there is one chapter that sits distinguished among the others.

Meet Alpha Phi Alpha

Alpha Phi Alpha…


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What To Know About Auburn's Campus Cats Project

Have you ever been strolling through campus on your way to class and felt like something was watching you from the shadows? Don’t worry because it was probably one of the campus cats. Some of them have been here as long as 15 years controlling the rodent population and charming the cat lovers of the Auburn faithful on a daily basis.

You may…


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Auburn Foods: Tigers on the Green

Auburn University's Campus Dining is presenting their event Tigers on the Green on April 21, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be food, music, and fun on the Green Space.

Auburn Foods is a brand that represents the local options on campus. The brand was coined "Auburn Foods" because all of the partners involved with this brand are either Auburn University alumni or on-campus departments. Tigers on the Green is an event to launch the Auburn Foods brand.…


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What I Wish I Knew

Everyone says hindsight is 20/20 right? Well, that is certainly the case when it comes to learning the lessons college life brings.

Arriving on campus as a freshman, students are wide-eyed and hopeful for everything college will bring. New friends, activities, and opportunities are around every corner, all valuable…


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Auburn Student’s Guide to Finding a Part-time Job

College is a time where students learn the value of the budget. Ramen noodles become their best and worst friend as students adjust from the luxury of home cooked meals. It is a transition that every college student must face, however, a simple solution to affording better meals is finding a part-time job.

To solve this dilemma, Auburn’s Career Center has resources students can use to find that ideal part-time job. Lauren Hobbs, a student employment coordinator for Auburn…


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April is Autism Awareness Month

"I met one of my best friends, Sarah, on the first day of kindergarten,” said Elizabeth Nichols, a senior at Auburn University. “In most ways, Sarah is just like you and me - she loves to laugh, sing, have fun. She is kind, funny, and perceptive. Breakfast dates are our favorite things. We love to talk about school, Disney World, movies, and our friends. In some ways, Sarah is a little different from me because Sarah has autism.”

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex…


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5 Reasons Why Students Should Be Excited for the Mell Classroom Building

The construction on our beloved Ralph Brown Draughon Library, RBD for short, is near the finish line, and the signs for “look for RBD under the big red crane” will soon be history. Students have been studying around construction since the beginning of spring semester 2016, and finally this fall 2017, current and…


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Austin Bell, Auburn Student, Will Travel the World as a Videographer and Photographer

The ink that spells “LIVING” down the interior of his left arm serves as a permanent glimpse into the way Austin Bell chooses to experience the world. Some are called to stay, and some are called to go. Bell is going - going to more than 21 countries in less than four months next fall.

Bell, a sophomore from…


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JoyRun: Friendly Deliveries

JoyRun, a food delivery app, is taking college campuses by storm. Now the app is making an appearance at Auburn University. (Photo, left, courtesy: JoyRun)

“I haven’t heard of the app before now,” said Sarah Abraham, an…


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Auburn Seniors Reflect on their Favorite Times at Auburn

As the year is coming to an end, Auburn’s graduating seniors get to look back at all the tough, exciting and record setting moments that they have experienced. To all the students who have some time left, enjoy your time here on the Plains because you will be like these seniors soon, looking back at your college adventures.


Veronica Eder, Industrial Design, Senior

Veronica Eder, Auburn University cross-country and track athlete looked…


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AU Basketball Players Visit Camp Good Grief

Camp Good Grief is unlike any camp experience you've ever heard of. It's a day for children who have lost loved ones and friends to come together and work through their grief in a safe place where everyone understands. Whether they lost their loved one year ago or two months before camp, every child is welcomed with opened…


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Finding your home away from home

When deciding what college to attend, it's important to choose the place where you feel most at home. You should consider the different factors that will fill your sense of comfort. If you could choose any school in the country to attend, what would be your perfect home for four years? In making this decision, though, let go of your comfort…


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