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Best Banana Pudding in Auburn

When I was in middle school, I had a Sunday School Teacher at Eastdale Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama named Sandy Frederick. Mrs. Frederick took the time to share with me that my value was based on the constant truth that I belong to God – still the most valuable thing I have ever learned.

A few years back Mrs. Frederick’s neighbor was Mike Kolen, formerly known as “… Continue

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Bicycle Breakdancing

On a Sunday afternoon James Blankenship can be found honing his flatland BMX skills around campus and avoiding security as best he can.

Flatland BMX is regarded by some as one of the toughest sports to participate in. It involves balancing on a bike as easily as you would on your own two feet. Those who ride flatland will often spend hours practicing their skill every single day.

“It’s all about balance, coordination and dexterity,” says Blankenship. “It’s all mental… Continue

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Making an Imprint on Auburn's Campus

During the school week Alysha Kambeyanda focuses her time on her major, industrial design, but on weekends she constructs a blueprint throughout Auburn's campus.

“Industrial design is the process of creating products or developing ideas for any object or event that has a human interface,” said Kambeyanda. “It combines aesthetics and functionality while keeping ergonomics and the needs of the user in mind.”

The industrial design program at Auburn is ranked number one in the… Continue

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Communication-more than just talking

Take a moment to think about what your day would be like without talking, using your hands or facial expressions, texting or e-mail. These are all examples of avenues people use daily to communicate. Would you be able to make it through the day without the comfort of knowing you could phone a friend or family member?

The College of Liberal Arts department of communication is where Lauren Weston, Huntsville, Ala., found her place at Auburn, and where many students in the department… Continue

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Getting to Know The Most Feared Communication Professor

When most College of Liberal Arts students hear the name “Agne,” they tend to think of endless hours of studying in the library, infamously difficult tests and the hardest class in the trilogy; Foundations of Human Communication. However, what most students don’t think about is the actual professor, Dr. Robert Agne.

After graduating from the University of Dayton with a degree in electrical engineering and a minor in communication, Agne began his career in civil service as an… Continue

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Uplift A Child Today

A great quality of the Auburn family is the drive to give back to the community that allows for our large family to exist. One of the many ways the Auburn family demonstrates this desire is through the students and adults that volunteer their time, money and love to the children of Lee County through Project Uplift.

Since 1973, Project Uplift has been pairing children and volunteers (age 18 or over) to form constructive relationships beneficial to both parties. The main goal of… Continue

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Serving All Students

The program for students with disabilities may not be the most well-known on campus, but it definitely has a purpose to serve all students.

"You name it, we've seen it," says Steve Guice, interpreter coordinator and disability specialist for the program. From cancer to AD/HD, the program serves that and the in-between. After receiving specific documentation from a licensed physician, the process to receive accommodations is relatively easy.

The staff is eager to help,… Continue

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Huntsville story on new Auburn Family Web site.

Here's a story I wrote for The Huntsville Times about the new Auburn Family Web site. I hope you enjoy it. Your feedback is always welcome.


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Hunter Helps Through SOS

Megan Hunter, native of Southside, Ala., graduated high school and made her way to Jacksonville State University. Although she enjoyed her time there, it just wasn't the right fit. A self-described non-traditional student, Hunter decided to take a year off from her studies.

Throughout her early years, Hunter planned to attend Auburn University. Even though her parents are alumni of the University of Alabama, Hunter knew she was made for the plains.

“I visited Auburn in… Continue

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Travel The World With Auburn Abroad

From the sunny beaches of Australia to the freezing winds of Antarctica, Auburn students have the chance to travel the globe while receiving university credit through Auburn Abroad.

Formed in 1985, Auburn Abroad takes students to almost every part of the world.

“[Students] can go abroad on faculty led programs and other university programs for real Auburn credit," said Deborah Weiss, Assistant Director of Auburn Abroad. "Grades come back and credits come back. It can be… Continue

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Where Do You Fit?

How are you supposed to know what you want to do for the rest of your life before you take any classes in the field? You’re not.

John Putnam, a fifth-year senior in the College of Agriculture, came to Auburn planning to become an architect. After 3 weeks, Putnam discovered he couldn’t draw and architecture was not for him.

“I sucked at drawing,” said Putnam. “You have no idea how hard it is to draw a straight line.”…


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Environmental Programs Provide Support to Campus

Auburn University is a wonderful place to work! Sure, we have our issues within each area or department, but overall it's being a part of a greater family, serving the student community, and the partnerships that overshadow some of situations we all face on the job. Serving the campus community is the primary focus of Environmental Programs.

What is Environmental Programs (Environmental Health and Safety)?

Envinronmental Programs is an office within the Department of Risk… Continue

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Join the Lee County Auburn Club

Help us promote Auburn University in Lee County by joining the Lee County Auburn Club. The LCAC supports the university in a variety of ways, including scholarships to Lee County high schoolers, the Friendliest Village on the Plains, and the Auburn Alumni Association. To join, log onto There you will find a PayPal route to join the LCAC, or you can use snail mail by filling out the form and sending it in.

War Eagle!

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WEGL's First DJ Joins Auburn Family

Dave Gamble, Electrical Engineering alum, joined Auburn Family.

WEGL's First DJ…


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AU vs Ball State

Playing With Heart

The torrential rain and the ominous clouds

Couldn't dampen the spirit of the Auburn Crowd.

They remained in the stands and celebrated with song

And hoped waiting out the storm would not take too long.

At the games beginning, the Mountaineers seemed grounded

They slammed us with two touchdowns

And our fans were astounded!

Then, finding their balance after such a shaky start,

Our… Continue

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Campus Appearance Takes Major Steps

Hello once again to Auburn students, faculty, staff, and alumni! I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognize and reflect on Auburn University's campus appearance over the past year.

Since I arrived on campus in the fall of 2008, I have seen many major improvements to Auburn's campus facilities and overall landscape! First of all, I was taken aback by the glorious structure that is the Shelby Center for Engineering Technology that was completed in December of 2007. In awe, I… Continue

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Pharmacy Students Learn by Experience, not Textbook

For Harrison School of Pharmacy students, the majority of their third year consist of taking Inetregated Pharmacotherapy. This class is broken into a program of four sections, six hours each. The focus of this program is for students to work with cases centralized around drug therapy.

Dr. Paul Jungnickel, professor and associate dean of academic and student affairs for HSOP, said the program is "self-learning, so students are likely to retain information in the long… Continue

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Improving Life with Auburn Nursing

Stephanie Works is a senior in the Auburn University School of Nursing. She chose the program because, like many other nurses, she wants to help people. However, Stephanie takes it one step further by saying she wants to be able to “improve a person’s quality of life.”

Although she has been an Auburn fan all her life, Stephanie says she chose Auburn’s nursing program over other schools because of the one-on-one attention students can receive. In fact, Auburn’s program is so strong… Continue

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Auburn Nurses Help Educate Ecuador

“I realized the impact the trip had on me and how it changed my perspective on the world”, Kathy Jo Ellison, who is an associate professor at Auburn University, said. “I wish I had experienced this trip earlier in my life and now I want to help students have the opportunity to be apart of this educational and life changing opportunity.”

Ellison didn’t go on her first international trip until she was forty years old and realized how important it was for students to get the experience… Continue

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A Teacher for the Future Students of America

Elise Schupp, like many college students, came to Auburn University thinking she would major in education. Unlike most students, she stuck by her decision and never switched majors.

“I came to Auburn knowing I wanted to be a teacher,” Schupp said.

For the first semester, Schupp took classes in other departments to see if she had interests elsewhere. Teaching was still her first choice. This put her on the fast track to graduate.

Schupp is a senior in the college… Continue

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