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Oh Hey, Auburn!

Every year, the Auburn family spirit comes alive on campus with a tradition dating back to the 1950s, with just one simple word… “”hey.”

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On Oct. 6, the Auburn University Student Government Association will host Hey Day, when Auburn’s students and faculty are encouraged to grab a name tag and say hello to everyone they… Continue

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Molding Young Leaders: HSLC

Every year, the Student Government Association hosts the High School Leadership Conference (HSLC). High school leaders from around the southeast United States travel to Auburn in January to participate. Students are divided into groups and led by top Auburn University students in small group discussion and challenging team building games. Throughout the two-day conference, these high school sophomores, juniors and seniors will not only engage in the team building and individual…


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A Flying Accountant

College is not high school. You must learn to cook, do your own laundry and clean up after yourself, not to mention decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. Picking a major is not easy, but for Tyler Settles it was simple. He would do what he loved most planes and math.

Settles was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tenn. While growing up on Lookout Mountain he had always had a fascination with planes and loved the subject math. While those topics are on opposite…


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Poem (Poetic Tiger)

AU vs LaMonroe (2010)…


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Can You Hear Me Now?

As many students may have noticed, the Verizon Wireless brand name is all over Auburn’s campus. Auburn University has a partnership with Verizon Wireless, and five students serve as Verizon Wireless brand ambassadors. These students act as liaisons between the two groups.

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Around campus and at different university events, the Verizon… Continue

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A Sophomore Guy Teaching Yoga?

Yoga has become a worldwide exercise phenomenon in the last decade. It is known as a total mind and body experience that enhances one’s mental capacities as well as flexibility and physical strength.

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When imagining a yoga class, one typically pictures a tall, lean woman instructing her class on how to perform various yoga poses. However, at… Continue

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Auburn University Students Go Beyond the Requirements to Find the Perfect Job

Auburn University students battle the decision of choosing the right major starting on the first day of freshman year. Students are faced with decisions in their first years of college that will affect the rest of their lives.

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Fortunately, some majors at Auburn require students to partake in an internship. This allows students…


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Auburn: The Right Choice

Each year, high school seniors have to make a tough decision: which university to attend. With over 4,000 colleges in America, the decision can be overwhelming.

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Wheels are Turning over Opening Date of Campus Bike Shop

Not only is Auburn University pedestrian friendly, but they are also bike friendly. The campus bike phenomenon is here to stay and Auburn’s Office of Sustainability is doing its part to make sure students are knowledgeable and self sufficient by putting in a bike shop on campus.

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Lindy Biggs, Auburn history professor and local of…


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Greg Mortenson Comes to the Plains

Greg Mortenson is the founder of the Central Asia Institute, which is dedicated to promoting peace in the Middle East through building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mortenson is also the author of the book Three Cups of Tea which tells his story of how he found his passion for his work and the struggles he went through to build his first school.

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Student Spotlight: Grant Moore

The average student at Auburn has one major, a minor and a printer.

Grant Moore is not the average student.
Moore will graduate with two majors, electrical and wireless engineering, and a minor in business engineering technology.

To graduate with a dual…

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Studying On The Gulf

Students at Auburn University study abroad to enhance their college experience or add something extra to their degree and resume. Marine biology majors stay in the country and participate in the Summer Field Program.

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Everyone majoring in marine biology is required to do 16 hours of summer research and an internship… Continue

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How can we Leave our Environmental Footprint on The Loveliest Village?

As easy as it is to throw every bottle, glass, or paper product away, what if you could do something with those products that would benefit the environment and our economy? What if we took recycling out of the waste equation? Would we be surrounded by landfills of waste? These are a few of the questions that the City of Auburn Environmental Services and a few Auburn students are willing to answer.

Find more… Continue

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Healthy Tigers Wellness Initiative

Healthy Tigers is the Auburn University employee wellness plan. It is a new healthcare benefit for Auburn University employees who subscribe to Auburn University's health insurance plan. Employees who participate in the health and wellness screening program can earn a $25 per month credit on their health insurance premiums. The screenings are coordinated with the Auburn University Pharmaceutical Care Center, which is located in 2155 Walker Building.…


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Training Process for the "War Eagles" of Auburn

"WAR EAGLE" is Auburn’s battle cry. Not only is "WAR EAGLE" heard in Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium during home football games-- it has become a favorite greeting for Auburn men and women all times of the year.

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This tradition dates back to 1892 when Auburn met Georgia for the first time on the football field. The tradition… Continue

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Interviews with Career Development Services

For many students job interviews are the scary and intimidating part of getting a job. However, Auburn’s Career Development Services has ways for students to prepare for not only interviews, but for every step in the process of getting the job they want.

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Career Development Services offers many services for students, prospective… Continue

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AU vs SC 2010 Poem

The Auburn Way

At Auburn, The Tigers from Clemson

put up a very hard fight;



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The Hill, The Quad or The Village?

The Village is the newest, The Quad is the closest to campus but The Hill is the quietest. All of these factors contribute to the ongoing dilemma incoming freshmen face as they make the decision of where to live on campus.

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When registering to live on campus students are asked to rank, in order of preference, which residence hall they… Continue

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Bringing Gospel to the Plains

Every semester Auburn offers a variety of classes for students to take, but only one offers music and a worship experience for a grade—the Auburn University Gospel Choir.

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The Gospel Choir is compiled of 60 students, including singers and dancers, who meet twice a week to explore, rehearse and perform gospel music and related musical… Continue

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The Best Auburn We Can Be

Most high school students envision going to their idea of a perfect university. Many times this includes great academics with a wide variety of activities and organizations that students can be involved in. College is often described as one of the best times in a person’s life. Whether students are embarking on new experiences, meeting new friends or learning valuable information, the benefits are truly endless.…


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