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My Toomer's Trees

Hi, my name is Lori and a few years ago I decided that I would like to own a piece of Auburn history, a Toomer’s Oak.  I knew that the AU School of Forestry and Wildlife sold little pieces of history  - but ultimately decided that I’d like to grow some them for myself and maybe some for friends.  So what to do since I’ve never grown trees from seeds………………


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Auburn students hit the pavement

Three Auburn students are splitting their time between school, extracurricular activities and running marathons.

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Graduate student Gamble Ruff and undergraduates Kate Davis and Julie Kinsey share their training secrets, how they balance school and running and their accomplishments.


Twenty-three-year-old Ruff is…


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There She Is, Haley Bagwell

Some little girls want to grow up to be a princess. Others have big dreams of seeing themselves on the movie screens. For Auburn senior Haley Bagwell, her dream of someday being crowned Miss America began no differently.

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Now 21, Bagwell started competing in the Miss Alabama system… Continue

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Auburn Economics Club Invites Speakers, Takes Trips

The Auburn Economics Club is a great way to get involved and learn more about those interested in Economics.


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"I personally got involved with economics club about 3 years ago," said Kenny Quinlan, a senior in Economics and the Vice President of Programming for the Auburn Economics Club.

Quinlan got involved with…


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Spotify Brings Facebook and Music Together

Music sharing has evolved dramatically since the introduction of the Internet. Spotify is a new program that is the next step in that evolution which combines music sharing and social networks.


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“Music I feel like by nature is just inherently a social experience,” said Michael Everts, an Auburn student who uses Spotify. “With…


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Auburn Students Prepare for 2012

The 2012 presidential election is right around the corner, and Auburn students are getting involved!


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Auburn University College Republicans (AUCR) went to Orlando, FL for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual conservative political conference. 


The American Conservative Union Foundation…


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Freshman Find a Niche

College can be very intimidating to an incoming freshman. There are classes to attend, majors to contemplate and sometimes it can feel more like you are going to work than going to school.

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If a freshman feels like this is their situation, they might want to consider joining a club or an organization that offers a fun, enjoyable experience… Continue

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Student Organization is Helping the Underprivileged with Diabetes

International Outreach for Diabetes is a new organization that aims to help raise funds and supplies for underprivileged people with diabetes. What started as an idea about a year ago, has turned into a student organization that can be found on both Auburn and the University of Georgia’s campuses.

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A few years ago Shelley Watkins, who has… Continue

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EcoDogs Sniff for Research

Auburn EcoDogs can sniff out anything. What do they find for the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences? Poop.


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“Everything poops,” says Dr. Todd Steury, assistant professor of wildlife ecology and one of the co-founders of the project. 


According to Dr. Steury, a carnivorous conservation biologist (someone who…


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Dr. Spurlin Reveals Need for New Band Facility

Auburn University is comprised of a body of men and women that believe in and love Auburn. The men and women of the Auburn University Marching Band bleed and breathe Auburn’s creed. For a number of years, the band has had a growing need for a larger and more efficient facility. Now, with 380 members, the band does not have a facility large enough to effectively provide shelter and house equipment.

Find more… Continue

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How Studying Abroad Helped Me

According to the Auburn University website, study abroad is a student's pursuit of educational opportunities in other countries. This experience enhances the academic, personal and professional development of those who participate.




Auburn University English major, Sarah Cook, chose to study abroad through the University of Georgia's "UGA at Oxford" program, but still had Auburn’s help during her decision making…


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Cookin' It Up Haitian Style

Auburn University’s University Program Council (UPC) will be hosting a Haitian Cooking Workshop on Thursday, Sept. 29 from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

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Haitian cuisine blends French, African and Spanish styles of cooking and ingredients to make a dish that bursts with flavor. Now students can have that rich food right in the comforts of…


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Auburn's first cooperative bike shop

Auburn local Ben Lewis founded Auburn’s first cooperative bike shop in June of this year.

Plainsman Bikes allows cyclists to come to their shop and do repairs with their tools, learn how to fix their bike and teach others what they know about bikes.

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“We won't fix your bike, but we will be thrilled to show…


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The Building Blocks For Success

Jimbo Cross, a senior at Auburn University, discusses the construction for success in a building science degree.

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Cross said that choosing his major was not a difficult decision.

"My dad works in construction supply so I've been around the construction market my whole life so it seemed like the only option for me," Cross…


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The Rhythm of Auburn

You think you’ve got the beat? Then AU Rhythm is the innovative, fast-paced, hip-hop dance troupe for you.

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AU Rhythm, founded just seven years ago, is a co-ed auditioned group of talented hip-hop dancers that bring a unique element of entertainment to Auburn’s campus. 

Performing at community events, pep rallies, competitions…


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Give Me More Potter

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, people are becoming more connected than ever through social networking sites. "Harry Potter" fans can now join in becoming more connected to one another through a social networking site called Pottermore.

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Pottermore is a website designed by J.K. Rowling, the author of the…


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Trans-Atlantic Auburn Family

If you feel like you are a long way from home as a student at Auburn, imagine an ocean between you and your home. Joe Callaghan is a junior at Auburn University and he is from Northampton, England which is two hours north of London.




Callaghan’s family moved to Auburn when he was in 9th grade. They moved because of his dad’s job. He is a sales director for a company that sells car wheels and the company opened a plant in the area.




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Boost the Resume, Boost the Bank Account

In the competitive job market, employers continue to look for applicants that have practical work experience. Experience is not only an asset to a resume, though. It can also be an asset to a bank account.

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The Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program at Auburn University…


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ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen Speaks to Auburn University

Imagine the world without ESPN. For many, it is impossible. Yet 32 years ago, one man’s vision became a reality, and that entrepreneur, ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen, will be speaking on Auburn University’s campus Sept. 27.

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Rasmussen will be in Auburn, Ala. for three days meeting President Jay Gouge, having dinner with students,…


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    After two fantastic weeks with over 800 yards,Cam has put the Carolina Panthers in the win column.  There were less dramatic plays and more "ordinary" yardage this week.  BUT putting the team in the win column will begin the next phase of his career and lead on to a great new Carolina Panther football team!

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