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Students Enhance College Experience Through Learning Communities

Transitioning to college can be overwhelming in more ways than one. Choosing a major, registering for classes and meeting new people are just a few of the stress factors that freshmen face every year.

The Learning Community program, offered by First Year Experience at Auburn, can make this transition easier and help students find their place at…


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Parent Pleasing Restaurants

When your parents come to town, it is the perfect opportunity to take them to some of your favorite restaurants. These six restaurants are more upscale and still near Auburn’s downtown area, which gives you the chance to experience many of the things that Auburn has to offer. Each gives you and your family the chance to get away from the large crowds and have a sit-down meal where you can catch up on the things that have been happening at school and at home.…


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International Buddy Program Connects Cultures and Forms Friendships

The term 'international relations' has a unique meaning on Auburn’s campus. In a small college town, global connections take shape as brunch, car rides to Kroger, and even a game of giant Jenga. Auburn University's International Buddy Program…


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500 Student Organizations are Providing Opportunities

The students of Auburn University are given countless opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. With 500 on-campus organizations to be involved in, there is no shortage of opportunities for students.

"Auburn has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a leader," said Kevin Lazarus, a senior double majoring in psychology and…


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A New Day, A New TEAM

A new team will enter the stands this fall to welcome Tiger Fans as they arrive at Jordan-Hare Stadium every game day.  Auburn Athletics has introduced the Tiger Engagement Assistance Member (TEAM) program to their roster this fall to increase the quality of fans’ experiences and serve as game day liaisons…


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Auburn Maintains Dedication to a World-Class Fan Experience

On September 4, the Auburn University Athletic department announced the release of an Auburn-themed Emoji-style keyboard for Android and iPhone model cell phones. This is the most recent of a series of steps Auburn University has taken over the past year to ensure that Auburn fans truly have a world-class experience.

Current Auburn fans are the…


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Battle of the Bands- a spotlight on student talent

Battle of the Bands, a competition where students tuned their guitars and warmed up their vocal cords to showcase their talents for their fellow students.

The University Program Council, or UPC, hosted the 5th annual Battle of the Bands on Sept. 22 on Cater Lawn.

Students were offered free food and soft drinks as they enjoyed the cool fall…


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Puppy Love: The Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog in College

There are many responsibilities that come along with being in college: time management, schoolwork, housework, laundry and cooking dinner. With all of these obligations, it may seem like taking care of a dog would be impossible; however, many students do so.

Kayla Wright, a senior studying communication, got a dog during her junior year of college. She said she never knew just how difficult owning a dog while being a student could be.

“I am taking over a full load in…


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Five Ways to Savor and Experience College Without Technology


Times are fast-paced and ever-changing. This statement holds ten times more true for a college student. Between meeting new people, classes, exams, work and being involved on campus, it can be hard to find the time to slow down and relax. However, making time for that is crucial during such a monumental time, and going old school can make downtime that much memorable. Society relies on technology for just about every element of their lives, but…


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Blogger Getta, Blogger Getta

If going to classes and being a college student wasn’t hard enough, let's add in a blog. Auburn University is the home of several bloggers who document day-to-day life, thoughts, or ideas via the Internet.

Blogs were first created in 1994 on In 1997, the term “Weblog” was coined…


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AU Soccer Senior Spotlight: Logan Beal

Auburn soccer is on a roll. This past weekend, the 13th-ranked Tigers won two straight games against SEC opponents. Friday, Auburn won on a thrilling goal in double overtime to defeat LSU and Sunday the team came up big again in the final 30 seconds of regulation to defeat…


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The Life of a Student Recruiter

Admissions season is in full swing for high school seniors striving to attend the college of their dreams, and for some Auburn University is on the top of their list. A big part of the selection process for these seniors is to visit college campuses and take a tour led by that colleges recruiting office.

For Auburn, tours are led by members of an organization on campus called the Student Recruiters made up of 65…


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Homecoming Parade and Plainsfest Event on Oct. 2nd

Auburn University’s Student Government Association will kick off its Homecoming celebration on Friday, October 2nd with the annual parade followed by a free concert event downtown.

The Alumni Association sponsors this year’s Homecoming parade that will begin at 6 p.m. on Thach Avenue and lead through downtown on…


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Join the FYE Family: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Apply for CWE or SOS

Whether you start your college career at Auburn as freshman or as transfer student, some of the first people you meet are your Camp War Eagle (CWE) counselors or Successfully Orientating Students (SOS) orientation leaders.

Often known for teaching Auburn traditions, walking backward and shouting "War Eagle" to one another, CWE and SOS counselors serve as ambassadors for the university. These…


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Making Auburn Feel Like Home To Students from Abroad

The Auburn Family is what makes Auburn what it is today. You always hear people talk about the Auburn Family, but what you may not always hear is what that journey looks like for international students. For many U.S. students, a lot of the journeys look similar.

I grew up an Auburn fan, both of my parents or grandparents…


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Ten Years of Tiger Eyes

An Auburn football game day is full of traditions, from Tiger Walk to the eagle flying around the stadium, but one of the easiest traditions to spot is the group of ladies in sequins performing in Jordan-Hare.

These ladies are the Majorettes, Danceline, and Flag Line, together as a collective…


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On To Victory, Strike Up the Band

There is arguably nothing more exciting to an Auburn fan than the start of an Auburn football game. Between the cheers, chants, hype videos on the giant scoreboard and the eagle flying around the stadium, Auburn fans can't help but feel pride for their team and their school.

An essential element of an Auburn football game, from start to finish, is the Auburn University Marching Band. The band helps to…


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Why being a fifth year isn't all that bad

When it comes to having to stay an extra year, or two, at college, it is not always looked at as a positive thing. You are accumulating more loans and get stuck in the crowd when your friends graduate, on time. But not all things have to be that bad! A few fifth years weighed in on why taking a victory lap really isn't so bad after all.

"Another football season of…


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How Auburn helps students get internships

Internships can be a valuable tool for college students to gain career experience, learn more about…


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The Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy Program Is a Cut Above

Studying abroad is an activity that is on a lot of students' wish lists. Whether it be London, Paris, Fiji, or elsewhere, study abroad programs are immensely popular among Auburn students. One program at Auburn, however, offers more than just a few core classes or language classes abroad. Want a grade for wine tasting? How about cooking traditional Italian dishes, or…


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