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Women of Auburn

Auburn University offers more than 400 campus organizations.

The Young Women's Leadership Program gives a chance for females on Auburn's campus to give back to girls in middle school. The YWLP shows girls how to become young women every day.

The program was established at the University of Virginia and it is dedicated to empowering young schoolgirls. The YWLP was established at Auburn University in the Spring of 2010.

Women involved in the program are…


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5 Perks to Graduating Early

Anytime someone asks me why I am graduating early, I have to go through the same conversation each time.  Yes, college is the best time of your life and yes, I wish I could stick around.  I love Auburn, I always have, but it has done its job.  Any student I talk to who is graduating early always seems so down and sad…


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Another Way to Break

When the campus clears out and everyone heads home for the holidays or to the beach for Spring Break, one organization and a large group of students will be heading out to help others. Alternative Student Breaks, also known as ASB, is an on-campus group that travels both domestically and internationally to serve others.

According to the ASB website, last year more than 100 students went…


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Hey Day: the Friendliest Tradition

Saying hey has become part of a unique tradition at Auburn University.  Since the 1940s, Auburn students have celebrated Hey Day, a day that could be called the friendliest tradition on the Plains. On this day, students are encouraged to say, "Hey!" to each other throughout the day. 

Dating back to post World War II, the tradition began as a way to unite the student…


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What brings both in state and out of state students to Auburn

Fall is he re and with it comes the season of college applications. High school students from all over the country are anxiously filling out applications hoping that their dream college sends them an acceptance letter.

While all Auburn students are familiar with this feeling, we have different reasons…


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5 Top Cities For Auburn Graduates

With more than 200,000 living alumni, the Auburn Family is no doubt a huge part of the Auburn experience. Nothing is better than when you graduate, move to a new city and run into members of the Auburn family. It not only gives you a sense of security but also provides you with a large…


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Meet the Orange Jumpsuit Guys

On game days in Auburn, students will do anything to attract the attention of the camera operators to get onto the Jumbotron.  Some students paint their bodies orange and blue; others may create posters with an ESPN acronym, and then, there are the Orange Jumpsuit Guys. (Photo/Orange Jumpsuit…


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That Has a Nice Ring To It :: SGA Ring Week

Each semester, a new batch of students gets ready to graduate and move on to the real world, leaving Auburn behind. However, students who choose to purchase an official class ring have the opportunity to take a piece of the tradition with them when they go. (Photo / Taylor Akers)

Official Auburn University class rings, made by Balfour, are available…


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No Distadvantage to being Independent

If a student is not in a sorority or fraternity, does that make them less important than the ones that are? No.

Articles are being written daily about the Greek system on college campuses. Where are the articles on the students who choose not to join that type of organization? (Photo/Lucas White)

There are advantages…


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When Family Comes Home :: Homecoming 2015

Autumn is a time of transition between the changing temperatures, changing leaves and the transition from the busy summer months to the slower paced days of winter. On the cusp of these changes comes the homecoming football game and the events throughout the week that lead to the…


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Callin' Baton Rouge: An Auburn Fan's Guide to Surviving LSU

In just four short days, the Auburn Tigers will travel to Baton Rouge to take on the Bayou Bengals of LSU. Although the mascots are the same, the experience for fans traveling to Louisiana will be unlike any other SEC game day. Here is what you should do to make your trip to LSU one to remember.

Consider bringing ear plugs.

Last year,…


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Eight Reasons to Study Abroad in Prague

Eight reasons Auburn students should study abroad in Prague.

Students at Auburn are studying abroad more and more every year. Whether it’s through the…


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5 Things You Learn When You Study Abroad

1.  Be confident.

You may think you are confident now, but what about if you are lost in a foreign city…


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Auburn ROTC Makes Career Goals a Reality

While most college students feel the stress of exams and extracurricular activities, senior Rachael Blaz has an additional commitment on her schedule. As an Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps student, Blaz has had a unique college experience that has shaped her into an effective leader.

Prior to college, Blaz had no involvement in the ROTC. However, inspired by her grandfather who was in the Marine Corps, she knew it was a route that she wanted to pursue. Blaz had…


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Lights, Camera, Auburn!

Here at Auburn, we put great value in all aspects of the experience. This means we work hard, play hard, and we do it together. Student involvement can make all the difference, even if that just means taking advantage of all of the events the university holds on almost a daily basis. Interacting with your peers is what makes the Auburn family just that, a family.

Cue, University Program Council (UPC), our campus organization that is responsible for so many of the…


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5 Do's and Don'ts for Aerospace Engineering Majors

We have come quite a long way in designing and building machines that fly since the Wright Brothers took the first successful powered flight in 1903.

Aerospace engineering is known as one of the most difficult and demanding majors at Auburn, ranking 43rd in the…


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Tri Sigma is Coming to Auburn University

Auburn University Panhellenic has recently announced that Greek Life will be adding a new sorority on campus. After a record breaking recruitment, a new sorority is needed to accommodate the vast number of girls joining the Greek communities on Auburn's campus.

I recently sat down with Panhellenic Graduate Assistant Anne Strickland to learn about…


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War Schmid Eagle

Schmid Elementary School located in Chicago, Illinois won a “college week” competition with their presentation for Auburn University. The video shows the scholars reciting the Auburn Creed, Auburn facts and singing the fight song.

On July 9 Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs, Aubie and Bo Jackson visited the…


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The Importance of Internships

 Every day university students are finding out that an exceptional cover letter and outstanding grade point average just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Employers want more.

While earning a college degree is reason for a celebration, finding a job after graduation is an even better one. With today’s…


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Auburn Tailgating Traditions are Deeply Rooted

One thing that comes to mind of any Auburn alumni is football. Many past students have numerous stories about their time here at Auburn, and some of those consist of great football memories, whether it’s the “Prayer in Jordan Hare” or the famous 2014 Iron Bowl, Auburn has many…


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