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The Cry of Jeremiah Hits Auburn University

The Bible’s depiction of the prophet Jeremiah is one of the most fascinating accounts in the Old Testament. Now, an assembly of talented Auburn students and faculty are set to bring that narration to life with ‘The Cry of Jeremiah’, a four-movement fall choral concert.

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The Cry of Jeremiah, a work by Auburn’s…


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"Hot Plates, Hot Topics" facilitates political discussion among students

With the 2012 election right around the corner, the Auburn University Program Council hosted a political roundtable discussion event, "Hot plates, hot topics," to encourage students to participate in an open dialogue about pressing political issues.

Approximately 55 students gathered to eat pasta and talk politics. Dr. Steven Brown, associate professor of political science, gave students an introduction and topics to consider for their discussions. Students at tables of five…


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Down to Sail?

Auburn University Sailing Club does not only consider themselves a part of the Auburn Family, but they see themselves as their own family.

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The club says they spend time together more often than just at the lake, and a lot of their closest friends are from the club. If they’re not sailing on Lake Martin or jumping off of Chimney Rock,…


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Auburn Student Strongly Encourages Studying Abroad

Auburn senior, Taylor Humm, works in the Office of International Programs for students who want assistance in studying abroad. Humm finds her internship to be beneficial to not only other students, but to herself.   


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Humm said her study abroad trip to Taormina, Italy was such a positive experience that she wanted to…


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Four Years, One Degree and More Than 300 Organizations

Maybe you are an outdoorsy Harry Potter geek, a chemistry loving sportsman or an architect with a passion for agriculture. No matter what you enjoy, Auburn has an organization for you.

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With more than 300 student organizations available, how do you know which to choose?

As prospective students or underclassman, students want…


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Struck by a Stroke

          It is common for college students to change their major at least once or twice during their college career. Some change because their classes were too difficult, some change because they found a better fit, but Courtney Cantrell’s reason for changing is rather unique.

             The Texas native recalls how she was always enrolled in some sort of Spanish class growing up. Cantrell was fluent by the time she enrolled at Auburn. She planned to major…


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Senior Profile: Mallory Gilliland

It’s normal to see Mallory Gilliland on the field during halftime at Auburn games with the rest of the Auburn University Danceline, but at Homecoming on Nov. 3, she’ll be on the field for a different reason.

Gilliland, a senior in Hotel and Restaurant Management and captain of the Auburn University Danceline, is one of the top five nominees…


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Fraternities, Pi Kappa Alpha and Theta Chi Join Forces for Party

It’s Friday night and everyone is going out.  People are always looking for the big party to go to for the weekend, and usually that would be at a fraternity.  When thinking about a fraternity party, one would assume that it would merely consist of just one fraternity.  However, there are some instances, which provide an opportunity for multiple fraternities to join efforts in making one big party.  Many times, two fraternities will compile their resources together to make this…


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Miss Greek Week 2012

Every year the Miss Greek Week pageant features one representative from each of the 17 Panhellenic sororities - added this year was a representative for the National Pan-Hellenic Council, NPHC.  The women are chosen by their chapters to perform in a series of on and off stage events. 

Mary Fran…


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From the Plains to the Big Apple : Auburn's Jenna Nash takes over NYC

It’s a question on the minds of Auburn students nearly everyday, “Where will my Auburn degree take me?” The answer is simple for Auburn alumna Jenna Nash. Her public relations degree landed her a highly sought after job at Forbes Magazine.

Nine months ago Nash, a Spring 2011 graduate, packed her bags, grabbed the one-way ticket her parents bought her and set off to the Big Apple. “I had two small suitcases and no plan. It was the scariest yet most exciting thing I…


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Auburn University Glomerata

The Glomerata has been is Auburn University’s yearbook since 1897.

Every year, 12,000 copies of 'Glom' are given to Auburn students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Glom is said to be one of the largest student-produced publications in the country. It is even one of the top 5 largest yearbooks in the SEC.…


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Auburn Provost :: Campus Life and Security Presentation

Auburn University's Provost held an open forum October 24th seeking input on campus quality of life, housing, and security issues. Materials presented at the Provost's open forum and a recording of the presentation / discussion are available below.

Provost's Presentation - PPT…


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Auburn's Military Appreciation Day

Win or lose, this Saturday will be a historic game for the Auburn Tigers as they take on the Texas A&M Aggies for only the third time in school history and for the first time as a SEC west opponent. While Auburn’s season so far in 2012 hasn’t quite been what fans would had expected, with several injuries to…


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Bicycles, Skateboards and...Unicycles? Oh My!

Most students at Auburn get to class in a predictable manner. The majority walk, a lot ride the Tiger Transit, some bicycle, and a few even skateboard to class. But Kevin Tonn, a senior majoring in mathematics, isn't exactly predictable.  (Photos from the Facebook group:  …


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A Helping Hand

Katherine Beck is a student attending Auburn University. Beck however shows school spirit in a different way than most other students. Beck not only supports her school by just wearing her school colors or attending different events, she helps keep the student-athletes on the field. Beck spends a lot of her free time over at the athletic complex tutoring.…

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Internet Takeover :: New School vs. Old School

Today, Auburn University is ranked amongst the best universities in the nation. It has accomplished this feat by having one of the best educational systems money can buy. Auburn has always been known for its exceptional educational system, but this didn’t come without many changes.

In the past ten years, the internet has pretty much become the medium for much of our communication. To me, this form of communication is most prevalent on college campuses, especially for Auburn…


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Auburn Grad Pursuing Her Entrepreneurial Dreams

There are so many success stories of Auburn students going off into the real world and becoming great entrepreneurs. 

That and more is the case for Audrey Johnson who is a Spring 2011 graduate of Auburn University. 

Audrey graduated with a degree in Agriculture Economics from Auburn, but has always had a passion for the arts and for being creative.  With pursuing her dreams Audrey is now the owner of Seahorse Lane Boutique. A boutique geared to fun jewelry and…


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Uplifting a Child

Project Uplift is a volunteer-based program where Auburn students and youth can establish strong, one-on-one relationships. The main goal of the program is to help children develop constructive, happy lives so that the delinquency rate in Lee County will decrease.

Students are asked to spend 3 to 4 hours…


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Aubie's Busy Life

As the Good Will Ambassador of Auburn University, Aubie the Tiger spends his days going to a variety of community, philanthropy and University events while having fun and making friends along the way.

Caroline McGill, the Director of Aubie, says that he attends from 3-5 events a day which averages…


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The Overall Company Is All-around Awesome

Auburn students are always up on current events, the newest trends and coolest hotspots. The latest buzz on Auburn’s campus is Opelika’s newest coffee bar and specialty market: The Overall Company.

Recently, Auburn’s Public Relations organization, PRSSA, teamed up with The Overall Co. and For Paws Boutique for…


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