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Camp War Eagle Counselor: What It Really Takes.

Familiar images of an Auburn summer would most certainly bring to mind Camp War Eagle counselors as they guide and educate new students about the historical aspects of the campus landmarks, buildings and traditions that define Auburn University. But how much work actually goes in to being a Camp War Eagle counselor? As smooth and casual as it appears to onlookers, Camp War Eagle is tightly choreographed ballet of meetings, tours, and skits. Head camp counselor Nolan Griffin gives us a glimpse… Continue

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ODK to host 85th annual Cake Race, Oct. 9, 2013

For 85 years, Auburn students have run miles for a kiss from the SGA president or Miss Auburn…or maybe just for a free cake.  One of our university’s oldest traditions, Omicron Delta Kappa’s Rosen-Hutsell Cake Race, will take place Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013, in celebration of Homecoming. …

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10 Ways to Celebrate Game Day When You Can't Make it to the Game

1. Watch the game on tv.

The most obvious answer, watching football on tv is a national past time. Sit your tuckus in your comfiest La-Z-Boy and let the games begin.

2. Listen to the game on the radio.…


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Create your major

Have you ever thought about switching majors but didn't want to start over? Have you spent way too much time staring at the university's list of majors thinking, "Seriously?! There has to be something I want to do with the rest of my life."

Now, in Auburn's interdisciplinary…


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Auburn's Involvement in National Association of Campus Activities

Being involved in student organizations can present Auburn students with great experiences that they would otherwise not be offered. One of these experiences is attending the National Association for Campus Activities Conference. This year’s NACA South Regional Conference was held in Chattanooga, TN on Sept. 26-29.…


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My Drawing Select By North Light Books for Strokes of Genius 6

I just received notification that my drawing "Willow Mount" has…


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Learning Communities Connect Freshmen

Auburn learning communities are a great way for freshman to plug into a group of friends. A learning community is an academic opportunity for incoming freshman. They are a group of 20-25 students who are all enrolled in three core classes together.

Learning communities provide incoming freshman with a group of people who they automatically know in their classes. Learning…


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AMDA: Auburn’s insight into the fashion world

New York Fashion Week may have come to an end, but a true cult follower knows that fashion season is far from over. Luckily, the Apparel Merchandising and Design Association at Auburn University ensures that the campus stays as savvy and up-to-date on the latest shows and trends.

"Even though AMDA is a departmental organization, we still try to share our events with the rest of campus," said Lauren Ledford, President of AMDA.…


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5 Ways to Maximize Your Success at Auburn

How one decision can have multiple benefits...

1)     Take the stairs up to the fourth floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library. Number one, you’ll be out of breath by the time you get there, so you can count that as your workout for the day. Additionally, the fourth floor is so silent that people will look at you sideways if you sneeze too loudly, making it the perfect place to cram a semester’s worth of information into your brain.…


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10 Things That Change From Your Freshman to Senior Year at Auburn

Some of these things you just have to take with a grain of salt. 

1. Friends on Facebook 

Freshman Year

You have no shame freshman year. Sat next to this one person for three minutes at Camp War Eagle? Sure! Search them on Facebook and friend request them immediately. YOU MUST HAVE FRIENDS.…


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Auburn Collegiate Cattlemen and Cattlewomen :: Holiday Sausage Box Sale

It may only be October, but the holiday season will be in full swing in no time. The Auburn University Collegiate Cattlemen and Cattlewomen are offering an opportunity to get a head start on your holiday shopping by submitting an order to their annual Holiday Sausage Gift Box Sale

The fundraiser is organized by the club annually in…


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Get Up and Get AUInvolve-d

Auburn students hear about it every day: getting involved on campus.  From the first day of Camp War Eagle to the day we leave The Plains, we are constantly told about the importance of campus involvement.  Auburn University’s Involvement Ambassadors want to make sure you take this advice seriously.

Auburn University’s Involvement Ambassadors are seeking to help everyone on Auburn’s campus, from freshman to seniors, to participate in campus organizations.  They work to provide you…


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The "Nun" receives Prestige Award

Susan “The Nun” Nunnelly is the 2013 recipient of the Pamela Sheffield award.

The award is presented annually to an Auburn woman who “best embodies selfless service and a commitment to Auburn…


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Flying Through College in Auburn's Aviation Program

Earlier this year, the aviation program at Auburn University was in jeopardy of being eliminated. With the help of alumni and current students, the university announced their official support of the aviation program in July. The Aviation Management Program at Auburn University is currently the only four year…


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Students Assist Kenyan Families From Afar

Auburn students continually partake in the bettering of lives both near and far. In the case of Claire Machold and Kingslea Younker, the lives are those of Kenyan families suffering from Aids.

Care for Aids, a non-profit organization in Kenya, has committed to assisting families suffering from Aids by implementing a program designed to heal both mental and physical ailments.

The program involves educating patients on how to properly take their medication,…


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