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Best Buddies and Panhellenic Prepare a Halloween Treat



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7 Things You Should Know About The College of Agriculture

The Auburn University College of Agriculture has roots dating back to 1872 with the establishment of the land-grant university, Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College.  Though sometimes misunderstood, the College of Agriculture has been a vital part of improving the agricultural sector in the state of Alabama. In addition to facilitating research to improve nutrition, health, standard of living, farming practices and food safety, the College of Ag is offering students a quality degree…


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Tim Cook Paves an Open Path :: This Is Auburn

Auburn's beloved alumnus Tim Cook, Apple CEO, opens the door on his personal life in a BusinessWeek article today.

While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.

We pave the sunlit path toward justice together, brick by brick. This is my brick.

Read the…


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All In for Halloween: Top 5 Last-Minute Costume Ideas

It’s that time of the year again – as Halloween quickly approaches, many Auburn fans are scrambling to create last-minute costumes to wear to Halloween parties. Fighting off the droves of fellow procrastinators at costume stores can be a fright, so sometimes the most practical option is to create costumes using items you already own.

The Football Player

Perhaps the simplest Auburn Halloween costume is the classic Auburn…


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6 Ways College is Like a Reality TV Show

Reality television is often dismissed as shallow and useless. However, I believe that reality shows can provide some useful lessons on how to make the most out of college.

You meet a lot of characters, but don’t judge them on their first impression. College is full of kooky characters. From the professor that’s obsessed with Mountain Dew, to the cosplayers, it’s important to have an open mind and give everyone a fair chance. Duck…


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Interior Design Intrigue: Students Who Design the Extra Step to Success

Auburn University’s interior design program provides unique and challenging opportunities to dedicated students in the College of Human Sciences major. One student in particular has seized these opportunities to get ahead and succeed in interior design.

Tessa Urovsky knew in fifth grade that she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in interior design. She chose to attend Auburn…


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10 Reasons Why Having Your Sibling in Auburn is the Best Thing Ever

Because who wouldn't want to be able to start and end a conversation with your sibling by saying War Eagle?

1) You always get a little too excited when you see your sibling on campus. …


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The Brony Club Brings Diversity and Friendship to Auburn

Most Auburn students are familiar with clubs like the Student Government Association and University Programs Council, but many students may not have heard of the Brony Club.

The Brony Club formed for the appreciation and enjoyment of the television show “My Little Pony: Friendship is…


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How a 7-Year-Old Taught Us the True Meaning of Rivalry

Welcome to football season in the SEC. In the South, passion for your team runs deep in your blood and rivalries are fierce. It is where kids root for their family’s team before they are even born. It is where winning is the only thing acceptable. It is where uttering the other team’s battle cry is considered worse than a curse word. It is also where 7-year-old Julia Ladd decided that, above all these things, being a friend was more important than a rivalry.

Let’s face it: who…


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Auburn Student Passes Away After Battling Cancer

Those who were fortunate enough to have known Ben Farley would describe him as joyful, gracious and a light of the Lord.  According to friends and family, Farley had an enormous love for others and lived in the moment. 

Farley, a Nashville native, was an Auburn University building science student who…


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Getting To Know The Nun

You may have met her at Camp War Eagle, taken her Sports Officiating class, or maybe you've seen her on Sunday morning as an usher at the Auburn United Methodist Church 8 a.m. traditional service. But how much do you really know about "The Nun"?

Susan Nunnelly began her freshman year at Auburn University in 1966 where she was involved with…


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Victory Waits on YOUR Fingers -- Vote for Aubie in the Capital One Mascot Challenge

The Auburn Family, like any family, can have its feuds, disagreements, misunderstandings and divergences. However, we all know that one member who we can never see fault in. He’s our crazy, entertaining, unpredictable cousin. He loves the family and every member in it. …


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Waffle Eating Competition Raises Money to Fight Human Trafficking


On October 16 at 6 p.m., Auburn University’s chapter of International Justice Mission hosted a waffle eating competition to raise awareness and money for the human rights issue of human trafficking. The event took place at the Red Barn on Auburn’s campus and featured waffles from Waffle House on Glenn Avenue and coffee from Wake Up Coffee Company.


With tickets priced at $5 each, the organization raised over $400 to be donated to IJM’s…


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Auburn junior competes in scholarship competition to win $5,000

When college students hear of an opportunity to earn some extra cash for tuition, they jump on the chance before it's too late. That is exactly what Michelle Bufkin, a junior majoring in agricultural communication, did. 

The Competition

Michelle is competing in Animal Agriculture Alliance's 2014 College Aggies…


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Auburn University’s Recreation and Wellness Center is named 2014 Facility of Merit

Athletic Business magazine has awarded Auburn University’s Recreation and Wellness Center the 2014 “Facilities of Merit” award. The award is presented to 10 facilities across the country that show innovation in design and construction.

Athletic Business magazine began giving…


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Auburn student-athlete goes for the gold and a second degree

Some students finish their degree in four years, but few people complete their degree in three. Even fewer are student-athletes who finish in three years. But Auburn University gymnast Caryn Kadous did it. She completed her first degree in only three years and is already on her way to finishing a second.

Raised in San Antonio, Texas, Kadous came to Auburn in the fall of 2011 highly motivated. She was drawn to Auburn because of the high academic standards, the…


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Join Aubie and St. Andrew to Feed the Hungry

Aubie joins students from Auburn's Society of St. Andrew - Alabama on Thursday this week in Auburn to help bag potatoes to feed the…

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Adventure awaits at Auburn Outdoors

Tucked away on the lower level of the Recreation and Wellness Center is Auburn Outdoors, a division of campus recreation that provides avenues of outdoor recreation for students who are passionate about making adventuring a part of life. 

The Auburn Outdoors program began when the Recreation and Wellness Center opened in August 2013. The program currently operates the indoor climbing facility and…


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Operation Smile Benefit Concert: Behind the Scenes

This Friday, Oct. 24 Auburn University's chapter of Operation Smile is hosting a concert to raise money to support operations for children with cleft lips and cleft palates whose families cannot pay for the operation themselves. 

The event…


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Time Out in Fall Semester

Auburn University initiated the first Fall Break to be added to the academic calendar this semester. No classes were held on campus on Thursday, Oct. 16 and Friday, Oct. 17. All regular classes resumed the following Monday.

“I’m so excited to use this extra time to go home to see my family the first time…


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