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Auburn University's Eagles

For over a century, eagles have been an iconic symbol of Auburn tradition. “WAR EAGLE” can be heard for miles on an Auburn game day and is common language for an Auburn fan. But who are Auburn’s eagles?

Auburn currently has two eagles that take flight in Auburn’s stadium: Nova and Spirit. According to…


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Jordan-Hare Timeline and The Roots of Auburn Art

Downtown Auburn has its share of boutiques, bookstores and specialty shops. One shop, Auburn Art, serves as a time capsule of Auburn history and tradition. The shop has become a gathering place for members of the Auburn Family, particularly during gameday weekends and graduation.

Cliff Hare Stadium, 1948



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Scariest Haunted House Around!

Road trip anyone?  Students will road trip to Atlanta for music, amusement parks, ferris wheels, sports and more.  They also make seasonal holiday trips.  Halloween is no exception.

With Halloween coming up, many people will be looking for scares and thrills to entertain themselves this spooky season. A…


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Auburn Graduate Student Active in Saving Endangered Wild Ferrets

Lenora Dombro, a School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences graduate student, has gone where no Auburn student has gone before: to the land of Prairie Dogs. Situated in South Dakota at the Wind Cave National Park, Lenora used this important location for her research, where multitudes of prairie dogs have roamed the expansive grassland. These prairie dogs used to live their lives in a disease-free area almost 100 years ago. But now, these animals are struggling to survive.…


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Should You Send That Email?

Do you ever second-guess yourself when drafting an important email? Are your friends getting tired of advising you about every little detail - does "Dear Professor" sound weird, is that too many exclamation points, do I sound intelligent or is that pretentious? Email has taken over as the prime communication tool of today - especially in the professional realm. Because first impressions here have as much impact as face-to-face meetings, it's understandable to worry about your email presence.…


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Wine and Shoes Benefit EAMC Foundation

Wine Women and Shoes came to Auburn for the second time to benefit the East Alabama Medical Center.

Wine Women and Shoes featured wine…


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Come Play with the Creepy Crawlers of Nature

What better way to get ready for Halloween than to play with creepy crawling reptiles and amphibians? AUsome amphibians and reptiles allows you to come out and do just that. On Friday October 24, the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve staff will have an hour presentation on the AUsome amphibians and reptiles that are found all throughout the state of Alabama.…


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Power-Up Your Writing! – Don’t Be Confined by the Five-Paragraph Essay Mentality

Both writers and gamers have an endless number of questions to contemplate. For example, I have always wondered why Princess Peach continues to allow herself to be kidnapped by Bowser. Seriously, I would assume after being captured the first few times she would have better security by now.

As for…


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The Importance of Networking

It all comes back to the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” And when it comes to finding a job right out of college, it couldn’t be more true. So if you’re starting to get those pre-graduation jitters about entering the real world - pay attention.

Networking is the art of connecting…


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Ten Things They Never Told You About Roommates

Before coming to college, we all thought about it. How great it would be if we were allowed to live with our best friends away from our parents. It would be like an every day slumber party, right? Well it is, until it isn’t.



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Annual Downtown Trick or Treat set for Oct. 31

City of Auburn Parks and Recreation and the Auburn Downtown Merchants will host their 14th annual Downtown Trick or Treat on Halloween, Oct. 31 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Downtown Trick or Treat is an alternative to door-to-door trick or treating for families and children 12 and under accompanied by an…


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Newest Auburn Organization Captures Community Diversity

What started out as an idea in a freshman leadership program group during a week dedicated to diversity has grown to be Auburn University’s newest recognized organization.

Humans of Auburn (HOA), based off the popular Facebook page Humans of New York, which chronicles the lives of New York residents, is led…


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7 Ways the Career Center Can Prepare You for the Real World

7 Ways the Career Center Can Prepare You for the Real World


Most students will graduate from Auburn without using resources provided by the Career Center.  Here is a list of seven resources you should not only know about, but also use before you graduate.


1. Resume & Cover Letter Writing



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The Auburn Eventing Club unites college riders

In 2013, four Auburn students decided to start a horse eventing club; today they have 24 members who compete in the Intercollegiate Eventing League against other colleges in the region. 

Not to be confused with the Auburn University Equestrian Club Team, The Auburn Eventing Club practices a different…


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Leadership Series: How Your Expectations Impact Your Listening

11 million meetings take place in the U.S. every day.

But if no one is really listening, why have a meeting?

 In 2013, it is estimated that 11 million meetings took place in the United States each day (3 billion a year).  Group Vision Research estimates that Fortune 500 companies…


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The Importance of Internships: How Internships Can Help You Get Your Dream Job

There is a myth that has been planted in the minds of Millennials since birth: in order to succeed in life, one must simply earn a degree. This ideology has led to larger class sizes, higher grade-point averages and more college graduates than ever before. However, the question remains: does an impressive GPA and a college degree guarantee a job upon graduation?

The truth is that a high GPA and a diploma are no longer enough. These days, almost everyone has a degree. With so many…


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The Best Volunteer Job Ever: How to Help Your Community by Playing with Puppies

One of the most common gripes among college students is that we all miss our pets back home. We’re desperate for animal interaction, going so far as to Facetime our cats and begging our friends with dogs to let us visit. A local program is offering the opportunity to give back to the community while playing with puppies.

Canine Performance Sciences (CPS) trains dogs to serve as companion or detection animals. CPS also strives to give back to the local community, even…


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Join Up!: Five Major Reasons to Be Involved On Campus

You can’t beat the time management skills that come out of being involved


While in college, it certainly is easy to shirk your responsibilities when it comes to your classes, yet when joining an organization, you must realize that you are not the only one you are accountable for. People…


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PR Day: A conversation with recent grads

PR Day was Thursday, Oct. 2 in the Student Center. Throughout the day guest speakers spoke to public relations students about their careers, personal experiences in trying to find a job and tips about how to be successful in public relations.

One of the sessions was with recent graduates of Auburn’s public relations department. A panel of seven women who have graduated within the last five years and gone on to work in the public relations field came to answer any questions in an open…


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