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It's Never Okay to Give Up

Auburn University is home to over 27,000 students, the vast majority of whom are between the ages of 18 and 22. College is most often a launch pad for young innovators and earnest hard workers. It is a place to get a piece of paper that will open future doors. But for one Auburn student, it is a place…


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Making a Difference: Passion For The Kids

Passion; the thing that gets you through life with a smile on your face. Some are passionate about sports, some are passionate about helping the community, and others, like Lindsay Freeman, are passionate about making a difference.

Freeman, a junior at Auburn, has been involved with the Auburn University Dance Marathon (AUDM) for the three years she has attended the school. According to the official AUDM website, the event is a “year-long, campus-wide fundraising…


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Auburn's Other Football Team

Yes, Auburn has two football teams. But, not in the way that you think.

Auburn's Women's Soccer team is one of the most decorated teams on Auburn's campus.

What does that mean?

Our soccer team is good.…


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Hint of Auburn at March for Life

On Friday, January 19, 2018, Auburn sophomore Agnes Armstrong will play an integral role in the rally before the 45th March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Armstrong will be featured as the “Young Adult” speaker and will give a speech to more than 600,000 people before the group marches to the…


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Why You Should Live on Campus as a Freshman

Moving to college as a freshman, leaving behind friends and family, is full of difficult changes. Meeting new people, navigating new social scenes, and adjusting to exhausting schedules can sometimes seem like jumping off a cliff without knowing what lies at the bottom.

One of the best ways to adjust to these dramatic changes as a freshman is by…


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The Ultimate Auburn Bucket List

As a soon-to-be Auburn University alumna, I feel that it is tremendously necessary to make yet another Auburn University bucket list, filled with all the things you should do before graduating.

Now, this is definitely a popular topic and I'm sure if you were to jump over to Google right now and type in "Auburn University…


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Path to President of Auburn University Dance Marathon

Tiffany Thompson, senior and President of Auburn University Dance Marathon

Tiffany Thompson, senior in Marketing from Montgomery, Alabama knew she wanted to serve Children’s Miracle Network and the hospitals that provide life-saving care for sick children. The fields of science, nursing and medicine…


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Studying Abroad: My Story

Over the summer of 2017, I decided to intern abroad in Dublin, Ireland, through the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University.

As someone who is constantly consumed by wanderlust, I always dreamed about hopping on a plane and studying abroad. However, I often found myself bouncing back and forth on the idea. First of all, I did not want to study abroad…


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Simple Habits to Adopt to Become a Healthier Student

When it comes to our health, we should all be taking care of ourselves. College is a busy time, especially during finals, which can make it hard to make our health a priority. However, our health should be our biggest priority while in college. If you establish healthy habits now, you'll convert these simple daily practices into a healthy lifestyle instead of a daily chore.

Practice Self-Care

How much time do you set aside to do something… Continue

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The Road to Attorney at Law

In just about every college at Auburn you can find that group of students that are looking to have Attorney at Law written after their name. Some may choose to study Economics, some political science. For senior Morgan Kain, she has chosen to double major in English and Management to prepare her for the road to law school.


“I started off as management because it was a good general business degree. I added the English major because I’ve always enjoyed English and literature.…


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9 Things You'll Regret Not Doing During Your Time at Auburn

1. Rolling Toomer's Corner after a Win.

Rolling Toomer's Corner after an Auburn football win is one tradition that is unique to Auburn. Where else can you celebrate a win by throwing toilet paper on trees and not get in trouble?

2. Taking fun electives.

College is typically four years of hard course work that can really stress you out. If there's an elective you've always…


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Fresh Plan for COSAM with Landon McNellage

Landon McNellage is a freshman at Auburn University. He graduated from Saraland High School in Saraland, Alabama. McNellage is majoring in biomedical sciences with a concentration in pre-pharmacy. He has big dreams he would like to accomplish at Auburn and in his future. One of those dreams include becoming COSAM’s…


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Overcoming Auburn’s Adversity to Diversity

Asna Fidai is currently a junior at Auburn University. Her major is Health Services Administration and she is pursuing a minor in General Business. Fidai has always loved being involve with student organizations oncampus and since her freshman year she has been involved. (see right, Source: Asna Fidai)

Fidai has been involved with Freshman Leadership Program (FLP) and High School Leadership Program. When she was involved with FLP, Fidai was an Assistant Director for…


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Ladies of Kappa Delta Chi: Making Room for Hispanic Culture


Hispanic women are 1.7 percent of Auburn University's total enrollment. There have never been 1000 hispanic students on Auburn's campus.

So, community is imperative to such a small population on campus. Latino Student Association, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers are two prominent organizations that intersection culture with various segments of…


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6 Recent Developments for Auburn Women

Number 1

The Auburn student body elected a new Student Government Association president on Feb. 9, 2017. This new president, Jacqueline Keck, marked only the third woman to serve as SGA president in 125 years of Auburn women.  She…


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Auburn Women Spotlight: Annie Fesenmeier and Amelia Langhart

Annie Fesenmeier

Annie Fesenmeier, a senior studying anthropology, currently serves as president of Student Philanthropy Board. Annie got involved with the Student Philanthropy Board her sophomore year when she took a class for her…


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Auburn to England

While summer is a time for college students to return to their home, some Auburn students decide to use that time to travel across the country. Many students travel the country to discover different cultures and to learn more about themselves. This is what Auburn student, Annie Bloomston, did the summer of her junior year.…


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Involved to the Max

Brooklyn Holt is a junior that is the textbook example of being involved and being passionate about each aspect of her positions. Holt is a journalism major and pursuing a general business minor. Currently, Holt holds 8 major positions on campus. (see right, Source: Brooklyn Holt)

Holt has been an…


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Do What You Love

Hayden Ellis, a senior Marketing major, knew that he wanted to give back to a program that made a significant impact on him.

“I have loved Auburn Football nearly since birth. Dad and I have had season tickets to Auburn home games my entire life, and I spent nearly every Saturday during the fall in Auburn. Once I got to college, I wanted to figure out a way I could make a positive impact on a program that’s had such a huge impact on my life.”

Ellis chose a major around…


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Shy to President

Ahnalies Vannette, a senior majoring in health services administration, was once a shy individual who only spoke when needed and kept her thoughts to herself. When Vannette moved to Auburn in 2014 to live out her college career,  she was nervous to make new friends.



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