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Angling For the Win

Shaye Baker wakes before his alarm and hops out of bed at 3:30 a.m. as some college students are just going to bed. He slides on his jersey and gets ready for a long day.

He hooks the boat to the truck and picks up his partner. As they arrive at the lake, Baker and his partner waste no time getting the boat into the water. They hurry up and wait for the sun to rise.

While most people may see competitive sports as being football, basketball or soccer, Baker gets all the… Continue

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Meeting Ms. Congeniality

Shouting your sorority letters at the top of your lungs, wearing your jersey proudly and swinging glow sticks around like crazy are just a few of the characteristics of Auburn University’s Ms. Greek Week 2009.

The contestants for the pageant include one member of each sorority. They participate in an off-stage interview with the judges, a campus wear segment and an evening wear and on-stage question segment. The contestants are chosen by their fellow sorority members and this year,… Continue

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Football, Fans & Feathers

Fridays before the Auburn Tigers play home games, many fans are rushing around campus setting up tailgates. Others, however, are visiting the Southeastern Raptor Center off Shug Jordan Parkway.

"Football, Fans & Feathers" is an educational program that premiers Auburn's birds of prey, including the infamous gameday War Eagle's. Folks pile in the Edgar B. Carter Educational Amphitheater, which can hold 350 raptor fans. Fans are able to learn about the raptors housed at the center… Continue

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Fighting fires to friends-ANSC student balances it all

It is midterms on the Plains, so this means time to find a quite place in the Ralph B. Draughon library and study. As you sit down, get all your notebooks and study area organized and begin to get focused on studying, you hear “RINGGGGGGG!” The fire alarm is going off. After everyone files out of the library, in a matter of moments the Auburn Fire Department fire trucks arrive to search the premise and save the day.

Briarfield, Ala. native, Cody Horton, senior in animal science has a… Continue

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A "Freind" of the Auburn Family

Kimberly Freind, Miss Auburn University 2009, enjoys being part of the Auburn family and uses her talents to serve the university she loves. Freind, a senior majoring in biomedical sciences, was crowned Miss AU on January 30, 2009.

She has since served the community of Auburn through her platform: preventing childhood obesity. As Miss AU, Freind has visited local elementary schools speaking to children about healthy eating habits and active lifestyles.

Freind helps paint… Continue

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‘Eggs’traordinarily Safe

It’s ethically shown that grocery stores provide expiration dates for their consumers. Yet, are these expiration dates always needed? Poultry nutrition major, Sam Rochell, along with others, found out through an in-depth experiment that eggs are healthy and safe up to a year after their expiration date. Even though health doesn’t decrease, the quality of the egg may. Grocery shopping is tedious, but should now go faster due to eggs getting marked off the ‘to-get’ list!

Rochell, a… Continue

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A Voice for Agriculture

A bridge between two majors in two totally different colleges, is the Agricultural Communications program, commonly referred to as AgComm.

A part of the College of Agriculture, the AgComm degree prepares students to be the communicators of the agricultural field. Many students are not aware of this program, but it is gaining more interest each year. While majoring in AgComm, the student is able to select an academic concentration in journalism, public relations, communication or… Continue

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Wildlife Sciences

There is more to camping than pitching a tent and building a fire according to Davis Lipscomb, an Auburn University student majoring in wildlife sciences. As an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time, Lipscomb chose a major that he knew would best fit his interests outside of the classroom and books.

“As a freshman, I chose to major in wildlife sciences because I enjoy the outdoors,” said Lipscomb. “I did not want an office job and knew I would not be… Continue

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Leaving your legacy through Alabama Extension

Nancy Alexander has a heart for youth and is leaving her legacy in the lives of Alabama 4-Hers through her position at the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

“I wanted to work with young people,” said Alexander, extension specialist in volunteering and fundraising for 4-H and youth development programs for the ACES. “Having an animal science degree, provided me with unique skills to work in 4-H and Youth Development programs in Alabama 4-H.”

4-H is a national… Continue

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Making a Difference This Summer

“It is more than freshmen orientation. It is greeting the newest members of the Auburn family during their first pep rally. It is sharing the War Eagle story with someone who has never been to Auburn before. It is staying up late to help a new student plan their schedule for their first registration. As a Camp War Eagle Counselor, you can spend your summer making a difference in the lives of the freshmen simply by being you.”

This quote can be found on the home page of the Camp War… Continue

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ATAC Helps MasterBrand Cabinets Employees

Auburn Technical Assistance Center continues its outstanding reputation as one of the best training organizations in Alabama. Chris Blackwell, an Auburn graduate, is now a process engineer for MasterBrand Cabinets and recently participated in ATAC’s Lean training program for the first time.

“My manager suggested that we participate in the training because of ATAC’s well-known reputation. He’s aware of a lot of companies that have used their training and they have improved their… Continue

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Building a Future

A freshman in building science, Kathryn Crowley decided to come to Auburn University after growing up in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why? Crowley did her research. "Auburn University is the number two building science school in the country," she says. “Cornell is number one, but I didn’t want to do Ivy."

Crowley’s parents both graduated from Texas A&M University with building science degrees, and she has decided to follow in their footsteps.…


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When a Future Dream Starts with a Fifth Grade Experience

Jessye Gessner is a senior in aerospace engineering who still cannot believe she has made it this far. From the first moment of seeing Dr. Wernher von Braun’s desk to finding a place in high school math, then making the jump to a career choice, Gessner has always been led to a future in aerospace engineering.

When Gessner was in fifth grade, she was invited, along with all other fifth graders in the state, to attend a week of Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. She… Continue

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Real World Experience on the Plains

In a city that never sleeps, a journalism major has his work cut out for him. Keeping up with breaking news, the latest scandals, athletic events, and political happenings with deadlines to meet can prove to be rather taxing on a full-time student at Auburn University.

OK, so maybe Auburn, Ala. doesn’t exactly qualify as “a city that never sleeps,” but for journalism majors, vigorous coursework can often disguise the loveliest village on the plains as a non-stop, on-the-go… Continue

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Sailing on the High Seas of Lake Martin

All aboard!

Students all around Auburn have taken chemistry, English, calculus and countless other lecture classes. It’s the same thing every day. Lecture classes are educational, but everyone could also use a little hands-on experience in their curriculum. All students could use something thrilling and exciting to spice up their week. This is where sailing class comes into the picture.

“Sailing was on of the most fun classes I have taken at Auburn,” said Caitlin Stojcich,… Continue

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Preparing for the GRE

As December nears, many seniors begin to make plans for the future. Some will head home and continue the family business, some will get married and start a family and others will make the hard decision to stay in school.

“If your planning to get your master’s it all starts with taking the GRE,” said Emerald Minor, a senior in Psychology.

The Graduate Record Examination, otherwise know as the GRE, is feared by most college seniors. Although this test lasts for more than 3… Continue

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Gene Chizik - Coach of the Year

Go to and vote for Gene Chizik. WARRRR EAGLE!!!!!

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AU vs Ark (2009) Poem

(Silenced No More)

In a not so pretty way,

Auburn climbed over the Volunteers.

By fighting, scratching and pushing through,

They overcame their fears.

So, with "Auburn Hearts" united,

And sticking together like glue,

Our Mighty Men of Auburn

Will just keep “doing what they do”!

They have won each battle with "War Eagle Pride";

And over many hurdles they’ve… Continue

Added by Frances M Appleton on October 8, 2009 at 8:23pm — 2 Comments

Making Invisible Children Visible

The U.S. is at war. Yes with Iraq, but also with Uganda. Since around 2003, we have been trying to relieve Uganda of Africa’s longest running war.

For the past 23 years, the Lord Renaissance Army (LRA) and the government of Uganda have been fighting. In the early ‘80s, Alice Lakwena of Uganda claimed the Holy Spirit spoke to her to overthrow the Ugandan government for treating the Acholi unfairly. Lakwena began the Holy Spirit Movement which increased hatred toward the government.… Continue

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Fundraising by Auburn family member

Hello Auburn family. I'm an alumnae of Auburn, and I've recently kicked off a fundraising campaign in Huntsville for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. If you've been touched by diabetes and are interested in supporting the cause (either through a monetary donation or through joining my walk team), you can view my team page here. Thanks! War Eagle!

Victoria Cumbow '08

Added by Victoria Cumbow on October 7, 2009 at 2:39pm — No Comments

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