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Environmental Programs Provide Support to Campus

Auburn University is a wonderful place to work! Sure, we have our issues within each area or department, but overall it's being a part of a greater family, serving the student community, and the partnerships that overshadow some of situations we all face on the job. Serving the campus community is the primary focus of Environmental Programs.

What is Environmental Programs (Environmental Health and Safety)?

Envinronmental Programs is an office within the Department of Risk… Continue

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Join the Lee County Auburn Club

Help us promote Auburn University in Lee County by joining the Lee County Auburn Club. The LCAC supports the university in a variety of ways, including scholarships to Lee County high schoolers, the Friendliest Village on the Plains, and the Auburn Alumni Association. To join, log onto There you will find a PayPal route to join the LCAC, or you can use snail mail by filling out the form and sending it in.

War Eagle!

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WEGL's First DJ Joins Auburn Family

Dave Gamble, Electrical Engineering alum, joined Auburn Family.

WEGL's First DJ…


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AU vs Ball State

Playing With Heart

The torrential rain and the ominous clouds

Couldn't dampen the spirit of the Auburn Crowd.

They remained in the stands and celebrated with song

And hoped waiting out the storm would not take too long.

At the games beginning, the Mountaineers seemed grounded

They slammed us with two touchdowns

And our fans were astounded!

Then, finding their balance after such a shaky start,

Our… Continue

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Campus Appearance Takes Major Steps

Hello once again to Auburn students, faculty, staff, and alumni! I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognize and reflect on Auburn University's campus appearance over the past year.

Since I arrived on campus in the fall of 2008, I have seen many major improvements to Auburn's campus facilities and overall landscape! First of all, I was taken aback by the glorious structure that is the Shelby Center for Engineering Technology that was completed in December of 2007. In awe, I… Continue

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Pharmacy Students Learn by Experience, not Textbook

For Harrison School of Pharmacy students, the majority of their third year consist of taking Inetregated Pharmacotherapy. This class is broken into a program of four sections, six hours each. The focus of this program is for students to work with cases centralized around drug therapy.

Dr. Paul Jungnickel, professor and associate dean of academic and student affairs for HSOP, said the program is "self-learning, so students are likely to retain information in the long… Continue

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Improving Life with Auburn Nursing

Stephanie Works is a senior in the Auburn University School of Nursing. She chose the program because, like many other nurses, she wants to help people. However, Stephanie takes it one step further by saying she wants to be able to “improve a person’s quality of life.”

Although she has been an Auburn fan all her life, Stephanie says she chose Auburn’s nursing program over other schools because of the one-on-one attention students can receive. In fact, Auburn’s program is so strong… Continue

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Auburn Nurses Help Educate Ecuador

“I realized the impact the trip had on me and how it changed my perspective on the world”, Kathy Jo Ellison, who is an associate professor at Auburn University, said. “I wish I had experienced this trip earlier in my life and now I want to help students have the opportunity to be apart of this educational and life changing opportunity.”

Ellison didn’t go on her first international trip until she was forty years old and realized how important it was for students to get the experience… Continue

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A Teacher for the Future Students of America

Elise Schupp, like many college students, came to Auburn University thinking she would major in education. Unlike most students, she stuck by her decision and never switched majors.

“I came to Auburn knowing I wanted to be a teacher,” Schupp said.

For the first semester, Schupp took classes in other departments to see if she had interests elsewhere. Teaching was still her first choice. This put her on the fast track to graduate.

Schupp is a senior in the college… Continue

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The Rock is Back!

Auburn University is known for priding itself on tradition. The clock tower in Sanford Hall, the various statues of golden eagles with their wings spread wide, the nationally acknowledged lists of students gaining awards in academic superiority and the decades of football greatness, all attest to that tradition of excellence. This is something that can be recognized by a student on his or her first day on campus, but one recently returned member of the Auburn family has been a part of this… Continue

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Teaching Students While Still a Student

Interning at Opelika High School this semester has been an enriching and insightful experience for Auburn University senior Bonnie Dean. This internship gives her first-hand practice working with high school seniors.

Dean is a Secondary Education major at Auburn. Each senior in the program must perform a semester-long internship with a local school.

Working 40 hours each week at the school is exhausting, yet Dean maintains enthusiasm through this experience. Her zeal for… Continue

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Are You a MAc?

For business student Christie Barrett, the decision to take part in Auburn University’s masters of accountancy program was a personal one as well as a professional one.

The MAc program is a non-thesis graduate program requiring 30 semester hours of coursework and is designed to provide students with a broad-based business education.

“The curriculum focuses on enhancing a student’s analytical and critical thinking skills, written and oral communication skills, and increased… Continue

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How about that WVU Win!

I love how ESPN's ranking puts us at 24 but why have the others not even ranked us? We are 3-0 and yet there are still so many teams that are 2-1 that are above us. Well, I think I have an answer to that question but first I'd like to say that I think we've got great potential this year. Our team has been starting out slowly (have you noticed this?) nearly every game. But like a big freight train once we get going it's hard to stop us. I think I like this strategy much better as it will take… Continue

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Lambert-Powell Meat’s Lab is here to serve you

What are some of your favorite items you enjoy eating while tailgating and watching the Auburn Tigers win its football game each weekend? Could it be sausage, hotdogs and hamburgers? The Auburn University Lambert-Powell meat’s lab is operating to provide customers with products that are fresh and locally raised.

From ground beef, steaks, bacon and sausage, these are examples of products that are offered in the salesroom. The salesroom is located in the front of the building allowing… Continue

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Learning Spanish is as Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres

¿Cuánto quieres aprender español? (Translation: How much do you want to learn Spanish?) Anthony Farmer, senior in the College of Business, was so adamant about learning the language that he moved to Panama for a summer.

Anthony is from Woodstock, Georgia and came to Auburn as an International Business major. He later switched to Accounting but kept his minor in Spanish. He has decided that once he graduates, he wants to join the military, specifically either the Navy or Air Force. If… Continue

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Professors Are People Too!

War Eagle!

Hello Auburn students, faculty and friends! I hope everyone is having an awesome semester so far this year on The Plains! I just wanted to take a minute and express my appreciation to our university's faculty. Thank you all for your countless hours and dedication to helping us achieve our dreams! You can not put a price tag on the availability that our faculty has for us as students, and the helpfulness that they embody.

Thank you once again faculty, you are… Continue

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Have you ever seen the rain?

A former student and wonderful Auburn alumnae, Jami (Bebee) McCord, shared this with me.

It’s a simple question. It only becomes profound when you get a few thousand people asking it with you. You know the one:

“I-I-I-I wanna know-w-w, have you ever seen …”

… thousands upon thousands of people screaming out the words to “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”?
Go see… Continue

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A Brush of Fresh Air

Auburn’s nightlife gets a brush of fresh air with the addition of Sip n Strokes located at 2408 East University Dr. Sips n Strokes is a painting studio open to people of all ages and skill levels. Painters will not only enjoy completing a masterpiece by the end of the night, but they can do so while sipping on their favorite beverage. Beth and Brad Baggett opened the store on June 10, because they wanted to do something unique.

“When you leave the movies you don’t walk away with… Continue

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Can You Write Right?

If your answer is "no," there are people on Auburn University’s campus here to help you with the challenge. The Miller Writing Center, located in Haley Center 3183, offers students of all ages help with writing papers.

Undergraduate and graduate students work in the Writing Center to aid their peers in paper creations. Eva Shoop, a graduate student in the Department of English, has worked in the Writing Center for seven years.

“The Writing Center allows students an… Continue

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I read some really ugly posts from the W. VA crowd on Twitter, and the only thing I can say is answer them on the field Tigers!!! Make 'em pay Neiko!

Sure wish I was coming down for tomorrow's game (loved last week's), but I'll be watching on TV with my brother ('85) and dad ('63)! And I'll be there for Parent's Weekend next week! My son is 3rd generation at AU and I love the games even more now that he is there!


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