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Following a Dream

It’s a job nothing short of demanding, a career requiring rigorous education, constant training, and a hectic schedule.

Senior Auburn student, Allie Andrews, came into Auburn confident she was going to become a doctor. She had grown up listening to grandfather in awe while he told miracle stories of medical surgeries he was able to do throughout his career. Andrews had grown up watching medical videos, shows, and movies. A genuine passion…


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Inclusion at Auburn University

For senior Bethany Keel, the Auburn University Special Education Program runs deep. Her mother, a 1988 graduate of the program, inspired her to step into Special Education.


When Keel began at Auburn she was enrolled as a communication disorders major. She joked that by choosing this major she would be able to make more money than her mother. After an introductory to communication disorders class, Keel found that she only enjoyed a portion of the material.




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Community Spotlight: Laura Murray's Amazing Alabama

In Coffee County, Alabama, nearly a century ago, farmers were rapidly losing their cotton crops to a species of beetle known as the Boll Weevil. The insect fed on the cotton buds and nearly all cotton crops in southeast Alabama were depleted. In order to pay the…


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Community Spotlight on Martha Henk: Executive Director of The East Alabama Food Bank

Martha Henk was born and raised in the Congo where her parents were both teachers. In the early 80s, she moved to Alabama. She has remained in Alabama ever since, with the exception of the four years spent at a private school called Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

After graduating, Henk worked for an organization called Presbyterian Community Ministry, which is a housing ministry that does home renovations for low-income families. When the executive director position at The…


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A Conversation of Change: How Sophomore Jaeshon Baldwin uses his influence to bring change to Auburn’s Campus

For Jaeshon, involvement is not on his short list. Only a sophomore, Baldwin is a part of the Franklin Society, National Pharmacy Association, Pre-Pharmacy Club, and NAACP. He also serves as the Executive Treasurer of the Black Student Union.


As a freshman, Baldwin knew that that his influence could be a positive impact on campus, maybe even an impact that would open doors to social change. Involvement was his door to promoting that change.


Though the list of…


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Auburn Dietitian Takes on 5 Nutrition Myths

Interested in nutrition? It’s hard to find solid, reliable information these days. The internet is an incredible resource, but it can be difficult to discern the truth from the lies. That’s why I sat down with Anne Penrose, a nutritionist working here at Auburn, to learn the…


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An Auburn Nursing Student Goes Beyond Just Taking Care of People

It has been said that it takes a special person to be a caretaker. These people volunteer to do the jobs that some people could never imagine doing. The kind of special person that can make the biggest impact on a person's life is a nurse.

Reilly Sharp, a senior at Auburn University, is studying to become a nurse. Sharp knew at an early age that becoming a nurse…


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A Sophomore's Guide to Freshman Year

Ben Kajevic is a current sophomore at Auburn University, traveling all the way from Chicago to attend what he calls "the best engineering school that still plays football well."

Being an out-of-state student was rather difficult at first, Kajevic admitted, considering the difference in dress, accents and just all around approach to life. Although he lived in Alabama for a little while as a child, Kajevic grew up and was formed into himself in the northern states.…


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Auburn Students Give Back During Spring Break

This past spring break many Auburn students could be found relaxing on the beach, exploring Disney World or spending time with their family, however, 45 students chose to spend their break in a different way. Members of Alternative Student Breaks, or ASB, traveled to Florida, North Carolina, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic to volunteer their time and labor in the local communities.…


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From Coed to Qualified: Translating College Skills to Professional Life

Graduating college and transitioning into a job can sound daunting. For some, this will be their first time living alone and being financially independent.

Meet Catherine Abernathy, an Auburn alumna living in Washington, D.C. Graduating from Auburn in 2016 with a degree in public relations, Abernathy was…


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Why Broadcast Journalism: A Student's Perspective

Walking into our meeting, Lauren Youmans is posh and polished. In her leggings, casual tee and sleek ponytail, she seems to have the casual-athletic trend figured out. As we sit to start the interview, one thing is clear: she's a natural people person.

Youmans, hailing from the Sunshine State, says Auburn was the…


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Auburn Cultivates a Career and an Independence

High school students enter college in different stages of their lives and Auburn molds and equips them to reach a high personal and educational standards

Courtney Campbell, a senior at Auburn, pursued a major focused on helping others: nutrition. Campbell’s passion for nutrition was ignited through the…


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Clothing Designer by Day, DJ by Night: Student Shares Hobbies

Benjamin Hayes has made a name for himself DJing at various college parties and bars in Auburn, but many may not know about his enthusiasm for fashion.

Hayes has always had a love for vintage clothing.

“In vintage clothing, the only thing that makes a piece look more special is time and age,” said Hayes. “Finding a piece that you’ve never seen anything like is truly amazing.”

In the summer of 2016, Hayes’ friend Baker Donahue created In With The Old, a clothing…


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Auburn’s director of Greek Life: One Man’s Nightmare can be Another Woman’s Dream Job

If you were to describe your dream job, dealing with thousands of sorority girls, angry parents and crisis management for 18-to 22-year-olds probably wouldn’t come to mind. However, for Auburn’s Director of Greek Life Jill Moore Martin these characteristics are part of her everyday life, and she loves it.

Since taking the position in 2013, Martin has been in charge of overseeing all major Greek life functions for Auburn. She is also involved in crisis response to situations like the…


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Why I'm Ready to Graduate and Take Auburn With Me

Fall in Love

Auburn University is a special place. Anyone who knows Auburn loves Auburn, so it only makes sense why I get funny looks when they hear I will graduate early.

No one has been as excited to come to Auburn as I was. As a freshman in high school, I visited my older brother at Auburn for a football game. It was love at…


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From Student to Entrepreneur Overnight

When you think of someone starting and running their own business, you probably envision someone older than 23 years old and in college. Sarah Smyth, an Auburn graduate from Madison, Alabama, has changed the jewelry game by starting her own business in college.

In June…


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6 Celebrities That Were Enrolled at Auburn University

Before these six Auburn celebrities became the well-known celebrities that they are today, they attended Auburn University at some point during their education. It is no wonder that Auburn University is a special place, and these celebrities knew that too.

Lionel Richie…


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A Day In The Life of an Auburn Drum Major

Meet Auburn University Drum Major, Ransom Creech! Ransom is a senior majoring in civil engineering. Ransom is the epitome of hard working paying off. He has been a part of the marching band for four years and has loved every second of it.

Ransom was a member of…


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From Auburn to Ibiza: An Auburn Graduate's Unique Experience Teaching Abroad

Some college graduates aspire to move to another city or state to experience life in a new place, but this is not the case for recent Auburn University graduate Carter-William Palek.

Palek earned his degree at Auburn in Political Science and Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. He is an Alabama native, born and raised in Huntsville, and until recently…


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Dreaming Disney-How a College Student Made Their Disney Dream Come True

Working at Walt Disney World is something of a dream for most people. Disney often times brings happiness to people and lets one relive their childhood through their favorite Disney characters.

Peyton Satterfield, senior majoring in public relations, has had the dream of working for Disney for years. Satterfield has been to Disney World with her family every year since she was five and has loved it every single time. It wasn't until six years later that she realized…


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