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Auburn’s director of Greek Life: One Man’s Nightmare can be Another Woman’s Dream Job

If you were to describe your dream job, dealing with thousands of sorority girls, angry parents and crisis management for 18-to 22-year-olds probably wouldn’t come to mind. However, for Auburn’s Director of Greek Life Jill Moore Martin these characteristics are part of her everyday life, and she loves it.

Since taking the position in 2013, Martin has been in charge of overseeing all major Greek life functions for Auburn. She is also involved in crisis response to situations like the…


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Why I'm Ready to Graduate and Take Auburn With Me

Fall in Love

Auburn University is a special place. Anyone who knows Auburn loves Auburn, so it only makes sense why I get funny looks when they hear I will graduate early.

No one has been as excited to come to Auburn as I was. As a freshman in high school, I visited my older brother at Auburn for a football game. It was love at…


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From Student to Entrepreneur Overnight

When you think of someone starting and running their own business, you probably envision someone older than 23 years old and in college. Sarah Smyth, an Auburn graduate from Madison, Alabama, has changed the jewelry game by starting her own business in college.

In June…


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6 Celebrities That Were Enrolled at Auburn University

Before these six Auburn celebrities became the well-known celebrities that they are today, they attended Auburn University at some point during their education. It is no wonder that Auburn University is a special place, and these celebrities knew that too.

Lionel Richie…


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My Last Saturday Down South in the Auburn Student Section

Fall is just another word for football season in the south. People travel far and wide to experience a Saturday down south and watch their team play. Among the many different SEC football experiences, nothing compares to a game day at Auburn. At Auburn, it's not only about having the die-hard fans or tailgates before the game. It's about the tradition, the Auburn…


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A Day In The Life of an Auburn Drum Major

Meet Auburn University Drum Major, Ransom Creech! Ransom is a senior majoring in civil engineering. Ransom is the epitome of hard working paying off. He has been a part of the marching band for four years and has loved every second of it.

Ransom was a member of…


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From Auburn to Ibiza: An Auburn Graduate's Unique Experience Teaching Abroad

Some college graduates aspire to move to another city or state to experience life in a new place, but this is not the case for recent Auburn University graduate Carter-William Palek.

Palek earned his degree at Auburn in Political Science and Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. He is an Alabama native, born and raised in Huntsville, and until recently…


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Dreaming Disney-How a College Student Made Their Disney Dream Come True

Working at Walt Disney World is something of a dream for most people. Disney often times brings happiness to people and lets one relive their childhood through their favorite Disney characters.

Peyton Satterfield, senior majoring in public relations, has had the dream of working for Disney for years. Satterfield has been to Disney World with her family every year since she was five and has loved it every single time. It wasn't until six years later that she realized…


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Student Spotlight: Initiatives from SGA Member, Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke’s interest in government first sparked in high school through her involvement in Youth in Government, a program that allows students to serve in model governments at local, state, national and international levels. Since then, Clarke has carried her passion to college leading her to pursue a degree in political science in planning to attend law school.



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5 Reasons to Discover Your Path at Auburn

There's more to Auburn than just school believe it or not. Auburn offers countless opportunities to discover your path at Auburn. With more than 500 ways to be involved on campus, there is something for everyone. Club sports, Greek organizations, religious and spiritual groups, service clubs, and special…


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5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Internship

As undergraduates make their way through four years of college, the idea of obtaining a career-launching internship remains an ever-present concern. The opportunity to get your first hands-on experience is both exhilarating and terrifying, but the real apprehension comes from the process of getting a…


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So, My Intended Major Didn't Work Out. Now What?

Declaring a college major is one of the first big decisions you will make as an adult. It can be daunting, deciding what you want to do with your life as merely a teenager.

While the average college student changes their major 3 times in their college career, most of these changes occur freshman year. But what happens when…


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Is Living Off Campus a Good Decision or One to Regret?

dorm, apartment, decision


For some, living on campus may seem like a necessity. That's great for those who have already made their decision or are required to live on campus. For the people on the fence about whether to live in a dorm or off campus, however, this article will explain some of the benefits of living off campus. That's not to take away from on-campus living options. It's to simply…


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The On-Campus TV Program That Changed Everything

On average, 80 percent of students change their major at least once. Coming into college, students choose a major they want to study; however, it’s quite common for students’ aspirations to change, which makes them alter their major.

This happened to senior at Auburn University, Julia Murphy, who came into school as a biomedical science major wanting to work in medicine. She quickly realized that wasn’t what she really wanted to do and pursued another career by…


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5 Ways To Avoid The Freshman Fifteen

Are you worried about coming to college and gaining the freshman fifteen? Have no fear, your guide to staying healthy is here!…


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Auburn Student Combines Passions: Gives Back at Work for Teach for America

If you are involved anywhere on campus, chances are you know Auburn student Branham Crutchfield. And chances are she knows you too.

If you have spent any time with her at all, you know that she is a natural leader who leads with grace. Being the oldest of four girls, Crutchfield was forced to become a leader and has held that role her entire life.…


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Auburn Student, Nicole Finley, Seeks True Culture Change by Discussing Sexual Violence

Nicole Finley is a senior from Alpharetta, Georgia majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in business administration.

Earlier this fall, Finley was nominated as a Top 5 Miss Homecoming candidate. Her platform, Freedom with Finley, was a campaign to establish freedom from sexual violence for the…


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A Taste for Success

Being an Auburn student provides so many opportunities for involvement, connections and fun activities to meet new people. However, campus life clubs aren’t made for everyone. It’s easy to feel disconnected if you can’t find your niche, but a new student should never worry.…


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International Student Finds His Place on the Plains


Wayne Wang on the Auburn campus The international student's mind raced with panic. "What should I do? What should I do?"

Wayne arrived in the U.S. alone, without a phone and without confidence in his English skills. After missing his bus to Auburn, he didn't know…


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An Auburn Student's Culinary Success

Fried calamari, stuffed poblano peppers, and homemade sushi are just a few of the incredible and mouthwatering dishes that college senior Delaney Burst makes. In her free time between classes, she is either wandering the aisles of every grocery store in Auburn or flipping through her collection of cookbooks.…


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