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The Future Dr. Anderson: Biomedical Science Contributes to Student's Doctor Dreams

Parents can often be found buying doctors kits, plastic stethoscopes, and little white lab coats. Many dream that their child may grow out of the mock outfits and doctor’s kits to put on a real white lab coat and obtain a degree with an M.D. at the end of their name.

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In large part this ambition often does not become a reality.…


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Auburn Students Help in Food Drive

Every year during football season, Auburn students donate to the Beat Bama Food Drive. Donations are given to the East Alabama Food Bank to help fight hunger and give food to people in need.

The goal is seemingly to beat the University of Alabama in donations, but Auburn students are ultimately beating hunger. It's a great cause that is also motivated by…


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The Path to Becoming an Economist

Actuarial science may sound like a phrase tossed around labs and research centers, but sophomore Ron Mau knows the truth.

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“We cover financial math, risk assessment, investment strategies and lots of statistics,” Mau said.

The Cullowhee, N.C., native knew what he was getting into thanks to his father, a finance… Continue

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For When Times are Tough

Student Counseling Services (SCS) is an organization that is often overlooked on campus. Counselors are available to talk to students for any kind of issue ranging from adjusting to college life to more severe problems such as depression.

An Auburn student who prefers to stay anonymous described her experience. “I was going through a hard time and really just wanted some… Continue

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Nursing Students Gain Real World Experience

"I believe in work, hard work."


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Many students know this line of George Petrie's Auburn Creed, but Kelsey Smith, a junior in Nursing, actually lives it. 


Smith and other nursing students at Auburn not only take a full course load, but they also work eight hour shifts twice a week at local…


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The Lee County Youth Develoment Center: Strengthening the Community

Auburn University students have had a long standing tradition of giving back to the Lee County community through various instances of volunteer work and support. Students at Auburn see helping out the community and non-profit organizations as a duty of being an Auburn Tiger and this mindset is what helps the community grow. One of the non-profit organizations that students volunteer at is the Lee County Youth Development Center,… Continue

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Momma's Love Tradition

Late nights in Auburn often end with a visit to Momma Goldberg’s Deli where a wide selection of steamed sandwiches, salads and their famous nachos can please any college students’ taste buds.


Momma G’s, as the regulars call it, opened its original location in 1976. Since then, three other locations have been opened in the Auburn area.…


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Taking The Road Less Traveled

Mention the word "accountancy" and people immediately think of figures, numbers, adding, subtracting and big lined books. Typically, “exciting” and “fast paced” aren’t phrases that come to mind when people think about this element of business. In fact, if there is one thing that most business students are afraid of or tend to avoid, it’s accounting.


This word, however, isn’t one that intimidates Hannah Walker, a junior accounting major at Auburn University.…


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Local Eateries

Downtown Auburn provides a wide variety of restaurants.  On one side of College Street you can get a burger at Five Guys and walk across the street and grab Chinese food.


Camus dining does provide students with many choices and is convenient for using the money on tiger cards.  However, the food downtown allows for a nice change of scenery and choices.


After football games is a prime example of change in scenery, especially after a…


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Leaving the Auburn Nest

Like many others, Christen Holmes will be walking across the stage to receive her diploma on May 9. The 22-year-old describes her feelings about graduating and discusses her future plans. In typical senior fashion, she reminisces about her time at Auburn, the place that has become home, and her transition into the "scary real world."


Q. What is your major and what have you enjoyed most about it?


A. My…


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MDRL: A New Users Guide


If students ever dare wander down to the depths of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library and follow the smell of energy drinks and freshly printed oversized paper, they will find themselves standing in the Media and Digital Resource Lab (MDRL). This high-tech land of Macintosh and Personal Computers houses…


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The Truth About Public Relations


When you think Public Relations certain things probably come to mind. Parties, celebrities and planning. Though those aspects might be involved, that is not what PR is about.


Contrary to popular belief, PR is not all glitz and glam. If you are thinking about…


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Auburn University's Program for Students in Need

Auburn University has a program set up to aid disabled students with interacting in the classroom more effectively and to excel overall. The Program for Students with Disabilities has provided an excellent source for students in need as well as a comfortable place for those students to talk about any issues they are facing. The staff in this program has worked hard to overcome barriers that students may have everyday in the classroom and have made it a goal for the students with disabilities…


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Impacting By Serving Those In Need

As the summer is approaching, students are gearing up and finalizing their plans for the upcoming three months off of the regular school term. Many take this time to sign up for summer classes, find jobs, or on the other hand view this as an opportunity to serve a community that is in great need. International and local communities are in endless need for students who are willing to volunteer.… Continue

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Survival Tips on Getting Through Finals Week

As the end of the semester begins to wind down, students face many different emotions. Two of the strongest are relief the semester is over and stress that final exams can make or break their final grade. 


Finals week is full of stress, sleepless nights, junk food, and bad hair days. There is no way to completely eliminate the strings attached to the week, but there is a way to keep them to a minimum.  

Becky Bathrick, a senior who has been through 4 years of finals,…


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The Boys and Girls Club of Lee County is not only impacting children’s lives around the Auburn area, but also impacting Auburn University college students as well.  Many organizations require their members to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club on a weekly basis, and many of my friends are some of these students.


The mission behind the Boys and Girls Club…


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Furniture is Fun!

Shellie Sauls is a junior in interior design at Auburn. The interior design program is located in the College of Human Sciences. According to Sauls, “It is a very prestigious and structured program that only accepts 36 applicants each fall.”


“What makes it so prestigious is that the program is accredited by the…


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Aspiring to Build Better Futures

Welcome to Auburn University’s College of Education, where opportunities abound for those aspiring to build better futures for all as tomorrow’s teachers, administrators, health specialists, and human development professionals. With 23 undergraduate and 37 graduate degree options, our program can be a springboard to practically any career you can imagine. 


The College of Education offers a wide range of majors to its students. In fall 2009, the college enrolled…


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Building Yourself While Building for Others

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that believes that every woman, man or child should have a safe and affordable place to live.


Lauren Boane, a junior at Auburn University, has been volunteering at Habitat for Humanity for several years…


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Auburn University's College of Agriculture

Ever heard of Auburn referred to as “The Farm School” or “The Cow School?” Well if you have, it’s because Auburn is highly recognized for our College of Agriculture. The College of Agriculture here at Auburn dates back to 1872 with the establishment of the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College as a land-grant college.


The college has helped advance Alabama’s agricultural economy while improving the nutrition, health and standard of living for all people. The mission of…


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