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A Passion for People

Ramsey Pursell started her freshman year at Auburn pursuing a degree in business. Soon she would realize that her passion for helping people could be translated into one of Auburn University’s many majors.

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Pursell discovered the major of human development and family studies after working at a camp the summer before her sophomore…


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Building Science Students travel to Texas for Annual Construction Management Competition

Five Auburn University seniors in the building science program are competing at the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. Construction Management Competition in San Antonio, Texas April 12 through 15. The competition is designed to challenge construction knowledge, organization, time management and presentation skills of the teams.


The Construction Management Competition takes place annually through ABC’s partnership with the Trimmer Education Foundation, which sponsors a…


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Auburn Alumna Alli May graduated from Auburn University in May 2009. She graduated with a degree in exercise science and a minor in psychology.

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May was raised in Marietta, Ga. She is the middle child of three, and was the only one of her siblings to attend Auburn University.

She now attends Armstrong Atlantic State…


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Hiking for a Cause

Every day for the next six months Auburn alum Charlie Timberlake and his best friend Randy Wright will not wake up in the same place twice. That is because they will be hiking the entire Appalachian Trail in honor of their fellow Eagle Scout, Cam Street, who passed away in 2009.

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Timberlake, Wright and a group of close friends have joined… Continue

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Building Bridges to Better Leaders

The Community and Civic Engagement Initiative is based on Auburn University’s historic… Continue

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Building Bridges to Better Leaders

The Community and Civic Engagement Initiative is based on Auburn University’s historic… Continue

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Departments at Auburn Team Up for Civic Engagement

Auburn University's departments of building science, architecture, and social work are teaming up to solve problems in the community.


The Civic Engagement in the Built Environment, or CEBE, program was co-founded by Linda Ruth, a building science professor, and Emily Myers, a social work professor, with the goal of allowing students to get hands on experience while giving back to the community.


The program uses students in all three of the departments and…


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It's Spring, It's a Break, It's Auburn

With the start of the spring semester comes a countdown. A countdown to the week Auburn students have all been waiting for since the same time last year. Spring break days are the days when nothing else matters, but friends, the beach and good times.

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Spring break is an important time for Auburn students to relax, cultivate relationships and…


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Auburn's Underwater Sport

When any Auburn student hears the term fall semester, the one thing that comes to their mind is football. Football is Auburn’s most popular sport to attend. Many students attend the football, baseball games, gymnastic, and swim meets.  There is one sport in particular that tends to be underrated and that is water polo. …


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Auburn's Work Study Program: Getting Paid for Something You Love

College tuition, especially at Auburn, is constantly increasing. Many students apply for loans or scholarships, but some are unaware of another type of financial aid that Auburn University offers its students.


The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) provides students with part-time employment either on campus or in the Auburn community to assist with their…


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Parkour – A Different Kind of Student Organization

When students walk around campus, they can expect to see the normal activities of students studying, chatting with friends or laying on the quad enjoying the weather. But one thing they may not be expecting is a group of students jumping off of walls and doing stunts.

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That’s what the Parkour Club at Auburn University enjoys doing in… Continue

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Accounting Is Awesome

"Honestly, I really don’t know why I chose accounting," said Rachel Miller, a junior accounting major."I’m a lot like my dad…

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Professors Do Know What They Are Talking About

As a student here at Auburn I would like to take the opportunity to remind you, “Listen to your professors.”

Upon first becoming a student here at Auburn I thought that most of my professors would just tell me things, just to be saying them.  The further I get into my major, the more I see how right they are.

One of the first classes I took was taught by, Ric Smith, the internship leader. We had a heart to heart class meeting one day, where we all thought we were in trouble for…


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It All Adds Up in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Many students come to dread math. But for some students, math will lead to incredibly successful careers. If you are have a passion for numbers, then the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has a major for you.


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is part of the College of Science and Mathematics. It has more than 50…


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It's Only Rocket Science

Our knowledge of flight, dynamics and propulsion has come a long way since the first flight of the Wright Brothers in 1903.  Through the hard work and big dreams of those who saw the endless possibilities of flight, the Auburn aerospace engineering…


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Trashy Runway Attire on Campus

Auburn University students are being challenged to stop putting their recyclables in their designated bend but, to use their recyclables and imaginations to create runway worthy outfits for the Sustain-A-Wear… Continue

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Rodeo Attracts Large Crowds For Entertainment and Fundraising

When the event began in 1965, none of the members of the Alpha Psi veterinary fraternity could have imagined the impact that their philanthropy event would have on their organization. The Alpha Psi Rodeo is a tradition that is now 46 years young and still continues to bring fun and excitement for all ages. 


Originally started as the Alpha Psi Round-Up, the event was meant to simply be a way for the men of the veterinary fraternity to relieve some stress brought on by their…


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Robert French: A Great Resource

Many students are preparing for Graduation, which is less than one month away.  Some students will head of to graduate school, law school, or go get another major. But what about the students that plan on heading straight into the work force?

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Most liberal arts students believe that the staff does a great job helping the transition…


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Planning for the Future Using the Past

Ryan Forbus is a junior majoring in history at Auburn University.  Upon arrival at Auburn, Forbus was unsure of exactly what major was for him.  After speaking with several advisers and consulting family, he chose to pursue a degree in history with a minor concentration on political science. 


History is something that is prevalent to Auburn, both in the university and in the community surrounding the university.  In no way is that history more celebrated than by the…


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The Notes of a Career

Music is a part of the world around us; whether we have the radio turned up, attend a concert or just pass by someone playing a guitar on the Haley concourse.  For some, music is a small part of life, maybe what one does to relax or perhaps the ideal study tool. Yet, for others music is a passion and the key to future careers. 


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