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Auburn University's ROTC Gets Support From Hostesses

Auburn’s ROTC branches have hostess that help the units and provide support to the men and women in the programs. The Army Unit has the Kadettes, Air force Unit has the Silverwings and the Navel Unit, consisting of Navy and Marines, has the Mariners. I spoke to Amoree Brackins from the Mariners to get more information on these organizations.…


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A Call to Recruit

Being able to walk backwards is not an easy trait to acquire; however, for around 65 sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the skill comes naturally while talking about Auburn’s amazing campus. Auburn University’s Student Recruiters play a vital role in recruiting high school seniors to be a part of the incoming freshmen class by showing them around campus, telling facts and historic information about the university, and to also enlighten the potential students on all of the traditions and…


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Auburn's Greek Community Comes Together for a Cause

Once a year, Auburn’s greek community, including the Interfraternity council and Panhellenic council, comes together in friendly competition to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club.

The sororities and fraternities on campus are divided into different colored teams that participate in events throughout the…


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Ellington Way: A Fresh Sound on the Plains

The music scene in Auburn is ever growing and evolving. With new students moving to town every year and older students moving on to new places and adventures, there is always a fresh sound coming out of music venues all over the plains.

One such band that has recently stepped on the scene is…


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Campus Kitchens Fights Local Hunger

Campus Kitchens is an organization fighting hunger in the Auburn Community. The program helps with cutting down food waste on campus while helping serve the hungry in the Auburn area. “People always think hunger is a global issue when in reality its an issue in our own community,” president Emily Scammell said.


The Campus Kitchens Project is a national organization and leader in future hunger relief.  The program came to Auburn about three years ago. Campus…


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Sorority for God's Glory

When organizations are represented by Greek letters, most students automatically assume it relates to pan-Hellenic on Auburn’s campus. Sigma Phi Lambda is a sorority that strives to seek and know God’s will. They are not a pan-Hellenic organization, but still embody the aspect of sisterhood.…


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Chi Omega Dreams Big With Wish Week

It has been 32 years since a seven-year-old leukemia patient with the dream of becoming a police officer, was sworn in as the first honorary patrolman in the state of Arizona. His day began with a ride in a police helicopter to the DPS headquarters. 

He was given an official police uniform, custom tailored…


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Healthy Living and Healthy Listening: Be Well Radio


A healthy lifestyle and the total college experience.

For most college students, it’s like sleeping or making A’s: you can’t pick both. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college is something some students strive toward while others struggle with. 

That’s the goal of the Health Promotion and Wellness Services (HPWS). A division of Auburn University Student Affairs, its…


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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Every October, Alpha Chi Omega hosts a philanthropy event to raise awareness against domestic violence. “Domestic violence awareness is something that is special to us and close to our hearts because it predominantly affects women, we are like sisters helping other sisters,” said Lucy Littrell, Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy chair.…


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Auburn Graduate Brings Bow Ties Back in Style

Bow ties are back in style thanks to Lorenzo Lane, an Auburn University marketing and international business graduate.

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Lane has gone on to create his own bow tie company, L. Bow Ties.

L. Bow Ties does not offer just any regular bow ties, but one-of-a-kind options that are handmade from Lane himself.

“I try to set apart my…


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To Thy Name We'll Sing Thy Praise

The Auburn University Music Department hosted the 12th annual Sounds of Auburn concert on October 18 in the Auburn Arena. The concert features many of the major instrumental and choral performance groups on campus.

There is something for everyone in the audience and the 2nd year in the Arena brought another success for the performance.…


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The Adventures of Weagle

Once upon a time there was a monkey who wanted to be part of the Auburn family and be “ALL IN.”

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Weagle is the official sock-monkey of Auburn Athletics, and
has been given a special opportunity. Being part of the Auburn family is something special that isn’t always easy. It means standing behind a team of coaches, players, Olympic participants,…


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Auburn Alumni Association Keeps Traditions Rolling Within the Auburn Family

Auburn University prides itself on being one of the top academic institutions in the nation with its superior academics and exceptional fan base. But the real backbone of the Auburn Family goes way deeper than the surface.

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The Auburn Alumni Association has been keeping alumni of Auburn University in contact with one another since its…


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Project Uplift Carnival: Helping Children Have A Fun Halloween Experience

As Halloween quickly approaches the plains, those involved in Project Uplift at Auburn University have the opportunity to spend time with their kids at various Halloween-oriented events.

For those unaware of what Project Uplift is, Project Uplift is a program where Auburn University…


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The Auburn Writers Conference: Helping Writers Find Their Voice

The Auburn Writers Conference held their third annual conference on Oct. 12 and 13. The conference was held at the Hotel at Auburn University & Dixon Conference Center and is held every fall.

“This year the theme was The Winding Road: Travel, Identity and the Search for Voice, so there was a lot of writing about place, writing about memory, writing about home, writing about being the other which was really fascinating to hear.” Emily Shank, a senior majoring in Creative…


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Bees and the Browns

Beehives, honey and a hobby. Jonathan Brown, fisheries management major at Auburn University, has all three.

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In addition to being a senior, Brown doubles as a beekeeper. He currently has 16 beehives, though during the summer that number can reach about 26. He not only maintains the colonies, but collects the honey as well.

“My dad…


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Kate Petrusnek speaks of the fulfillment her major brings

Kate Petrusnek is a senior at Auburn University majoring in special education. 

“I knew I wanted to stay close to home and that I wanted to go to a bigger school. I was deciding between Ole Miss and Auburn, and it wasn’t until I attended the Auburn vs. LSU game in 2008 that everything clicked. I was in the stadium and just knew that I would be really happy at Auburn University.

Petrusnek came to Auburn knowing that she wanted to be an education…


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Students Making a Difference with Auburn's Alternative Student Break (ASB) Program

Alternative Student Break's is a program where students can give back to communities through community service during their academic breaks. The program has both domestic and international trips. Groups of Auburn University students have the opportunity to choose from multiple locations to give back and make a difference, while bonding with their peers. 

Alternative Student Break's, also known as ASB, began in Spring 2008. It is offered by the Center for Community…


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European Adventure: 12 Cities in 28 Days

How many people can say that they have backpacked to 12 cities and 8 countries in only 28 days? Jessalyn Traylor, a senior studying Nutrition Dietetics at Auburn University, can proudly say that she has conquered this adventure of a lifetime.

Traylor went on this European backpacking trip through the College of Human Sciences Study/Travel in Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management. She received a total of six credit hours. The students completed an hour in the spring here at…


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Today's Student, Tomorrow's Teacher

Meredith Mahoney, a senior from Jacksonville, Fla., grew up knowing she wanted to teach. Her mom was an elementary school teacher in Jacksonville and Mahoney had a passion for teaching her classmates in school.

“I love kids and I’ve always done well with kids,” she explains. “I’ve also always learned better by teaching other people so therefore I thought it might be a good idea to go into a major where I learn to professionally teach other people."

Coming to Auburn, Mahoney…


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