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Panhellenic Builds Community While Teaching Leadership

If you are a female looking to get involved in a wonderful student organization that promotes leadership, academic excellence, and community service, JOIN PANHELLENIC!

Panhellenic is an essential part of the Auburn University community. Panhellenic women make up about one-third of Auburn’s undergraduate women, and they are also a part of a wide variety of other campus organizations. Women who are a…


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Behind the Ropes and the Reins: The 7th Annual FarmHouse Rodeo Classic

Philanthropic service has always been a priority to Auburn men and women over the years. For the brothers of Auburn University’s FarmHouse Fraternity, however, service has taken the form of hard work and dedication, also known to many as the FarmHouse Rodeo Classic.

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Uprooting History with Sowing Seeds of Hope in Marion, Ala.

As last May approached, many students scrambled to find an excuse not to return to their small hometowns. Mary Afton Day planned for quite the opposite.

Mary cringed as she told me about her first memories of Marion. “Even though we only lived there for nine months when I was 2-years old, Marion is…


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Auburn University Student Ministry Uses Intramural Sports to Reach Out

Auburn University is known for its football team. The Auburn Christian Student Center (ACSC) is known for its intramural football teams and their willingness to include anyone who wants to play on their teams. 


According to Matt Snow, a senior at Auburn University and a captain of an ACSC intramural football team, the idea of making random teams out of the pool of students who would like to play intramurals but do not have a team to…


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A Band’s Eye View: An Away Game from the AUMB’s Perspective

This past weekend, I found out that at 3:30 a.m., even the floor of a charter bus makes a wonderful bed (with plenty of pillows and blankets of course).

The Auburn University Marching Band took a pep band of 120 members to help cheer on our football team this past weekend as they took on their first SEC opponent of the year, Mississippi State University.…


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Get Hooked on Auburn's Bass Fishing Team

Did you know Auburn University has a bass fishing team? It does, and they’re good – really good. The team placed second at this year’s College Bass National Championship and Auburn’s own Matt Lee qualified for the 2013 Bassmasters Classic.

In case you’ve never heard of the Bassmasters Classic, it’s like the Super Bowl of bass fishing, and only one college student is chosen from around the world to compete each year.

Lee, a senior in industrial engineering, began…


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The Auburn Spikettes race onto Auburn’s campus

Auburn University is home to many clubs and athletics, but until recently, one in particular has flown under the radar: The Auburn Spikettes.

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The Spikettes are the hostesses of the Auburn University track and field team and are looking for members to kick off the new school year.

The sudden interest in Spikettes can partially be…


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Math Club: Not Just For Math Majors Anymore

“I think a lot of people think it’s just a club for math people or math majors,” Muriel Holmquist, a senior majoring in mathematics at Auburn University who has been a member of the math club for a year, said. “But we have people in the club that aren’t math majors or math minors.”

Muriel says that the vice president of the math club isn’t even a math major, but is a foreign language major, minoring in Chinese language. She says that most of the members are either…


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Auburn Study Abroad: Be a World Traveler!

It is no surprise that Auburn University's study abroad program has taken off in the past few years. With the numerous destination additions made to the map, Auburn students are more likely to get involved in the study abroad program and travel to foreign…


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Getting Plugged in with Delta Sigma Pi

If you are a business major then you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to join Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity!


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Delta Sigma Pi is a wonderful student run organization right here on Auburn’s campus for any student that is majoring in business! It is an organization that offers many benefits whether it is…


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Experiencing Nature with the Outdoor Adventure Club

As a student it can be easy to get lost in the whirlwind of classes, football and social events. For the majority of students, that may be all that’s necessary for a happy college life, but for students like Rob Coleman there was still something missing.

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“OAC ( Outdoor Adventure Club) is a club that a lot of people join because there is…


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Balancing Work, Class and Clinical

Most students would probably deem it impossible, but this third-semester nursing school student says she is able to handle schoolwork and a part time job. 


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Auburn Students Take Part in National Political Conventions

As the major party conventions wrap up in Tampa and Charlotte, both camps are prepared to push hard for their respective candidates leading into November.  The conventions not only serve as a three-day infomercial for the party, they allow voters from around the nation to feel like they have a hand in choosing the path for the party over the next four years. …


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Kick-Off to Freshmen Year

Colby Honey is a freshman at Auburn University this year. The Muscle Shoals, AL native grew up in a family that yelled “War Eagle” proudly and attended football games each season. However, this past week, Honey experienced his first football game as an Auburn student.

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There Isn't Just One Major For This AU Student

When most students are overwhelmed with one major and in some cases a minor, Haley Ates, a senior in Interdisciplinary Studies, has three different focuses within her one major.



Ates changed her major from Human Development and Family Studies to the newly established Interdisciplinary Studies program this past summer.

“I was on the child life track in Human Development and Family Studies, and it is a very narrow field,” said Ates. “The child…


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Auburn Triathletes: Promoting Physical Wellness One Day At A Time

While many students slack off on their fitness regimen during their college years, one club at Auburn has the drive to take fitness to a whole new level.

The Auburn Triathletes do the complete opposite of slacking off, especially when it comes to fitness. The next triathlon that many of the members are competing in, the Rev 3 Anderson in South Carolina, is no joke.…


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Alternative Student Breaks Makes An Impact

People say the years you spend at college are the best years of your life. Time flies and they are gone before you know it. Your goal during college is to find your niche, and this calls for trial and error.

College students are in the perfect position to test the waters. Auburn…


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Eagle Eye News - hands on experience for landing that first big JOB!

Calling all students at Auburn University who are interested in how the T.V. industry works!

Eagle Eye News is Auburn University's premier student run news program located in the bottom floor of the Student Center.  If your looking for a unique opportunity that will give a background in the TV industry from…


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International Student Organization Helps Students Find Home Away from Home

Coming to a new country and adjusting to a new culture is a difficult task for most, including those international students that come to Auburn University. However, through the work of groups such as the International Student Organization (ISO), the transition becomes much easier for these students.

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The International Student Organization is a…


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The Lacrosse Ladies of Auburn University

Lacrosse is prominently popular on the east coast, but the sport does not get much attention here in the south. More often than not, people here at Auburn are not familiar with what lacrosse really is and have never had the privilege of seeing a game. Luckily for Auburn students who are avid fans and players, there is a women’s club lacrosse team on campus.…


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