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Panhellenic Pride

Monday, March 7 is Panhellenic International Badge Day. Women in all chapters of Panhellenic life are encouraged to participate by wearing their sorority badge on this day. It is a way for women to show pride in the organizations they are a part of.  Auburn University is just one of the many schools that participate in this event.

Recently, the National Panhellenic Conference has made it a point…


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Loose Change to Loosen Chains

 Everyday the news tells of tragedy and heartbreak across the planet. Many times college students feel relatively helpless when crisis occurs. However, an organization at Auburn University encourages students to aid in relief attempts in their own backyard.

Sex trafficking has grown…


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Catch a Ride

Transportation is always a vital issue when deciding on a place to live.  Especially if you are trying to get to school.  Auburn University's Tiger Transit shuttle line is an efficient and reliable way to get to around.


Living on campus is convenient for those trying to get to class because walking is…


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Charity Starts at the Frat House

While pop culture may have many fooled into 

thinking that being in a fraternity is all about beer pong, wild parties, and barking orders at pledges, the truth is most Greek organizations are so much more.  Nearly all of the men and women of Greek organizations are involved in multiple community service and charity activities.  One such example is the Alpha Kappa Lambda (AKL) fraternity.  They took part in a week-long campaign to raise both funds and awareness for…


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Spotlight on the College of Veterinary Medicine

Auburn is known for many of its different academic programs, but one of the most prestigious is the College of Veterinary Medicine.  There are three programs in the college, the first of which is the Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, or DVM.  A DVM is a basic professional degree with which graduates can practice veterinary medicine.

Dr. Donna Angarano, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, discussed what the DVM program is like. … Continue

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An Honorary Organization for Honorary Students

Auburn University provides many opportunities for students to get involved academically outside of the classroom. Kendall Bliss studies Accounting in the College of Business and decided to stay involved by joining an organization that she considers more than just a sign-up sheet.

Beta Alpha Psi is an honor society for accounting majors with a few important requirements.

In order to be a…


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Major Anxiety

Due to the many different majors that can be taken at any given college or university around the United States, many students are having trouble with picking any individual major.  I myself fell into this trap approaching my junior year of college.  I was stuck in limbo as I was in a major I no longer wanted to pursue and was looking for a new one.

Most students get anxiety over this issue because they are unsure of the career field that they want to be in after college.  Many feel…


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Thinking About Getting A Pet?

For a young person moving away from home and starting college is a difficult process. Many young people will feel a void especially those that move long… Continue

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No You Can't Eat That

Being told you have a disease is never something you want to hear when you go to the doctor. However more and more people today are being diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. Celiacs is a digestive disease which blocks your small intestine from absorbing nutrients and acts as a food allergy.


The catalyst behind this allergy is gluten. Gluten is a wheat protein that can be found in wheat, rye or barley. So just think how many of the foods you eat everyday that include some form of…


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Navigating the Nursing Application

Approximately 1,100 students have graduated from the Auburn University School of Nursing since its establishment in 1979. However, Auburn nursing graduates are an elite group of students who are able to meet the high academic standards despite a…


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The Few, the Proud, The Officer Canidates

Before coming to Auburn, there are a few things that everyone should know so they aren’t caught off guard or stick out in a crowd.  First of all, DO NOT step on the seal in front of Langdon Hall.  Secondly, if everybody around you is holding a paper, it’s probably Thursday.  And finally, don’t be surprised at anything…


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Healthy Living in Auburn

Eating is an essential part of life. The proper amount of the right kind of vitamins and minerals are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but for some college students this balance is a challenge. With busy schedules and fun to be had, many students over look eating healthy foods.


"I usually…


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The Auburn Democrats and Their Presence on Campus

Many people are turned off by the idea of a political organization. While politics is, obviously, the strongest deciding factor in anything that happens to our nation, a large percentage of the population simply wishes either to not participate, or just not listen.

This is exactly what the Auburn College Democrats don’t want. Especially on a college campus, leaders of the Auburn Democrats encourage students to not just join their side of issues, but to become educated and participate… Continue

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A Wild Education


The School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences is one of Auburns is not a typical college education.  The Forestry and Wildlife Science School gives students an insight into the world of wildlife conservation, management and habitat analysis. When students finish with the program they will be certified wildlife biologists. Outdoor labs and hands-on experience gives Auburn’s students an edge when it comes to searching for careers after graduating. 


A sophomore here at…


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A Memorable Interning Experience

Clay Bolton is a junior at Auburn University who is in the College of Science and Mathematics. He is majoring in Medical Science. Clay would recommend this college and major for people who are interested in science and have a desire to help others. Eventually he wants to be a surgeon.


Last summer he interned with the Head of NICU to gain experience and more knowledge. He followed medical students who are specializing in Anesthesiology.


"It was a memorable and…


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Full Time Student, Part Time Fun

At Auburn University, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Some students find a place in Greek life, others in academic clubs, and some in athletics. 

As a freshmen joining a club or group is a great way to meet new people and build lasting friendships. Auburn University has 26 fraternities and 17 sororities, men and women’s intramural sports, and club sports ranging from bass fishing to water polo.  …


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Lights, Camera, Fashion

When you think of Auburn, Alabama one of the first things that comes to mind is the phrase “fashion capital of the world.” Right? 


Of course this is a joke, however fashion in the College of Human Sciences is not. Although Auburn is in a remote location, career goals in Apparel Merchandising and Apparel Design and Product Management (AMDP) are ready and available. …


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A Calling To Serve

No one person can change the world, but for some it’s worth a shot.


Lindsay Chuckney, a junior at Auburn University, is a part of Auburn’s nursing program. Unlike your typical nurse, Lindsay plans on doing medical missions after graduation. Becoming a nurse, however, hasn’t always been a dream of hers.


“Up until I was 14 I didn’t want anything to do with the medical field,” said Chuckney. “That was until I visited Nicaragua. It was my first…


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Tiger Lillies, More than a Flower

Auburn Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team is known as the “Tiger Lillies.” The team consists of about 14 girls from several different academic departments at Auburn University. The number that travel…


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Summer Semester on the Plains

With spring semester reaching the half way point, students are deciding on their summer plans. Registration for the summer semester began on March 2nd, so students are making some big decisions. Many choose to head home for the semester and relax without a worry in the world. On the other hand, it is becoming more common for students to stay in Auburn and take classes. 


Auburn University offers many options for taking…


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