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And you thought Auburn's campus was beautiful...

As the weather finally begins to cool down many of us nature lovers want to spend all day outside enjoying the brisk air…


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Finding the Perfect Space

Finding the perfect living space in Auburn can be challenging. Some find it very similar to finding their one true love. Finding the perfect space can take years to happen, while on the other hand, some never do.

When apartment hunting, I personally look for certain features before deciding if it is worthy of a closer look. Some common features most college students look for are a swimming pool, a gym, abundant parking and if it offers a stop on the tiger…


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Cast Your Vote

If you are reading this article, it is safe to assume you are probably 18 or older. With age comes responsibility. The responsibility I am referring to is your American responsibility to vote. Each one of you has the right to vote. But, do you have…


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Students and Shenanigans

It is a favorite pastime of many students, teenagers and 20-somethings alike to play a small practical joke on a friend or roommate.  From hiding a cell phone or remote, to locking someone out, to moving somebody’s car to the next lot, a practical joke is an almost guaranteed way to get a humorous response by both parties. 

            Many students have played a joke on one of their roommates a time or two. Auburn Student Mary Kathryn Florie and her three roommates once filled up a…


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Sharing is Caring :: War Eagle Wheels

                Have you ever stepped out of a classroom and wished there was a bike to ride quickly to the other side of campus instead of just walking? Auburn is constantly trying to push ways to make our campus an all pedestrian campus, and one way SGA is implementing this is through a community bike system. The Health Promotion and Wellness Services are also promoting the bikes through a healthier and more active campus. Catherine Edwards, a member of Senate, states that “you can get on…


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Twins Separated at (Adulthood)

Growing up in Jacksonville, Fla., Brenda Fiacco was never known or seen as a single entity. You see, she was an identical twin.

“Our entire community knew us as ‘The Fiacco Twins’, it was hardly ever our names, Brenda and Laura, as separate parts instead of a whole,” Fiacco remembers.

Can you imagine?…


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Take Your Pick at Auburn’s Favorite Pumpkin Patch

Six years ago, one reality television show animated an idea into the minds of two brothers. Mark and Luke Foshee were watching the TLC program “Little People, Big World,” when they saw the Roloff family’s pumpkin patch and immediately knew they wanted to create their own version.  After a year of preparation, the Foshees opened the Farmer in the Dell Pumpkin Patch. …


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Auburn Students Initiate Campus Student Memorial

The combination of the “Auburn family” and Auburn’s beautiful campus proves irresistible to most. Time and again we celebrate the accomplishments of students who emerge from Auburn and put the skills they have acquired to the test. Several Auburn students now intend to honor those who, unfortunately, don’t get the chance to put their learned skills into practice.


A group of Auburn students, including senior Sterett Seckman, are in the process of comprising a plan for a…


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Auburn Fans, Welcome Home!

The Auburn Athletic Department is trying extremely hard this season to turn the typical “game day experience” into a “game weekend experience.” They are also striving to increase their customer service and have the Auburn fans feel as if they can consider Auburn a second home.

This past February, many…


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Science Rules! UPC Brings Beloved Bill Nye the Science Guy to Auburn

Auburn students will get to relive their middle school memories of watching Bill Nye the Science Guy Nov. 1 when Bill Nye comes to campus.

Ricky Scheuerle, University Program Council Director of Speakers and Comedians, is excited to be organizing the event. A few months ago, he was flipping through booklets…


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Committee of 19 Fights Hunger One (Empty) Bowl at a Time

Auburn’s fight against hunger carried on this month with the Committee of 19’s Hunger Week held from Oct. 15 to 21.

Committee of 19, a student led organization with representatives from every college, aims to end hunger not only in the world, but also in the community. The committee serves to engage students through service initiatives, fundraising and advocacy.

“Hunger is our neighbor,” Lauren Little, president of Committee of 19, said. “And it’s also the…


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Alpha Delta Pi sorority held its annual philanthropic event called “Pie-A-Pi” on October 16, to benefit Ronald McDonald House charities.  Every fall ADPi’s gather on the green space ready to be pied in the face to raise money for Columbus, Ga.’s Ronald McDonald House.


The Ronald McDonald House program…


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Auburn Swim Coach is Ironman Hopeful

Auburn University boasts one of the nation's best swim programs, and its swim coaches are talented, experienced and focused. Frank Bradley, 37, is the university's associate head swim coach.

A graduate of Florida State University, Bradley has coached diligently at Auburn for the past three years and has…


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Truck or Treat?

Auburn Family offers a view of campus and community life.  The following is a review of on-campus dining options that are student favorites.

Do you have a problem eating food out of a truck? I consider it a treat. Most students on Auburn’s campus are adapting to this new trend very quickly even though there are now trucks parked on the concourse.

Last spring semester, food trucks were introduced to…


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Kit Valone Believes in Auburn: Polymer Engineering Major Exemplifies True Auburn Spirit

Rewind back to the Arkansas game on Oct. 6. As soon as the fourth quarter rolled around, the stadium began to clear out at an alarming rate.

Despite the emptying seats around her, Kit Valone, a junior majoring in polymer engineering, remained glued to her seat.

“No matter what, I was going to stay for the alma mater,” Valone said. “I’ve never left a home game early.”

Staying for the entirety of a sporting event is nothing out of the norm for Valone. This…


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One Word, One Day

Not many people can say that they attend a university where an entire day is dedicated to greeting complete strangers. Auburn prides itself on its friendly residents and students, so it is no wonder why Hey Day is a success every year. 

Among traditions such as Tiger Walk, War Eagle, and Toomer’s…


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Island Wing Company Introduces a Healthy Alternative

Auburn Family offers a view of campus and community life.  The following is a review of a new restaurant, founded by alumni, that may well be turning into a student favorite.

Walking through the doors at Island Wing Company you are transported from Auburn, Ala. to  a destination restaurant in the Caribbean. The vibrant colors, light wood accents and tropical feel instantly puts you in a vacation setting. It is definitley a new scene, unlike anything else in the Auburn area.…


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Hanging Around Campus, Literally

It seems that when students get started on their school career they don’t appreciate the nap time that is eventually taken away. As children, naps are necessary, but as busy teenagers and young adults, naps and relaxation time seem to fall under the category of “wishful thinking”. 

Gracie Straus, a junior studying radio, television and film, has…


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Capitol on the Plains brings students into legislative process

Auburn University's Student Government Association sponsored "Capitol on the Plains" on Oct. 16, 2012. This legislative forum brought together four Republican legislators and one Democrat in a bipartisan panel to answer questions from students about Alabama politics.

Panelists included Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Hubbard, Sen. Phil Williams, Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin, Rep. Pebblin Warren and Sen. Tom Whatley. Auburn SGA President Owen Parrish asked the panelists a series of…


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Making Spring Break 2013 One to Remember

For many college students, the term “spring break” automatically conjures up images of beaches, bikinis, alcohol and, possibly, handcuffs. To spend this week of liberty from essays and exams indulging in anything less would be a grave injustice to the spirit of college living.

Find more videos like this on The Loveliest Village

That belief is…


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