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Life as a Majorette

Saturdays are not quite the same for Lauren Gray. No tailgating, no dates to football games and no stress of picking the perfect orange and blue game day dress. No, Saturdays are not the same. They are even better.

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Just beginning her junior year, Lauren Gray has always dreamed of becoming a majorette. She began twirling four years ago…


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ASB Restores Hope and Empowers Communities

Commitment, hope and restoration are what communities around the globe yearn for every day, every hour, every minute. Since 2008, Alternative Student Breaks (ASB) in Auburn University’s Center for Community Service has been a service-oriented program that is committed to restoring communities both domestically and internationally to impact people.

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From The Loveliest Village On the Plains to The Loveliest Village in All of Spain

As Auburn students, we all love our time here in “the loveliest village on the plains” as we work our way toward earning our degree in whatever field of study we choose. But stay in one place for too long, no matter how much you love it, and you’ll be begging for a change of scenery after a while. 


Where do you go when you need a change of scenery you ask? Why not Spain?


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9/11 - The Most Devastating Gift

Yesterday was September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation, not just on soil but on everything we stand for; on another note, this date also marked my 22nd birthday. Not much is significant about this date, except for the fact that our nation’s pride and patriotism was reborn in the most unexpected and devastating way…and in the best way possible, we haven’t been the same…


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Pizza and Poetry Nights Begin September 20th

Tuesday, September 20 starting at 6:30 PM in Haley 3183-85 will be the first in a series of Pizza and Poetry Nights.


This one’s called Poetry for Fun.


There will be pizza, nature’s perfect food. And free.


The organizers need poets and poetry lovers to come…


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Auburn University Posts Record Enrollment, Highest Freshman ACT Scores

AUBURN – Auburn University has achieved its highest enrollment in history this fall, and its freshman class boasts the top ACT score of any previous class, according to numbers released today by Auburn's Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

Enrollment is 25,469 among all student groups – undergraduates, graduate students and those enrolled in professional schools – up from 25,078 in fall 2010. Auburn has students from all 50 states and from 79 foreign…


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Warm Stories

It was a celebration of someone's birthday.


When walked down the samford street one day during nightfall, I found there are words on each stair of the path. The owner of the name may be a girl called Kathine, although I can not remember the exact name.


On first stair is"Happy birthday to you,Kathine!"

And then,"We enjoy everyday with you"

"Happy every day"

Such words filled the whole path in chalk and ended with"We all love…


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Summer is Over, but Stay in the Pool

Students meet at the pool to bronze, lounge and socialize with friends. But for new student and professor Lorena Salom, the pool is more than a recreational site: it’s her gym.

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“Exercising in the water minimizes the high impact that you get on all of your joints, especially your knees. It’s all low impact exercise, but also it adds… Continue

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Reflecting on September 11 a Decade Later

The room was silent—besides muffled cries and whispers, the only audible noises were from the television screen.  All across America, people watched in horror as nearly 3000 lives were taken as a result of a heinous terrorist attack. Nearly ten years later, members of our Auburn community reflect on that fateful day.

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“I was…


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Auburn Parks and Recreation Hosts 12th Annual Sundown Concert Series at Kiesel Park

Auburn Parks and Recreation recently announced its line-up for the 12th annual Sundown Concert Series at Kiesel Park. The series will start Sept.15 at 6p.m. and will continue every Thursday through September and October.



“This year we are happy to feature seven acts, two of which are new to the series,” said Allison Hall, community and special programs director for the City of Auburn Parks and Recreation.


The line-up for…


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Life in a Cohort

Sometimes registering for classes can be difficult. At the beginning of each semester, many students find themselves on wait lists for classes. Being on a wait lists can be stressful, but what if they were not needed? Imagine if the classes that were required for graduation had spaces automatically reserved for the students that needed them.

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Cam Newton 422 Passing Yards in NFL

Once again Auburn Athletics make headlines. Cam Newton is the first NFL rookie to pass for more than 400 yards in his first NFL appearance. This was done on the same field on which Cam lead Auburn to the National Championship.  Remember too,that Cam earned the starting QB assignment in the first Carolina Game. That in itself is outstanding for any quarterback coming from a college directly into the NFL.  The Auburn Family will continue to watch Cam Newton as he continues his career in NFL… Continue

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Auburn Grad Finds Success in Tough Times

In this economy it can be tough, sometimes impossible, to find a great job right out of college. The value of a bachelor’s degree is slowly decreasing because so many graduates are staying in school to get a master’s degree because they cannot find a job after graduating. But for one lucky and deserving graduate, this was not the case.




John Griffin of Homewood, Ala. graduated from Auburn University in December 2010 and began working for…


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Finding the Right Career Through Volunteering

Within the College of Human Sciences is the department of Human Development and Family Studies. This is where junior Hannah Page has found her niche.


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With a dream career of working in a children's hospital as a child-life specialist, Hannah is already taking the necessary steps to get her there.…


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Filling the Shoes of a Camp War Eagle Counselor

Camp War Eagle (CWE) is a summer orientation that was created to guide Auburn University’s incoming freshmen through a structured program that would help them to achieve academic and personal success while in college.



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The incoming freshmen are lead through the program by the CWE counselors who are one of the key players…


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We Will Never Forget.

Flags are at half-staff as the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 has arrived. For the past week, the city of Auburn has been mourning and remembering the loss of around 3,000 fellow Americans that were killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.



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Most people remember where they were that day. Emily Barnett, a…


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Tornado Trash2Treasure Art Gala & Celebration Concert

Join Coach Gene & Jonna Chizik for Tornado Trash2Treasure Art Gala & Celebration Concert to benefit families in the Lake Martin/Dadeville area who were affected by the April 27, 2011 tornado.

Click here to read more about this one-of-a-kind…


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Student Vets Give Their Opinion on Patriotism Today

In 2001 America experienced the worst tragedy of our generation. Pearl Harbor and JFK’s assassination were the defining moments of our parent’s and grandparent’s, but 9/11, this is us. 


 For a moment, you couldn’t walk 10 feet without seeing an American flag. Oak trees were adorned with huge yellow ribbons. The hustle and bustle of American culture just stopped. There was no race. No political parties. No nothing.…


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9/11 Local Events

09/11/11 Tribute to Our Heroes

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9:00 AM at Big Swamp Honda (see below)

Student Veteran's Association Tribute to Our Heroes.

Events include the ride below and the…


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Remembering September 11

Where were you when the planes hit the World Trade Towers? It is a question that almost all Americans can answer without thinking twice. Most Americans can give specific details about where they were, whom they were with and their initial thoughts.


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“On September 11…I was preparing to teach an 11 a.m. class at Auburn University on…


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