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Knowing Your Taken Care of Away From Home

As a child moves away from his or her parents it’s a common worry from the parents whether their child will be taken care of.

As a single child when the time came to move to Auburn, safety was a main concern. Would the safest place be an apartment, a condo, the dorm or a trailer?  Once the decision was made that a trailer it would be, now to decide which trailer park to live in.

After talking to many friends at Auburn, one name kept appearing in conversation,…


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"Hoppy" Easter

There are many things I love about Easter. Every year around Easter time my family, friends and I go to a production at my church called ‘The Easter Story.’ It is a staged performance that displays the life of Jesus up until when he died and rose again. They bring in live farm animals and a few actors as well as choir members to perform and make it as realistic as possible.

Easter is important to my family and friends because of our strong religious background. I can remember when I…


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The BigHouse Foundation Needs Your Help!

Have you ever left an animal shelter with a sting of sadness in your heart? Any compassionate person would feel pity for these poor creatures as they wait in desperation only to be loved by a family. Animals, however, are not the only ones who are left to endure this sad situation.

In fact, approximately 423,773 children in the United States live in foster care according to a 2009…


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Radio for Students By Students


Auburn University has many great programs to become involved in. WEGL radio is the schools very own station that is run primarily by students who volunteer their time to help run the station.  WEGL has been here at Auburn since 1971.


WEGL originally started out in a room in the Haley Center, but after amany years and an upgrade it was eventually moved into Foy Student Center after spending more than 10 years in…


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Tigers on Ice

Last Spring the Auburn Ice Hockey team was approved a charter after a 27-year hiatus on campus. After years of trying to get the sport back to Auburn, students became successful in 2010. This past fall was the first season for the tigers on the ice. …


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Cycling Across the State To Break the Cycle of Poverty

Auburn is a place of home for students, alumni and fans. Auburn has been praised continually for it’s showing of southern hospitality and general welcoming environment. We may though forget the realities of living not even five miles from campus.


The reality of poverty is rarely on the forefronts of our minds. The situation of poverty is very real though and is often closer than we think. In some counties in Alabama the poverty population is over 35%. Often what stops people…


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Making a Difference in the Life of an Elementary School Student

Many students at Auburn University get involved volunteering right at the start of their college careers. One of these students is sophomore Alex Kavadellas who has been volunteering with Loachapoka…


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Volunteering vs. Classes: Why Not Do Both?

Volunteering and giving back to the community has always been a major part of the culture here at Auburn. Now it is being written into the curriculum at the College of Architecture, Design and Construction.

The program is called “CEBE” and stands for “Civic Engagement in the Built Environment.” It is a recent joint initiative by the McWhorter School of Building Science and the social work program in the College of Liberal… Continue

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Picking up a Spanish Minor in One Trip

Ever thought about making yourself more marketable in the job world after graduating from college? Ever considered going to study abroad and getting a full semester’s worth of class credits while traveling around Europe?

Consider going on one of the Spain trips, either Madrid or Salamanca over a summer semester,… Continue

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A Home Away from Home

Miles from home in a world so different from his own, Jonathan Mitchell is an international student with a love for the southern culture. Being from New Zealand, Jonathan has had many adjustments to make after moving to the states. "Coming from a beach town on an island, the culture is really different. The way people dress appeared weird to me. I had never seen Chacos before."…


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Step Into Room Eleven

Auburn alumna Whitney Reed has always appreciated the arts and wanted to incorporate art into her classroom at Auburn Junior High School. So to get her students away from textbooks and worksheets, she created Room Eleven.

Find more videos like this on Auburn Family

It isn’t a physical space, but a conceptual one. It’s where art and education come together.… Continue

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Microbiology Club Takes a Field Trip to the Aquarium

Think field trips are over after you graduate high school? Think again. On Friday, April 22, 2011, Auburn University’s microbiology club took a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium.

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The club had about 24 students participate in the field trip. They took the Behind the Scenes Tour that is offered at the aquarium at the top of each hour from… Continue

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Reflecting on the Communication Grad Program

As graduation draws near many students find themselves eager to jump into a career. For others, this coming fall will mean going back to school to further their education in a graduate program. The Communication Studies graduate program at Auburn University has been successful in producing teachers in higher education who successfully implement what they learned at Auburn in their own classrooms.

Find more videos… Continue

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Gaining Sales and Marketing Experience


When pursuing a degree in Public Relations or in Marketing, students learn about the many similarities between the two. For example, both majors learn how to narrow down audiences and then figuring out how to correctly target them. Both also, practice the importance of good communication skills.

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For many it is hard to…


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A Link in the Chain or a Seat in the Cockpit

In the Lowder business building at Auburn University, there are a few different departments such as Marketing and Management. Another department is the Department of Aviation and Supply Chain Management. This department is a little different than the typical business departments in the School of Business.…


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Tiger Trail of Auburn

On April 16, six people were inducted into Tiger Trail of Auburn, which is often thought of as the Auburn Hall of Fame. These people were recognized for their accomplishments and their greatness. Their friends, families and teammates gathered in Auburn to honor the inductees and to show their support.

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Tiger Trail of Auburn was… Continue

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Families Raise Presidents in the College of Agriculture

There is a lot of wonder when looking into the eyes of your child. What will they become? Will they be successful? How much Tylenol will I need throughout the aging of this little girl?

Once the long nights of worry have passed and day by day your daughter starts to show significant signs of success, your stress starts to diminish.

It is time to take a deep breath and know that everything will be OK.

Kate Derby is a prime example of someone their parents should be proud…


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In Case Of Emergency

Have you ever wondered what is being done to insure your safety here at Auburn?


Auburn University's Department of Public Safety and Security works hard to ensure emergencies are handled in the safest way for the students, faculty and community. This department has all the tools and procedures on hand in case of a mass or minor emergency. 


One tool Auburn uses is…


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Saving Lives One Pint at a Time

Once a semester, the American Red Cross teams up with Auburn University to put on a biannual blood drive held in the Student Center ballroom.


Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881 to provide emergency care for victims of war.  In…


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Pauly's Top 8

Paul Schissler is an Auburn student majoring in English who has always loved radio and television. Since being at Auburn, he has the opportunity to be a radio and television host on two Auburn radio and television stations.

WEGL 91.1 FM is Auburn University’s radio station that plays a variety of music genres and also they have a sports department keeping Auburn students up- to-date with the latest sports…


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