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Building Science: Not Just a Male's Major

There are many different majors offered at Auburn University.  There are those majors that are primarily pursued by male students. These majors include forestry, engineering, and software programming.  Building science is another one of those majors that has the majority of male students.


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Building Science is a very popular major at…


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My Story of becoming a Tiger


War Eagle! Here is a brief story of how I decided to become an Auburn Tiger and join the Family. I am Koparan Can Iscan aka Jon Iscan. The reason why my name creates confused looks all the time is that it is…


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The babysitting job everybody wants

In March of 2009, the Auburn family welcomed new Offensive Line Coach Jeff Grimes into the Auburn Football family.


Shortly after their arrival in Auburn, the Grimes family began their search for an additional pair of hands to handle the kids and help out around…


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Self Defense Program Prepares Auburn Women

The self defense course at Auburn University is recommended by the Auburn University Public Safety Department (AUPSD) for all women at Auburn. It teaches students the best ways to avoid attackers and defense moves they can use if they are attacked.

The AUPSD started the course at Auburn in 2003. It is part of national program R.A.D., Rape Aggression Defense, which was founded about 20 years ago. The AUPSD has sent officers and non-officers to R.A.D. training seminars which consist of… Continue

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Ultimate Challenge:The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering has every right to be proud. It is the largest engineering program in the state of Alabama, and the third largest program here at Auburn University based off of enrollment.


They award more than $1 million in scholarships annually, accountable for about half of the university’s…


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"Bag It" Documentary Film Inspires Reduction of Plastic Influence and Reevaluation of Consumption Choices

Students and faculty were inspired to go home and remove plastic storage containers from their cabinets and reduce the influence of plastic in their lives after watching Bag It, a documentary film shown at the BLUE film festival that visited Auburn March 3-5.



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Shamrock 5K

It is 6 a.m. and the sisters of Kappa Delta sorority head to their chapter room at Willow Hall. They are tired but excited to set up the annual Shamrock 5K Run. This is an event that the girls plan for all year long, and they are more than thrilled that the time has finally come.

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Each chapter of Kappa Delta throws an annual Shamrock… Continue

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Mardi Gras and its Celebrations

Every year on the Tuesday that falls before Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras is celebrated. While it is only stated to be on this one day, people all over America celebrate it for days on end. Mardi Gras is also called “Fat Tuesday” and the date changes every year due to its relation with Easter. It can fall anywhere between March 23 and April 25.

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Spike, Dig, Set - Men’s Club Volleyball Team Makes Their Debut

More than fi

fteen years have passed since the last men’s volleyball club team has played for Auburn University. After this long hiatus, the boys are back and better than ever.

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Sophomore Robert Boccolucci is responsible for the re-charter of the team. After applying to begin a club sport, Boccolucci and a few volleyball…


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Rigorous and Long Path to Med School Begins Early

The path to becoming a doctor is long and rigorous, much like the application process. Students decide their freshmen or sophomore year to pursue the course work needed to apply.


Victoria Bennett, a senior in Microbiology, is attending medical school in the fall and is excited to begin the education needed to reach her ultimate goal, becoming a doctor.

“I started applying for medical school the spring of my junior year and…


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ADPi Raises Money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities

The Alpha Delta Pi, “Take it to the House” basketball tournament was held on Saturday, February 26, at the Auburn University Student Activities Center.

There were 74 teams consisting of three players at the event.

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“Everything… Continue

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Simon Says, Computer Science

The world of computer science is not one that many tread on lightly. The very words can make a technologically challenged person shake in their boots.

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However, that is not the case for Rebecca Simon.

Simon is a senior computer science major at Auburn University. Her technologically savvy mind and love for computers drove…


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Advancing Education in a New World

The Auburn Study Abroad program offers many different trips that a student can explore for a semester during the summer or during the fall or spring. Students can chose to take the advantage of studying abroad for a mini-mester during the summer, which is the duration of a month. One of the cities that offer this is Taormina, Italy. 


The Taormina, Italy trip starts May 28 and ends June 25. This abroad program is directed by Dr. Giovanna Summerfield and Dr. Rosetta Giuliani…


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An Online Coupon Site That Saves You Money

A New Business called FRUGGL that helps get the most for your money

An online coupon site has emerged at Auburn University.  FRUGGL was founded by college students, for college students!

Sam Solomon is the founder of FRUGGL. Solomon is a senior at Auburn University studying Public Relations.

FRUGGL began January 31, 2011. Their first deal was at The Fringe and they offered a $10 dollar coupon to be able to spend $20 at The Fringe. The Fringe is a women’s consignment… Continue

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Mortar Board VP Nicole Thomason

Nicole Thomason currently serves as the vice president of Mortar Board. Mortar Board is a national seniors honor society that recognizes college seniors for their academic achievements of a 3.0 cumulative GPA, 60 to 100 hours, leadership, and scholarship.

Mortar Board is based on an online application process, and seniors who meet these qualifications are strongly encouraged to apply. The application is found through the College of Business’s website, but any senior who meets the… Continue

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Time to Shine for Graphic Design

Everyday America is surrounded by logos and trademarks. The ones that catch our eyes can most notably be associated with their companies. McDonalds golden arches and the Nike Swoosh are such examples of these.

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The masterminds behind these logos are highly skilled graphic designers. They have a unique skill set and a high level of creativity…


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Getting grades for eating and drinking

Have you ever wondered who is making sure everything runs smoothly at your favorite restaurant or hotel? Actually, Auburn offers a major for this type of job in the College of Human Sciences. The major is called Hotel and Restaurant Management, and Meredith Branch, a junior at Auburn, is majoring in it.

Even though a person majoring in Hotel and Restaurant…


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Psychology: Put On Your Thinking Caps

The science of the mind and its behavior is one of the most debated, researched and thought about concepts in the world. Many scientists and doctors spend a lifetime trying to get closer to unknown explanations in regard to mental and behavioral characteristics that come with the human mind. Within Auburn University’s College of Liberal Arts, the Department of Psychology educates students on these findings, details… Continue

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The Reserves Officer Training Corps Wants You!

The Naval branch of the Reserves Officer Training Corps promises to develop Midshipmen and Officer Candidates morally, mentally, and physically; to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty in order to commission college graduates as officers who possess a basic professional background. 


John Wong, a junior from Pulaski, Tennessee, has been an active member of the…


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Design In Mind

Auburn University was named America's Best Architecture and Design School in 2010. It goes without saying, Auburn is a great school for industrial design.


Industrial design is in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction under the Department of Industrial and Graphic Design.


What exactly is industrial design (ID)?

Students majoring in ID learn how to create and develop new…


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