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An Auburn Fan that’s All In

“The first game I went to I was three- months old, it was A-Day and I got my picture taken with Aubie, I was like sitting on his lap,” Tyler Davis Pilz, a sophomore majoring in vocal music education, said. “I’ve missed like one game before this semester, and it was a homecoming game and I think I missed it for like a school dance or something.”

Tyler, who is 18 years old, has been to over 200 Auburn football games. Before this semester, except for that one homecoming game, Tyler…


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A Once in a Lifetime Experience in Jackson Hole

This past summer, Michelle Moultrie, a senior studying public relations at Auburn University, stepped out of her comfort zone and traveled out West with one goal in mind; to learn how to be a better spiritual leader on campus.

Moultrie attended a leadership training and personal growth trip…


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Auburn Alum Defies the Rules of Retirement

Retirement is for many people a chance to slow down and relax after 65 years of hard work. For Bette Kitt it was chance to explore other interests. From sky diving to mountain climbing, this Auburn alum knows a little something about adventures and for her, she doesn't let her age become her excuse.


Kitt says that she has always had a love for people and after traveling to Tanzania several times she saw a need to help in some of the orphanages there. She…


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One Day the Student, the Next Day the Teacher

Claire Lewallyn started school August 20, but instead of being the student, this time she was the one at the front of the room passing out the syllabi.

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Lewallyn, a first year 7th grade math teacher at J.F. Drake Middle School in Auburn, Ala., began her teaching career just a few short weeks ago. When only five months ago Lewallyn was…


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Disability Can't Hold Him Back


Scott Scroggins is an Auburn University graduate student in Radio, Television and Film (RTVF). Scroggins completed his undergrad at Auburn in RTVF and realized that the current economy was not conducive to new careers, especially in a liberal arts field. Therefore, he decided to make himself more marketable by getting a master’s degree in his field, something that many people in RTVF do not do.  Yet even though,…


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Under the (RA)dar

It is not uncommon for college students to balance academics and a part-time job.  Auburn students, in particular, are fortunate to attend a university with many campus employment opportunities.  From the Haley Book Store to various dining locations, students have many options to choose from when pursuing a job on campus.  One job that is often overlooked, however, is the job of a Resident Assistant (RA).


Frank Deese is a sophomore RA for Mary Boyd Hall in The Hill.  Frank…


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Good Relations with Public Relations: One Student's Commitment to PRSSA

 As children, we are taught to have dreams and to stop at nothing to achieve them. Some people take that lightly, while others embrace their dreams and make them a reality.  When Carolyn Rush, a senior majoring in Public Relations, came to Auburn four years ago, she had no idea the kind of dreams she would…


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Monitoring Behind the Scenes

Have you heard the names Harry Adams, Cam Newton, Ben Tate, Frankie Sullivan, Kenny Gabriel, and Jay Wade?  Do any of those names ring a bell? If you keep up with Auburn sports I am sure you recognize most, if not all of those names listed. All of those mentioned were pretty good athletes at their perspective sports. Did you also know they had to be students as well? Jenice Jackson is known by all of the student-athletes that you love to watch compete. I’m sure everyone is aware that the…


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Birth of an Icon

When you think of Auburn University, what image comes to mind? For some, it might be an image of Samford Hall. Others might imagine the trees at Toomer's Corner or the back of a #34 or #2 jersey. Many, many more of us visualize an iconic Auburn logo that is recognized throughout the nation and around the world. You might…


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A Win for Auburn BBQ


The sun rises over Auburn on a brisk end-of-summer morning.  It’s around 7:00 AM and the townspeople are just beginning their day.  Some work on campus, some are students of Auburn University and some are merely people who live and work in Auburn.

As they commute to work or school, if they happen to be on the corner of College St. and Samford, they can smell a familiar…


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Freshman are stOAKed for The Oaks Retreat and College Life

Trace Hamiter, the college minister at First Baptist of Opelika, is the advisor of The Oaks. Hamiter envisioned a way to help incoming freshman meet people and get plugged into a church and campus ministry before they even got to college.

Chris Gluckman, a junior at Auburn University from Austin, Tex., is…


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Camp War Eagle - The Introduction to Auburn

Camp War Eagle is Auburn’s unique orientation program for incoming freshman. The purpose is to orient new students through a structured program emphasizing academic and personal success.


While at Camp War Eagle, future students will receive a tour of Auburn’s beautiful campus, so when they arrive in the fall, they will be familiar with their surroundings. Students will also have the opportunity to talk with academic advisors, meet faculty members, and register for fall…


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Auburn Students Get Creative with the Auburn Circle

Many students that come to Auburn have hidden talents that people may not know about, such as writing, drawing, painting and photography, to name a few. The Auburn Circle, Auburn’s literary magazine, gives students a creative outlet and an opportunity to get published.

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“Everything you see in the magazine was written, photographed, created by…


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Tiger Cubs:: The Hotel at Auburn University host Tiger Cubs to Kick-off the First Home Football Game

On Friday, Sept. 14, 2012, The Hotel at Auburn University (AUHCC) was the host of two tiger cubs. The 10- week old tiger cubs Celyon & Fatima were the talk of campus.


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Almost every student you passed on the concourse or sat next to in class on Friday was talking about going to see these tiger cubs.

Although Auburn is home of…


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High School Leadership Conference: Learning to Lead and Succeed

The Auburn University SGA hosts an event called High School Leadership Conference (HSLC). It is a two day event that is designed to help high school students with their leadership abilities. This year the conference is January 29-30, 2013. Students will be in small groups and led by Auburn University students in discussions and team building exercises. The counselors are involved in weekly training sessions that get them ready to lead…


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Aspiring Veterinarian Prepares for Future

Phil Okerberg, a Huntsville native, is in the pre-veterinarian animal science program while doing his undergraduate studies in the college of agriculture. Although Okerberg has always had a love for animals, his journey to becoming a veterinarian started with a job seven years ago. 



“When I was in high school my mother worked at a small animal…


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Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is celebrating its 20thanniversary this year.


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The Trail is unimaginably large with 11 different locations throughout Alabama, 26 courses, 468 holes and more than 100 miles of courses.


David Bronner, who is known for his investment in the Trail, told Golf Digest that he felt he…


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Donkeys, Elephants and Tigers: Auburn University Politics

Much like our war eagle Nova, Auburn’s campus has a right wing and a left wing. Right wing and left wing students that is, and everything in between.


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With the fall election fast approaching, Auburn students have important decisions to make. Two campus organizations, College Democrats and College Republicans, strive to…


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Auburn University's unseen hand

Two days ago, a bomb threat forced the campus of Louisiana State University (better known as LSU) to undergo a mass evacuation. History tells us that when a crisis strikes a major university—whether it be a bomb threat or the child molestation scandal that recently rocked Penn State University—it never strikes that university alone. There is always a ripple effect; a wave of paranoia that permeates campuses all across the country. Questions pour in from all corners: could something similar…


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Why Care Campaign: From Class Project to International Initiative

From 4 students in a classroom, to hundreds of individuals from around the globe, people are stepping up to tell the world why they care. The Why Care Campaign was started at Auburn earlier this year to raise awareness of world hunger and, as the name implies, the campaign that asks people the question “why do you care about hunger?”

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