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Designing a Future Career

On Auburn University’s campus you can find many different colleges, each having multiple programs that fulfill any student’s educational desires. In the College of Architecture, Design and Construction there is one such degree that is very challenging, yet worthwhile; it is the Bachelor’s Degree of…


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Mortar Board Selects New Members

Auburn students hear the benefits of getting involved on campus and the community, the importance of grades and value of leadership experience before ever setting foot on the Plains. Some students take this advice to heart and excel in areas of scholarship, leadership and service.

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Auburn initiated its newest members on April 3rd. There… Continue

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Auburn Trains Tree Experts

Part of Auburn's College of Agriculture is the School of Forestry. Not many people know much about forestry, yet forestry at Auburn is nationally renowned.

Paul McDaniel is a senior studying forestry here at Auburn. McDaniel did not start studying forestry when he first started at Auburn.…


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Students Earn Credit for Helping the Community

Dr. Charlotte Sutton’s UNIV 4000 Leadership in Practice class will gain valuable experience unobtainable from lectures or slides. These students will learn to lead through community service projects and engage in the planning an event for the local area.

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Regarded as a capstone course, participants are able to put into practice… Continue

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Journalism Student Has the Edge on Relaying News to Young People

 The world of Journalism is ever changing, especially in today’s day in age. Young people are tracking news through a broad range of resources and journalists strive to keep up with the best ways to reach them.


Having plenty of experience with writing, Sarah Hansen, senior in journalism, finds many helpful ways to reach a young audience successfully.…


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A Passion for Entertaining

When students come to college, they are initially presented with their first real question. They must ask themselves what it is they want to study in order to pursue a career later on in life. Many go back and forth with multiple ideas, while others know immediately what they want. With all of this thinking, come important decisions to be made that will benefit the student individually. It is not unheard of for students to flounder with this question about their life.

Coming to Auburn… Continue

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Greek Sing for a Good Thing

Auburn Panhellenic hosts their Annual Greek Sing, a philanthropic event benefiting Habitat For Humanity, on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the show kicks-off at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $6.




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Volunteer Work at Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club is an organization that gives the opportunity for underprivileged children to learn and grow. Many children live in homes that can't provide what they need. There are children that are home with no adult care and supervision all over the world.

There is a Boys & Girls Club…


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On the Hunt for the Perfect Job

Graduation is just around the corner. Relief lingers in the air for all the drained seniors who are burned out on four years of studying. And while graduation does result in the end of tests and assignments and group projects, it doesn’t necessarily lead to a stress free way of life. It just means a different kind of stress load is bound present itself. Welcome to: the job hunt.

Madison Hodge will be graduating in May with a bachelor’s degree in communication. She started her job hunt… Continue

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Not Your Average Man's Best Friend

For most kids, growing up with a family pet becomes an addiction.


You are attached to coming home and having your best friend greet you at the door. You yearn for that unconditional devotion, and as much as you complain about the extra chores, you love being a caretaker.


What happens,…


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An English Degree in Three Years

As freshman, many people have no idea what they want to pursue their degree in. Will they choose to be a doctor, a dentist, a teacher maybe even a journalist? One thing that probably is true for most freshmen is that they are going to change their degree at least once while in college.


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“When I first came to college, I…


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Opportunities Galore Through the College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture traces back to 1872 when Auburn was the Alabama Agriculture and Mechanical College. Maggie Mills is a sophomore majoring in Animal Science with a concentration in pre-vet. She is learning about animals in order to accomplish her dream of becoming a large animal veterinarian.…


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AU Logo on pictures

Hi I've seem several normal pictures with the AU Logo in the bottom left hand corner. How do you make one?

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Auburn Students Joined by Music, Not by Majors

For most students extracurricular activities include greek life, SGA recognized clubs or national honor societies, but for these five talented Auburn students their extracurricular activity is known of those. All from different places, joined together with two common bonds. Their bonds are their love for music and…


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Learning to Teach

Elizabeth Bryant is a junior from Opelika, AL, majoring in Early Childhood Education at Auburn University. She has been blessed with a wonderful and supportive family who is actively involved in the Auburn community.  


Bryant has known since she was in kindergarten that she wanted to be a teacher,…


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She's an [Almost] Architect

Cassidy Beam grew up with love for her architect father and a dedication to Auburn football that would never waiver. So naturally, when it came time to go to college Auburn definitely on her list. 


"In high school, I began looking into architecture schools. I knew I wanted to go to a large university, with a great football program, and that provided a great architecture school as well," says Beam, "Since I grew up hearing about and visiting Auburn, it was already top of my…


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A Love for Fashion

When Julie Day was a young child she loved to play dress up with her friends and dreamed of getting involved in the fashion industry after she graduated from college. Now, as a sophomore at Auburn University, her dream could possibly become true since she is majoring in…


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Auburn Student Gets Moving

The Student Activities Center is a great place for students to go to work out or even just play sports. Many students take part in what the Student Act has to offer, while others do not know as much about it. The Act offers many exercise classes, personal training, basketball games, and many other activities.

A senior, Katy Mac Tweedy, who attends the gym at the act regularly had only wonderful… Continue

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Travel Quote that makes you think

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” by Mark Twain


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Being a Journalism Major in Auburn

Journalism is a major that people often find as simple. People go to the computer and write a story. Sometimes they include pictures, and sometimes they don’t. They take one or two classes to learn how to write, and then they can be successful in whatever they choose to do with journalism. This is not so true.

Journalism is a major that requires much research and investigation. Once an idea is formed, the journalist must schedule times for interviews, and often times do multiple…


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