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Fisheries: Learning and Working

Auburn University has one of the most prestigious fisheries programs in the country. One student has taken advantage of not only the educational side of the program, but the working side as well.


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Colin Dinken, a senior from Birmingham, Ala., has been in the fisheries program for three years after transferring his sophomore…


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A Social Work Major Making a Difference

Many of the majors that Auburn University offers to its undergraduate students involve demanding, complex and meticulous curriculums all of which put forward the hope of earning a hefty paycheck upon graduation. Some of these majors may include engineering, architecture, veterinary medicine or pharmacy.

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Emma Brueckner decided to…


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Ag Comm: A Communications Degree with Science Background

For many people, agriculture is their way of life. In truth, agriculture is responsible for everyone’s way of life, from food to clothing to anything a person needs to survive, agriculture is life.

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In the Auburn University College of Agriculture, students can obtain a degree in agriculture communications, agricultural economics,…


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The Fruit of Love

Imagine yourself living in a world where your drinking water comes from a chemically infested pond, your food money comes from selling plastic and you live in the middle of the city's local trash dump. Now, imagine, all of this as normal.

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Auburn senior, Grant Weingarten, has witnessed this poverty stricken lifestyle for the past four…


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Vegetable Production Harvests Gardening Knowledge

Learning how to harvest, maintain, produce and store vegetables sounds like a cumbersome task for any busy Auburn University student, but through a course on vegetable production, Beth Westmoreland says that learning these principles in order to put them into practice post-college is actually pretty fun.

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Vegetable production is an entertaining…


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Investing in Your Future

Finance majors may seem like the typical, business-minded individuals who have their futures secured and minds set on a busy career. However, Katherine Starr and Paul Craven knew that majoring in finance would give them much more than big opportunities.


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Starr, from Andalusia, Ala., wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps and…


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Love Your Body, This Week and Always

With spring break upon us and summer following closely behind, the season for crash-dieting, crash-exercising and extreme self-criticism is here. Last week was Love Your Body Week, and it couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

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Love Your Body Week is a positive initiative by Auburn’s Campus Recreation, Earth Fare and Magnolia Creek…


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Dreams come true with Disney

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” Not only is this a recognizable song from the classic Walt Disney film Cinderella, but it is also the motto of an Auburn sophomore as she embarks on a new experience.

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From Powder Springs, Ga., Tiffany Watson, 19, is a pre-public relations student with big dreams. Last month, however, one of her dreams came…


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The Big Event Gives Back To The Community

The mission is simple: One Big Family, One Big Difference, One BIG Event. However, the impact is far greater than any person can express in print. The Big Event is a one-day student-run volunteer event that serves to thank Auburn and surrounding communities by giving back.

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Last year the Big Event had 2,400 students participate and were able to…


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Auburn's Department of Animal Sciences Provides Unique Opportunities for Students

Dale Coleman has been working in the Department of Animal Sciences at Auburn University for over 20 years, helping students discover the special opportunities the department provides. He currently coordinates teaching and advising in the program, guiding incoming freshmen and transfer students through their initial advising into the program.

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Auburn Students Finding a Cure for Cancer

Auburn University has recently added Grammy winner and newly appointed Apple CEO to their list of graduates’ accomplishments. Will finding a cure for cancer be the next? That is what one student is working on right now as a part of her undergraduate research program.


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Ivanny Gorski, a senior from Perrysburg, Ohio, who is…


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Graphic Design Student Wins Best in Show

Kara Hendley, senior in graphic design, took home the top award of the night at the Graphic Design Juried Student Show.

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Hendley won best in show at the Graphic Design Juried Student Show. This is an annual show that features the best work from the past year by graphic design students.


“We were…


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Annalee Gaines :: Boys and Girls Club

Annalee Gaines is a senior at Auburn University who is majoring in marketing. Since 2008, Annalee’s sorority has been volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Opelika every week. The Boys and Girls Club of Opelika is an organization that specializes in helping underprivileged children develop a positive well-being for themselves, create goals for their future, and to lead them in the right direction of becoming a successful adult.…


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What to Expect about Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders is among the many departments in Auburn University’s College of Liberal Arts.  The pre-professional undergraduate program is preparation for the graduate studies that come afterwards.  There are two individually accredited graduate programs including the Doctor of Audiology and the Master’s degree emphasizing Speech-Language Pathology, all of which are offered at Auburn.

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Auburn University's Apparel Merchandising Degree

The College of Human Sciences is one that brings many of their students big opportunities, much like Auburn University as a whole. One department, the Department of Consumer Affairs, offers degrees varying from apparel merchandising to interior design.


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Each degree has multiple achievements to be proud of.  Interior Design is fully…


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Kickstarter Project Underway :: By Auburn Alumna


This t-shirt is one of my pledge rewards. Please take a look.

Celebration & Preservation

I'm an Auburn Alum and a full-time fine-artist. I recently launched a…


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You Are Not Alone

  I just got off the phone with one of my closest friends who had stayed "out of touch" because he was and had been hurting for some time. "I didn't want to make you feel as bad as I am feeling." was his comment.  It seems that somehow today we only want to pass on the good stories with the happiest of endings. Our closest friendships were created sharing the best of both worlds. Why then do we turn off or forget the best of these past times? You and I are NEVER alone. Let's be able to share…


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Nursing Auburn to Health

Early mornings, late nights, classes and clincals? Welcome to the nursing program.


Heather Edell, a senior in the nursing program from Kennesaw, Ga., explains why she wanted to go into the nursing program.

“I wanted to become a nursing student because I really like working with people and helping them out,” Edell said. “My mom’s a…


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Writing the Right Way

Many students know the woes of getting a paper back and seeing it covered with red marks pointing out simple errors that could have been caught with extra proofreading.

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The Miller Writing Center on campus is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.


“We proofread papers, but we also help with brainstorming, thesis…


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Learning to Lead in South Africa

Sophie Burge is a senior majoring in nutrition. Last summer she had the opportunity to participate in the Global Lead program.

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Global Lead was formed by alums from the University of Georgia.  The program offers three different locations including South Africa, Ecuador and…


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