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Auburn Student Cooks His Way Through College

It's probably safe to say that the stereotypical college guy doesn't know much about doing laundry and he most likely can't cook more than pizzas and frozen dinners. Not true of Auburn senior Samuel Edwards.


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The Florida native who is doubling in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Food Sciences not only cooks more than frozen…


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It's About That Talk

Lauren Thomas, a first year graduate student in communication disorders at Auburn University, is excited about what her future holds in the field, but it has been a long road and there is still a ways to go.

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Thomas worked hard on her undergraduate degree to ensure a place for her in the tough and selective graduate program here at…


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Orange and Blue Make Room for a little bit of Red

The clubs on Auburn’s campus are varied and there is something for everyone. Auburn wants every student to be involved in some on-campus organization that helps him or her give back to the community.

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The clubs on Auburn’s campus are varied and there is something for everyone. Auburn wants every student to be…


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Auburn Lambda Pi Eta Announces 23 New Scholar Initiates

Debra Worthington, Ph.D., today announced the 2012 Fall list of students invited to be initiated into Auburn University's chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's Undergraduate Honor Society.

The honor society resides in the Department of Communication and…


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Cool Cat and his Team :: Aubie, Auburn's Mascot

The most famous tiger in America might be named Tony, but a different cat rules the plains of Auburn. His name is Aubie. Students and fans alike enjoy watching his antics on the football field. However, Aubie is just one tiger and can not make all of those signs himself. He needs help.

This is where the Aubie…


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Dining Diversity

Auburn University is known as one of the most diverse universities in the south. According to the website for Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, one of the school’s main missions is to “establish diversity as a core value at Auburn University.”


One tactic for achieving such a goal is to “create, promote, and encourage a supportive and friendly campus environment that is welcoming for, and attractive to people of all races, ethnicity [and]…


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Baking the World into a Sweeter Place, One Cookie at a Time


Elisabeth Epperson is a freshman at Auburn who is well on her way to satisfying anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth. Whether its cakes, brownies, cupcakes or her famous sugar cookies, you’re guaranteed to be a little bit sweeter after one of her creations.


Elisabeth grew up in…


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Acre: New Auburn Restaurant Hopes to Grow a New Life into the Local Community

Sustainability. Eco-friendly. Local. Organic. For those of us concerned with being kind to our planet, our community, and our health, these are the labels that grab our attention in the grocery aisle. For Auburn alumni David Bancroft, these concepts are central to his vision for his new Auburn restaurant, Acre.

Born in Mobile, Alabama, and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Bancroft followed his two older brothers and family tradition and enrolled at Auburn University. As…


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Game Day On The Green

After we get through drinking our water bottles and cokes at the tailgating most go to throw it away and not think anything of it. According to Auburn’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Department we should think again.…


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Fleece for Fight: One Auburn Student’s Nonprofit Takes Charge

Auburn University sophomore, Katie Scott, did what most her age couldn’t fathom. 

She created a nonprofit organization. 

It all began two years ago when Scott helped with a book drive at an elementary school in her hometown of Macon, Ga. Expecting to collect 500 books to send to South Africa, they sent an unimaginable 8,000. Scott didn’t realize the affect that volunteering would have on her emotionally.

“The villagers in South Africa…


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Life in the ROTC

When thinking about the ROTC (reserve officer training corps) most people only think about the armed forces, becoming an officer, and the intense training that goes into being apart of the ROTC.  However, there are a lot more than just wind sprints and sharp attires.  There are many small aspects that are apart of the ROTC that most people do not consider.  Being under the authority of somebody who is very close in age to you is one of them.

Cole Finnerty is a sophomore and is apart…


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Alden's Legacy Lives on to Inspire the Lives of Zambian Orphans with the Help of Auburn Student

Morgan Dunn, a sophomore at Auburn, is raising funds for a children’s village in Zambia called Tree of Life. Tree of Life is a branch of Family Legacy Missions International and has over 22 houses built serve as homes for the orphans of Zambia.


There are over one million orphans in Zambia alone and the life expectancy of these children is the lowest in the world at only 34 years old. Family Legacy aims to foster relationships between American families as…


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The Beat Behind AU Rhythm, Auburn's Hip-Hop Dance Team

AU Rhythm is Auburn's Hip-hop dance team on campus. What separates AU Rhythm from Auburn's other dance teams such as the Tiger Paws and Majorettes is that that they are a co-ed group and solely based on hip-hop performance, offering a new type of urban style to the Auburn atmosphere. They combine multiple unique and fast-paced hip-hop dance moves for an energetic show. You can always find them dancing to a mix of fun current music as well as new modern techno. …


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New Online System Helps Students Stay Involved

Interaction, networking, community; these tenets have and forever will be the nucleus of higher education. Without these connections, the college experience quickly becomes rote and dreadful.


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AUInvolved is a new online system from the Auburn Office of Student Involvement that makes it easier than ever for students to…


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From Brooklyn to Auburn: The Life of an Interior Design Student

Passion, time commitment and a good eye are just a few things it takes to be a successful interior design student. Emily Koelle, a junior at Auburn University, is pursuing her dream to become an interior designer.

A recent transfer student, Koelle is working diligently to find her niche in Auburn. Although her designer journey began more than 900 miles away at…


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Ag Discovery Adventure: A Window to the Future

If you were asked, ”where does your food come from?” what would you say? Many simply think, “the grocery store,” but don’t think much past that. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station and Auburn University’s College of Agriculture teamed up to answer that question by hosting Ag Discovery Adventure: A Window to the Future. The event took place on Sept. 29 at E.V. Smith Research Center in Shorter, Ala.…


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The Master of Accountancy Program Provides Benefits in Studies and Lasting Friendships

The Master of Accountancy program is a higher education program that accounting students apply for after their undergrad. It is a great program for students to learn and enhance key skills demonstrated in the accounting work force. The MAc program is also a great way to build friendships that are beneficial to the program’s studies. 

Kendall Bliss is a recent…


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A Day in the Life: An Apparel Design Major at Auburn University

Telvin Florence, an apparel design major at Auburn University calls Spidle Hall, where his classes and lab are located, his second home. The life of a fashion major is time-consuming, but Florence believes it is worth it.

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One of the classes that Florence takes as part of his major is 3750, in which “you get to be as creative you want,”…


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Published in Editor and Publisher

             Elizabeth Bonner can talk about Duke basketball for hours, is a total foodie and loves everything about fall – especially all things pumpkin.  Besides all that, she is also a current senior at Auburn University, soaking in her last football season, unsure of her plans after she graduates this May.

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The Importance of Time-Management

Lauren Haines, a senior in public relations, is currently interning with the Auburn Athletics Department.  Haines is originally from Dallas, TX, but she knew she wanted to go to school far away and Auburn University was her first pick.

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As a part of the public relations curriculum, students are required to complete an internship before…


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