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Agriculture + Engineering = Biosystems Engineering

The College of Agriculture is known for raising farmers. In reality, the College of Agriculture has much more to offer. There are eight main course categories with multiple other subcategories. One of these main categories hosts the major of biosystems engineering.


"I switched from civil engineering to biosystems engineering this year," said Drew Sloan, senior in biosystems engineering. "The people…


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Auburn is Army Strong

 Auburn University has many different programs for students to become involved in. One of the top and most recognized programs here at Auburn University is the ROTC program. Auburns ROTC program was ranked top 3 in all schools nationwide in 2008. The program offers many great opportunities and financial aid for students. … Continue

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A Balancing Act

Getting a job while being a full time student is a decision student’s face every semester at college. They ask themselves whether or not they can balance each. Some students can’t but many can.

As students, we are faced with many daily stresses aside from school. College is a time to build relationships and find out about you. Imagine working a job, having three tests in a week and trying to maintain a social life. It’s close to impossible.

Becky Bathrick, a senior at…


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Freshman at Auburn have an opportunity to enroll in two University courses catered specifically to meet their unique needs. Transitioning into college involves change in many aspects and can be overw…

Freshman at Auburn have an opportunity to enroll in two University courses catered specifically to meet their unique needs. Transitioning into college involves change in many aspects and can be overwhelming. Freshmen are often unaware of what is required to succeed and the resources offered to them.



Auburn University offers two courses that have been proven to benefit student’s long-term success at Auburn, and are only offered to freshman during this pivotal…


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Auburn students reachout to Atlanta

The spring semester brings freshness to the Plains that the fall semester lacks. New trees blooming, warmer days and free Saturdays with no football games to go to. With these free days come free nights, and that is where NightLight comes in.


Nightlight is a non-profit organization located in Atlanta, Ga., that focuses on…


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Recruiting the Best

Athletics are a huge deal at Auburn University and many students are interested in ways to be involved in Auburn athletics, even if they lack athletic ability themselves. Auburn University’s Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts are an honored tradition of Auburn athletics and a great way to get involved.

The Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts are part of the Auburn S.O.A.R program, Students of Auburn…


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The Toomer's Tragedy

Last week the students of Auburn were hit hard with the news that someone in the Auburn family was sick.  Who was this? None other than the oak trees that have stood at Toomer’s corner for over 130 years. 


I can remember the first time I rolled Toomer’s corner.  I’m not sure who we played, nor do I know what year it was, but I know that I was young.  I was dressed in my Auburn cheerleading outfit and was holding my younger brother’s hand as we walked with my parents to the…


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Intramural Sports Help Students Stay Active

Prior to college many students are active members of sports teams. For some, it is a dream come true to play on the collegiate level, but for those who do not get that opportunity, there is still an option: intramurals.…


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A Corner to Remember

After the shocking news that Toomer's corner was poisoned, many Auburn fans were worried about the live oaks being a memory forever.


After the initial impact of the tragedy, ideas have been pouring in from all over. Talk of…


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The Tragedy of Toomer's Oaks

Rolling Toomer's Corner has been an Auburn tradition for many years. After every home game victory, the Auburn fans cover the oak tree on Toomer's Corner with toilet paper and celebrate downtown.


While this tradition is very close to the hearts of Auburn fans, the love is not shared by…


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Unified Rivalry

Although Christopher Whitehead was born and raised an Alabama fan, he currently attends Auburn University. I sat down with Chris recently to discuss what his reaction was to the poisoning of the Toomers oak trees, as well as some of his experiences in being an elephant on campus.


While the egregious actions of the weekend following the Iron Bowl were almost certainly…


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Courtney Hickman talks trees

A cornucopia of emotions flurried around Auburn’s campus around 3:00 p.m. on February 16. Anger. Hurt. Shock. Sadness.

“I’m not gonna lie. I teared up a little bit,” said Courtney Hickman.

Find more videos like this on Auburn Family

At this time, on this date, Auburn University released a statement confirming that a toxic herbicide was deliberately applied in lethal… Continue

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Major Spotlight: Radio, Television and Film

Radio, Television and Film is a budding major in the Department of Communication and Journalism in the College of Liberal Arts. RTVF, as it is known by students, offers an extensive curriculum and many opportunities for hands-on experience. There is also a track specifically designed for those who wish to pursue a career in broadcast…


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Auburn vs. Alabama: A Forever Shaken Rivalry?

The Auburn and Alabama rivalry is one that runs deep. It is one that causes a near divide of Alabama state residents, especially during football season. Year after year, fans, alumni and students all participate in the uprising of support for their teams shot at victory. When reflecting on the recent poisoning of the Toomer’s Corner oak trees, it is difficult to not think of the man who committed the act. While it is obvious that he is undoubtedly an irrational and unstable man, he is also an… Continue

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Pump It Up for a Cure

Cardinal Key will host the “Pump It Up! To Find a Cure” one mile benefit walk on Sunday, March 6, at 2 p.m. The walk will begin and end at Cater Lawn on Auburn University’s campus. 



The walk will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) in Birmingham, Ala. Every spring, Cardinal Key holds a walk for JDRF as…


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Remembering Toomer’s Oaks

As the Auburn family is aware, our small town has recently been shaken with the discovery that the famous Toomer’s Corner oak trees have been poisoned. While this tragedy is undoubtedly a dark part of Auburn’s history, it has also brought students, residents and fans together in camaraderie. Hundreds have visited Toomer’s Corner to pay their respects to the trees and send their good wishes to the team of workers laboring to remove the poison and preserve the trees and the rest of the plants…


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Women In Aerospace

Auburn University offers many different degrees, from many different colleges. All are attended by men and women, but some are a bit more one sided.

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When one thinks of aerospace engineering, usually the first mental picture made is of airplanes, engines, wind tunnels and men working between hands on projects and computer software. Women… Continue

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Toomer’s Corner Still Unites Auburn Family Despite Damages

Auburn University supporters have another reason to gather around the 130-year-old oak tress at Toomer’s Corner. Unfortunately, this occasion is no victory celebration.

On Feb. 16, the university confirmed that the two trees were poisoned with the herbicide known as Spike 80DF.

The announcement came after a caller bragged on The Paul Finebaum Show, a radio show based in Birmingham, that he had poisoned the trees. As a precaution, soil samples were…


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Mock Trial Travels

Shows like Law and Order seem to only exist on television to college students, but what if you wanted to use these fictional scenarios in fake trials before getting out into the real world? With an organization like mock trial, college students can do just that.


Find more videos like this on Auburn Family

Only in its third year, Auburn University’s mock trial team…


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Aviation Education Classes and Major Offered at Auburn

For more than 65 years, Auburn University has offered programs in Professional Flight Management, training pilots for some of the world’s largest airliners.

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“The program has been around for many decades, which is surprising because most people don’t know about it, and I didn’t know about it until a year ago,” Shaun Burch says, a junior at… Continue

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