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A student at Auburn is smarter than a 3rd grader

Teachers will always be a necessity, especially in the United States where success can usually be measured by the amount of school one has undergone. Here at Auburn, the Department of Educationis where one would go to get a degree to become a teacher.


There are many paths to take when becoming a teacher from high school, secondary, elementary, and early childhood. Lizzie McCalley is a junior at Auburn, and she is…


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Auburn Overseas

Auburn University offers many opportunities to study abroad. One student who is currently overseas with an abroad program discusses her experiences thus far and gives advice to prospective students. This student explains the advantages of studying abroad and talks about some of the experiences she did not expect.…


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Students Helping Students


School can be difficult. 


Every student has a class that presented a challenge to their intellect. Auburn University prides itself on the combination of arts and sciences offered for undergraduate students. However, many times students find mastering these subjects more rigorous than anticipated. 


When students are struggling, Auburn does its best to give the students a hand. Offering…


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Mixed Emotions

Many generations of Auburn fans have celebrated a victory by gathering at Toomer’s Corner. This football season the famous corner has seen more Auburn fans roll the tree than in the history of the tradition. Since the recent attack on the Toomer’s Oaks, many Auburn fans have been in distress about the fate of…


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A Family That Stands Strong

When news made way onto campus that the Toomer’s Oaks had been poisoned, many Auburn fans were left stunned in disbelief. A tradition that has been a part of the Auburn family for decades was now for the first time seeing signs of a real threat and uncertainty.


On February 16, an…


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Succeding in Hospitality

In the school of Human Sciences at Auburn University a student has the chance go engage in a unique major.  Hospitality Management is a recent and very popular major emerging for all people interested in working in hotels and restaurants or any other type of hospitality field.  According to the Auburn University web site their mission is to, "educate exceptional leaders for the global hospitality and tourism industries."

A student will be able to work in top hotel's all over the…


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Auburn Academics: Not Putting All Eggs in One Basket

Before any undergraduate arrives at Auburn University they must declare a major to an academic program or college. These majors can vary from undeclared to anyone of the fantastic academic programs that Auburn has to offer like College of Agriculture, College of Education, etc. It is the case for many students that sometime within the next 4 to 5 years, the major they have initially declared will be…


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Getting Plugged in with Tiger Tuesdays

Many students struggle their freshman year when it comes to campus involvement in a rather large university. But, sophomore Bianca Seward did not let a large university stop her from getting involved.


Seward knew she wanted to get involved on campus at Auburn University her freshman year but, did…


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Bo Over the Top

Bo Over the Top:


Toomer’s Corner has been the heart of years of celebrations for the Auburn University family.  As much as everyone loves Toomer’s Oaks, they felt the impact of our celebrations over the years with the numerous rolls of toilet paper that have graced their limbs.  Whether it’s a football National…


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Going Live From Auburn University

Looking to get involved on Auburn’s campus and help spread the daily news?  Eagle Eye News wants you. It is a student television news organization that produces shows covering news, events, and sports. Eagle Eye News was started in 1992. Today, the Eagle Eye News studio is equipped with the new Tricaster XD300 and now broadcasts in High Definition. They have four popular TV shows that air Monday through Friday every…


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Big Trees Through Little Eyes

An upset Auburn family can only bring them closer together.  As the Auburn family has been dealing with the poisoning of our beloved oak trees on Toomer’s corner, we have only grown closer together in determination that this will not defeat the spirit of the Auburn family.

While being home for the weekend I had the opportunity to talk with Auburn alumni, Shane Johnson, who studied horticulture while at Auburn in 1993.  Johnson's family expressed their feelings of anger towards the…


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For the Love of Toomer's

The week of Feb. 14, 2011 the Auburn family was heartbroken. Not because they did not receive chocolate, flowers or a card from a valentine, but because a tradition that thousands had fallen in love with was poisoned. Rolling the Toomer’s Corner Oak Trees has been a tradition that many respect and admire. It was hard for students, faculty and alumni to believe that someone would poison trees that have been standing for over 100 years and have become an intricate part of the…


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Remembering the Loveliest Oaks on the Plains

Some were shocked, some were confused, but most Auburn fans were just plain outraged at the release of the headline that read “Toomer’s Corner’s oaks poisoned with herbicide; unlikely to survive.”


Find more videos like this on Auburn Family

Auburn University is an establishment deeply rooted with family, tradition and good ol’ fashioned rivalry. But most, if not all fans on both…


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Tide For Toomer's


Tide for Toomer's is a Facebook group raising money for the Toomer's Corner oak trees. Here is the kicker, this group was created by Alabama fans.

Since Feb. 17, the day it was founded, Tide for Toomers has raised…


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Fun, Faith and Philanthropy at Wesley Foundation

Many students come to Auburn looking for a new church community to belong to. Auburn’s Wesley Foundation (Wesley) is one organization that strives to provide students with this sense of community they are looking for, while also encouraging local…


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Cherished Through The Memories

Students, faculty and fans’ devastation flooded local and national newspapers after a confirmed report that Toomer’s oak trees had been indeed poisoned. 

Heartbroken fans lined the trees with flowers, posters and memorabilia to honor the trees and how much they mean to the Auburn family.  Tree experts are in the process of trying to salvage the trees, but there is little hope for a recovery.


Rolling Toomer’s Corner has been symbolic of any big win for Auburn for…


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Senior Reflections on Toomer's Tradition

Rolling Toomer’s corner is a longstanding tradition throughout the history of Auburn University. Although the students and the community may roll the corner when any Auburn University sports team wins, football season always draws in the largest crowds. This year was especially exciting around the Toomer’s oaks.

Recently Auburn’s beloved oak trees were maliciously poisoned, breaking the hearts of every member of the Auburn family. When the news broke people rushed to the oaks to show… Continue

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Giving Back to Your Community

Getting involved and giving back to your community are so important. It not only builds character, but it also serves as a resume booster. One of the great ways Auburn University provides students the opportunity to do this is through the volunteer organization, Student Impact. This organization allows students to get involved and give back to the Auburn and Opelika community.


Through Student Impact, Auburn students can volunteer at 13 different locations. Some of these…


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The Toomer's Tree Incident

The Toomer’s Corner tree has been the site of numerous celebrations for over a half-century. It was more than a tree; it was a timeless symbol of Auburn pride, spirit, and unity. Countless Auburn students over the last 60 years have celebrated a victory at the site of the tree, and an uncountable amount of toilet paper thrown in the name of tradition.

The tree’s life, though long and prosperous, has been cut short. It was discovered on the 16th of February that a crazed Alabama fan…


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