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Auburn Student Takes on Capitol Hill

Many students at Auburn University are required to complete an internship before graduating. Some students decide to use this opportunity to chase their dreams.


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Lauren Weathers, a senior at Auburn, has always had a passion for politics. 


“It was something that just captivated me, I grew up watching the news with my…


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Greek Week Inspires Student Body

One week each fall the Greek organizations come together to celebrate each other and to support local business. This year Greek Week is Oct. 10 through Oct. 14 and it has many events which involve the community and campus.


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Auburn has 19 sororities and 32 fraternities. Their members make up almost 30 percent of the student body. This…


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Spotify Brings Facebook and Music Together

Music sharing has evolved dramatically since the introduction of the Internet. Spotify is a new program that is the next step in that evolution which combines music sharing and social networks.


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“Music I feel like by nature is just inherently a social experience,” said Michael Everts, an Auburn student who uses Spotify. “With…


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Opelika Main Street Hosts 5th Annual Howl-o-ween Parade

On Oct. 31, 2011, at 5:30 p.m., ghosts, goblins and growling ghouls will roam the streets of Opelika, Ala. But don’t be scared: they will be on leashes.

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“Howl-o-ween is a super fun event, the only one of its kind in the area,” Director of Opelika Main Street Pam Powers-Smith said. “It is a chance for people with dogs to come out,… Continue

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The Importance of Having an Internship

An internship should be a learning experience that gives a person an idea of situations that they would most likely go through during their career.




An internship should also help to define exactly what a person’s career goals are, show them what skills they need to improve on, help them to develop good work habits and help them to develop relationships with people that may be a door-opener to their future career.




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Campus Organization Fights Human Trafficking

For $500, you could buy eight textbooks, 120 “Momma’s Love” sandwiches from Momma Goldberg’s or 200 glasses of lemonade from Toomer’s Drugs. For $500, you could also save a life.

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The International Justice Mission (IJM) is an international human rights organization dedicated to freeing victims of human trafficking and other… Continue

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Auburn Marching Band Makes Gameday Spectacular

This week and next, we will highlight the Auburn University Marching Band.


The Auburn University Marching Band is a part of the Gameday fabric.  The band experience holds a special place in the hearts of its members and fans.


"As the last notes of the band died out, director Dr. Corey Spurlin got up and thanked his students for their hard work and a great year.  With one last cheer, the …


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Watching Football With a Family

In the past 16 years, the Auburn University football team has had four different head coaches, one interim head coach, won two conference championships and won one national championship.

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Amidst the 87,451 screaming fans in Jordan-Hare Stadium, section 43, rows 53 and 54, have seen four generations of Auburn season ticket holders endure… Continue

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Eagle Eye News: Giving Students Important Hands-On Experience

A common battle for new freshman in college is finding a place to fit in and get involved. With over 300 student organizations at Auburn University to choose from, there is something for everyone. However, lots of students feel overwhelmed and don’t know which path to go down. If you are interested in the television or filming industry, Eagle Eye Television News is just the place for you.  


Find more videos…


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Auburn University Hosts Annual Tailgate at the Library

Auburn University hosted its annual Tailgate at the Library on Friday, September 2 from 10a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ralph Brown Draughon Library to promote the services offered by the library and kick off the celebration for the upcoming game on Saturday. 

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The purpose of the Tailgate at the Library event is to expose incoming freshman and other…


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Making Auburn Home

What if I don’t make friends? What if I am lost without anyone to call? What if I don’t know of anything fun to do? These questions are the “what if” questions that every Auburn University freshman comes to college worrying about. 


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What most freshmen do not realize is that by moving on campus they are supplied with at least one…


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Meet Your Match

Tired of endless job searching? Having a hard time meeting your professional career match?

Get ready to meet your match! Now is the chance. Ready, Set…. Network!


The Auburn University Public Relations Council of Alabama is hosting a career event “ Meet Your Match.” It will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 in the Tichenor Library located within Tichenor Hall.

The event is open to all students and faculty in the Department of… Continue

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The Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures Reels in Top Students, Faculty and Research

Known as a premier U.S. warm water fisheries program, Auburn University's Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures spawns research that globally and locally inspires the best possible management and conservation of aquatic resources. The department boasts one of the largest graduate programs on campus.…


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Renowned Journalist to Speak as part of Neil O. and Henrietta Davis Lecture Series Feb. 2

Nationally renowned journalist Earl Caldwell, who covered some of the nation’s most significant civil rights events, will speak at the Neil O. and Henrietta Davis Lecture Series on Wednesday, Feb. 2. The title of Caldwell's lecture is "Being There When…


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A Sophomore Guy Teaching Yoga?

Yoga has become a worldwide exercise phenomenon in the last decade. It is known as a total mind and body experience that enhances one’s mental capacities as well as flexibility and physical strength.

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When imagining a yoga class, one typically pictures a tall, lean woman instructing her class on how to perform various yoga poses. However, at… Continue

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Bringing Gospel to the Plains

Every semester Auburn offers a variety of classes for students to take, but only one offers music and a worship experience for a grade—the Auburn University Gospel Choir.

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The Gospel Choir is compiled of 60 students, including singers and dancers, who meet twice a week to explore, rehearse and perform gospel music and related musical… Continue

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The Hill, The Quad or The Village?

The Village is the newest, The Quad is the closest to campus but The Hill is the quietest. All of these factors contribute to the ongoing dilemma incoming freshmen face as they make the decision of where to live on campus.

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When registering to live on campus students are asked to rank, in order of preference, which residence hall they… Continue

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Training Process for the "War Eagles" of Auburn

"WAR EAGLE" is Auburn’s battle cry. Not only is "WAR EAGLE" heard in Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium during home football games-- it has become a favorite greeting for Auburn men and women all times of the year.

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This tradition dates back to 1892 when Auburn met Georgia for the first time on the football field. The tradition… Continue

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Healthy Tigers Wellness Initiative

Healthy Tigers is the Auburn University employee wellness plan. It is a new healthcare benefit for Auburn University employees who subscribe to Auburn University's health insurance plan. Employees who participate in the health and wellness screening program can earn a $25 per month credit on their health insurance premiums. The screenings are coordinated with the Auburn University Pharmaceutical Care Center, which is located in 2155 Walker Building.…


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#GetAmandaToNYC PR Campaign!

My college career is coming to an end.

My dreams are getting bigger.

My pr career is just about to begin.

That being said- I have created a PR campaign for myself on why I should get hired in NYC. I figure if I can prove that I can create and implement a PR campaign for myself then I certainly can for your company.

I invite you all to watch my video and then visit my website to view my resume, portfolio and more. …


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