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Out of the Darkness Walk Raises Money and Awareness on Auburn's Campus

Sunday, October 11, 2015, Active Minds at Auburn University teamed up with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, or AFSP, to host an Auburn-Opelika Out of the Darkness Community Walk. The event took place on Auburn's Green Space from 3 p.m. till 5 p.m.

Active Minds had set a goal to raise $20,000 and that goal was surpassed. The walk raised more than $22,000 for AFSP. Close to 400 participants showed up Sunday for the walk. Students from Auburn University…


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Auburn's Unclaimed Superhero

Many people will say their favorite superhero is Superman, Batman or Spiderman. Auburn students may say their superhero is their Camp War Eagle counselor or Successfully Oriented Students orientation leader.


Freshmen are introduced to their Auburn superhero at Camp War Eagle. The role of the camp counselor or CC is to help incoming students adjust to college life and to educate their guests on Auburn’s campus, traditions and history. During the two day, camp the…


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5 Things You May Not Know About Miss Auburn

Miss Auburn is one of the most prestigious honors that a female student at Auburn University can receive during the spring semester of her junior year. This year's Miss Auburn, Lauren Jones, is a senior in Public Relations, and she sheds some light on 5 things that most Auburn students might not know about Miss Auburn.


  1. The War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen organization was created…

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500 Student Organizations are Providing Opportunities

The students of Auburn University are given countless opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. With 500 on-campus organizations to be involved in, there is no shortage of opportunities for students.

"Auburn has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a leader," said Kevin Lazarus, a senior double majoring in psychology and…


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Auburn Maintains Dedication to a World-Class Fan Experience

On September 4, the Auburn University Athletic department announced the release of an Auburn-themed Emoji-style keyboard for Android and iPhone model cell phones. This is the most recent of a series of steps Auburn University has taken over the past year to ensure that Auburn fans truly have a world-class experience.

Current Auburn fans are the…


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AU Soccer Senior Spotlight: Logan Beal

Auburn soccer is on a roll. This past weekend, the 13th-ranked Tigers won two straight games against SEC opponents. Friday, Auburn won on a thrilling goal in double overtime to defeat LSU and Sunday the team came up big again in the final 30 seconds of regulation to defeat…


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Why being a fifth year isn't all that bad

When it comes to having to stay an extra year, or two, at college, it is not always looked at as a positive thing. You are accumulating more loans and get stuck in the crowd when your friends graduate, on time. But not all things have to be that bad! A few fifth years weighed in on why taking a victory lap really isn't so bad after all.

"Another football season of…


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How Auburn helps students get internships

Internships can be a valuable tool for college students to gain career experience, learn more about…


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Women of Auburn

Auburn University offers more than 400 campus organizations.

The Young Women's Leadership Program gives a chance for females on Auburn's campus to give back to girls in middle school. The YWLP shows girls how to become young women every day.

The program was established at the University of Virginia and it is dedicated to empowering young schoolgirls. The YWLP was established at Auburn University in the Spring of 2010.

Women involved in the program are…


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Another Way to Break

When the campus clears out and everyone heads home for the holidays or to the beach for Spring Break, one organization and a large group of students will be heading out to help others. Alternative Student Breaks, also known as ASB, is an on-campus group that travels both domestically and internationally to serve others.

According to the ASB website, last year more than 100 students went…


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What brings both in state and out of state students to Auburn

Fall is he re and with it comes the season of college applications. High school students from all over the country are anxiously filling out applications hoping that their dream college sends them an acceptance letter.

While all Auburn students are familiar with this feeling, we have different reasons…


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5 Top Cities For Auburn Graduates

With more than 200,000 living alumni, the Auburn Family is no doubt a huge part of the Auburn experience. Nothing is better than when you graduate, move to a new city and run into members of the Auburn family. It not only gives you a sense of security but also provides you with a large…


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Meet the Orange Jumpsuit Guys

On game days in Auburn, students will do anything to attract the attention of the camera operators to get onto the Jumbotron.  Some students paint their bodies orange and blue; others may create posters with an ESPN acronym, and then, there are the Orange Jumpsuit Guys. (Photo/Orange Jumpsuit…


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Everybody Loves Aubie the Tiger

5 reasons why you're obsessed with the Auburn University Mascot

Source: Google images 

1. School spirit is definitely “his thing”…


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Callin' Baton Rouge: An Auburn Fan's Guide to Surviving LSU

In just four short days, the Auburn Tigers will travel to Baton Rouge to take on the Bayou Bengals of LSU. Although the mascots are the same, the experience for fans traveling to Louisiana will be unlike any other SEC game day. Here is what you should do to make your trip to LSU one to remember.

Consider bringing ear plugs.

Last year,…


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A Fresh Perspective: A Freshman's First Two Weeks at Auburn University

Owen Chandler, 19, is a freshmen at Auburn University this fall. Chandler graduated last May from Vestavia Hills High School in Birmingham, Alabama. Chandler is majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in German. Chandler lives in a dorm with three roommates, one of which is his brother. After Auburn, he…


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5 Essentials for a Weekend on the Plains

With our first home football game right around the corner, there is a good chance many of us will have friends and family flocking to Auburn for a taste of SEC football. The crowds start to roll in Thursday night and slowly trickle out of our little town come Sunday. Even though…


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Fall-ing to Fitness on Auburn University's Campus

Fall - The leaves are changing, the weather is fair, and football season has spirits soaring. For many students in Auburn, fall semester is the prime time to go outdoors and get active.

Exercising in Auburn’s fall weather is a simple way to improve mood as well as health this semester. Walking or running for 30 minutes a few times a week can…


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Life of an Auburn Graduate

Auburn University is your starting block to attaining that dream job or career. Many have graduated and gone off to do great things in the world because of the skills they learned while at Auburn.

Shanna Henderson, a 2012 alumna majoring in musical theater with a minor in religious studies, is no…


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10 Reasons Why Every Auburn Student Should Study Abroad

1. Because this is the perfect time in your life to explore and experience.

Let’s be honest, you probably aren’t married and don’t have kids. In fact, you aren’t really tied down with anything at this point in life. Don’t spend your whole life saying “someday” when that someday for you to explore the world could be now. This is the time to be young and spontaneous, so hop to it and stop creating excuses for why you…


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