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Straight to the Top-Eagle's Nest Worship

One campus ministry is bringing worship at Auburn University to a whole new level—the top of Haley Center to be exact.

The Auburn Wesley Foundation, located on Gay Street, has decided to expand its weekly activities to include an extra worship service more accessible to students on campus. Eagle’s Nest Worship, which began fall semester 2014, takes place each Tuesday at 8 p.m.

“We felt the need to move to campus so that we could offer a worship service to a…


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Strike Up the Band: Why the AUMB is the Heartbeat of the Auburn Family

My proudest college achievement isn’t my plethora of resume-boosting activities, or my GPA. It’s the time I’ve served as a member of the Auburn University Marching Band (AUMB). 

Last season, we received national attention for our discipline after a video started circulating of the…


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Brewing Up Futures

Auburn's new brewing sciences program has officially kicked off its first fall semester. 

Where there once were ten available spots for the graduate program, there are now 17 students currently in the program due to the quality of applications and the passion of the students. Martin O'Neill, the head of Auburn's Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management Department, believes they will be happy to manage 20 students, if not more, in the future. …


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Uber Rides Arrive at Auburn University

  Students who have trouble with getting transportation around campus are in luck. Uber rides have arrived at Auburn University.  The popular app, Uber, was created in 2009 with the purpose to seamlessly connect transportation services to riders in numerous cities. Just one short month ago, the Uber ride…


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Auburn Alumna Lynn Edwards Angell Remembered on 9/11 Anniversary

It has been thirteen years since the horror of September 11 changed the world.

Auburn lost alumna Lynn Edwards Angell.  Lynn and her husband David were giving and caring people.  They took their success and gave it freely to others.  The Angell Foundation continues to support the arts, education and more today.

Below are three resources allowing us to learn more about our Auburn alumna lost on 9/11.

Lynn Edwards Angell was a former Mountain…


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Auburn's 2014 Television Ads for College Football Broadcasts

Auburn University TV Commercial 2014: Montage…


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To Russia with Love :: Matryoshka Auburn Dolls

Look what Auburn alumna Dr. Betty DeGraffenried Burgess has discovered in her travels through Russia.  

"I shopped all over Russia and these traditional' Matryoshka nesting dolls are my favorite purchase!"  War Eagle!…


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Auburn Industrial Design Students Partner with Local Coffee Shop

Local business Wake Up Coffee Company is collaborating with a team of Auburn students to revamp a Volkswagen van for the community. The vision is to make quality fair trade coffees more accessible to the Auburn community using a coffee van, dubbed Papercup Espresso.

As the popularity of food trucks has risen in recent years, shop owners Wade and Megan Preston…


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Auburn Couple Enters Engagement Video Contest

Editor's Note: Meet two Auburn alumni who are on a path to marriage. It all started at Auburn, so why don't we help them make their big leap! High atop a cliff on Lake Guntersville, Carter Astin (AU Industrial Engineering '13) asked the biggest question of his life to…


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Auburn University to Welcome Students to Campus with Move-In Mania 2014

(AUBURN OCM)  Fall semester is right around the corner, and the newest members of the Auburn Family will be finding their way to the Plains and settling in on campus throughout the beginning of August.

To welcome…


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The Everyday Joys of being an Auburn Student

1. Seeing Aubie on the concourse.

“Aubie is the living spirit of Auburn…Women love him, children adore him and men want to be him. He's an eight-time National Champion, the most of any mascot,…


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The Loveliest Village on the Plains

Auburn isn't called the "loveliest village on the plains" for nothing, and anyone who's been here can attest to that. On Merriam-Webster's website, the word "quicksand" has two abbreviated definitions. One definition is literal: deep, wet sand into which heavy objects sink easily. The other definition is figurative: a situation that is dangerous and difficult to escape from.

Auburn: It Sucks You In

Auburn is not deep, wet sand into which…


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Choosing Auburn: A Family Affair

Why did I choose to attend Auburn University?

Iron Bowl Weekend

1. For starters, welcome to Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl weekend with my family:

Auburn Kid 24/7

2. My mom and dad are the two on the left of the back row. This is how they dressed me for Christmas Day in 1995:…


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Why I Chose the Auburn Family

How I Became A Member of the Auburn Family

I grew up in the lovely Birmingham, Ala., area where virtually 75% of residents are fans of the Criiiiiiimson Tiiide. At 16-years-old, my dad and I had barely missed an Alabama game, and all my life I thought I'd found my home away from home in Tuscaloosa.

Don’t get me wrong, Tuscaloosa is a beautiful place. But, as a sophomore in high school, the day I found myself there for sorority bid day, it felt like I'd…


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Auburn Charm Draws in New Students

Auburn has been my home for longer than I can remember, and I’m proud to say that my family is larger and better because of it. The charm of…


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10 Unexpected Reasons I Would Choose The Loveliest Village Again

When I decided to attend The Loveliest Village, it was based on the concrete Auburn values exemplified everyday by the university. Academics, History and the campus were key components in deciding to attend Auburn, but I’ve learned subtle perks and quirks are what make Auburn truly special. Here are 10 unexpected reasons I would choose Auburn again.

10. Chick-Fil-A

Combine the best fast food restaurant in the country with monopoly TigerCard money and…


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Auburn, AUM and Walter Reed Medical Center Join to Serve Those Who Served

Auburn University senior nursing student Maria May was at the hospital when she met a man in his late 60s waiting to undergo tests for potential cardiac issues.

With only a brief medical history in his chart, May thought it would be beneficial to ask some questions. The resulting conversation confirmed to her the importance of a recent trip to Walter Reed National…


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Auburn Magazine: The Frustration of Harold Franklin, pt. 1

As Auburn celebrates the 50th anniversary of integration, Auburn Magazine has launched "a four-part series combining the firsthand testimony of (Harold) Franklin and period photos from that age of uncertainty, Auburn Magazine takes a look at the desegregation process through Franklin’s eyes and memories."  Franklin was Auburn's first black student.…


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Life Lessons From A Sixth-Year Senior

My high school classmates started graduating a year ago. I only see them on Facebook now; with real jobs, husbands, children or a combination of the three. Sometimes, I get jealous when they post statuses about promotions or how wonderful their new lives are post-graduation. These updates used to make me feel…


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30 Thoughts Every Girl Has At Rodeo

Ladies and gentleman, the time has come. The brothers of Alpha Psi are once again hosting Auburn’s single largest fundraising event. Rodeo is THE party of the south. You have one week to prepare yourselves mentally and physically. Ready, Set, Go!

1. 6 a.m., it’s like Christmas morning!

2. Do…


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