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An Open Letter to the Auburn Family

Dear Auburn Family,

There are so many things I have to be thankful here at Auburn University. In the quickest four years of my life, Auburn has given me more than I could have ever expected. Between late nights of studying (sometimes) and learning how to manage my own schedule, I think it is safe to say I have done a lot of growing up. However, I couldn’t have done it on my own

Thank you Mom and Dad, for allowing me to attend the best university in this country. I’m so proud to…


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Auburn in the Spring: Where to Go!

Students that attend Auburn are truly blessed with such a beautiful campus and city. Walking around campus and seeing and admiring the beauty can provide such a good feeling.

As my time in Auburn rapidly comes to a close, I realize that I have discovered a few awesome spots where students can…


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Tips to Surviving Finals Week

It seems that just as we stop having nightmares from last semester's finals we are at it again. Auburn's campus that is usually bubbling with students chatting and campaigns on the concourse turns to gloom. Soon you will begin to notice the three types of finals week students. The first is the one that looks like they haven't slept or had a meal in days, which is most likely true. Then there are the panicked ones who are power walking or breaking into a light jog after…


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10 Things You Miss About Auburn When You Leave

1. Being super close to everything.

Now, of course, you're not close to literally everything, but sometimes it does feel that way. Whether you're talking about campus, restaurants you go to with friends or your BFFs place, we certainly take being close for granted. Once you…


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Watching Your Step: The Urban Legend of Auburn's Bronze Seal

For most students who attend school at Auburn University, the dream includes graduating with a degree in four years and marrying your Auburn sweetheart.

Many factors go into ensuring that this becomes a reality. However, stepping on the university seal located in front of Langdon Hall will immediately jeopardize this plan of coming true.

The legend has it that if a student steps on this forbidden seal, they will not graduate in four years and will not marry a…


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Auburn Students Use Their Spring Breaks to Serve Others

Each year many Auburn students use their spring breaks to serve others. For the past two years, junior Becky Falgoust has traveled with Auburn Campus Crusaders on mission trips to different countries. This year they traveled to the Dominican Republic with an organization called Filter of Hope.

Filter of Hope is a non-profit that leads different groups to different countries to distribute water filters.

“Their goal is to break the cycle of poverty by…


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AU Women's Center Hosts 10th Annual Women's Leadership Conference

The 10th annual Women’s Leadership Conference, hosted by the Auburn University Women’s Center was held Friday, March 25 at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center. This year's theme was “Resilient Women,” with workshops and discussions on the ability to overcome adversity and become a successful woman leader. The conference kicked-off with a discussion panel open and free to the public at 6 p.m.…


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So Much More Than A College Town: A few of the fun things the city of Auburn has to offer

As a Freshman, you are focused on making the grades, getting involved, and making friends. In between classes and studying you get a little free time. So what do you do with that time? Auburn is a great place with food, shopping, and activities to keep you busy and help de-stress from all that hard work you put in all week. As the weekends roll…


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5 Things to Enjoy this Spring in Auburn

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the students of Auburn are slowly starting to emerge from their winter's hibernation. The warmth of sunshine has been gone so long, one can almost forget the pleasures that a spring on The Plain's can bring. With the absence of the chaos football season brings in the fall, it can be hard to figure out what to do with so much free time on the weekend. Check out these five places and events to fully enjoy an Auburn…


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Behind the Lens: Sydney Bruton

During her sophomore year of high school, Sydney Bruton was given her first DSLR camera and little did she know how far photography would take her in the near future.

Bruton said her favorite aspect of photography is being able to capture people’s stories.

“I am a huge people person and I love to truly get to know everyone I meet,” Bruton said. “To me, there is no other place where I feel like I can do this more than when I am taking pictures.”



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Auburn Panhellenic Dances To Benefit Habitat for Humanity

(Photo: The Alabama Habitat for Humanity ReStore / Facebook)

(Photo: The Alabama Habitat for Humanity ReStore / Facebook

Auburn sororities are gearing up in preparation for the annual Greek Sing competition on April 12. Each spring Auburn Panhellenic holds a dancing competition to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Teams of dancers from each of Auburn University's 17 Panhellenic sororities…


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Auburn gets out the vote

Auburn students have grasped an exciting opportunity for involvement on campus during the 2016 election. The Auburn University chapters of the College Democrats and College Republicans have been busy as they made preparations for the Alabama primary election.

"Members have attended phone banks, canvassing, and volunteered with the campaign of their choice. We have travelled to various campaign rallies. Some as close as Montgomery and the farthest being Savannah,…


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Keeping it in the Auburn Family with Austin Lacy '15

Austin Lacy graduated from Auburn in Media Studies in May 2015 and transitioned from working as a Student Videographer to being the full-time Digital Content Producer for the External Relations office in the College of Liberal Arts. Austin also works with AU Athletics and War Eagle Productions as a replay operator.

When did you get involved with AU Athletics, and…


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The Auburn Student's Graduation Bucket List

It is that time of year again where graduating seniors start becoming nostalgic about the past four years on the country’s greatest campus. With the deeply rooted traditions, hometown feel, and friendliest fans in college sports, Auburn University is one hard place to say farewell to.



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What It's Like to Transfer from the 'Other School'

Being from the state of Alabama you either grow up an Auburn Tiger or part of the Crimson Tide. Well, I grew up an Alabama fan, wearing houndstooth and yelling those two terrible words. I didn't know any better. So when it came time to apply to college I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to the University of…


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Auburn Cattlemen and Cattlewomen to Host First Burger Brawl

Auburn University’s Collegiate Cattlemen (CCM) and Cattlewomen (CCW) Associations are hosting their first Burger Brawl on Saturday, March 5. The event will begin at 11 a.m. at the Lambert-Powell Meats Laboratory.

The brawl features teams of two to four members competing for the 2016…


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Q&A: Walker Byrd - "Find your passion and pursue it."

Another year has come and gone for the Student Government Association (SGA) at Auburn University. As new SGA president, Jesse Westerhouse begins a new era of leadership, former man in charge, Walker Byrd is relieved to be done with a satisfying year at the helm. I had the chance to interview Walker…


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Auburn University Hosts Career Fairs for Students

Each semester Auburn University hosts career fairs for students. These career fairs encompass different majors around campus. The two largest career fairs they host are the AU Career Fair and the STEM Career Expo. They also have smaller career fairs that are more directed at certain schools or majors. These include agriculture, building science, communications…


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Chewacla State Park: Auburn's Best Kept Secret

Everyone who lives, attends college, or has even stepped foot in Auburn can tell you how captivating the city and campus are. Most of the popular tourist locations and student hangout spots in Auburn are located either on/near campus or in the downtown area. So, being about a 20 minute drive from Auburn’s…


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AFTERDARK: A Free Event You Can't Afford to Miss

"Free" and "concert" are two favorite words of college students; put the two together and it's even better. AFTERDARK is an event which is that and even more, and it's coming to Auburn Arena on March 9.

AFTERDARK takes place on college campuses from coast to coast and combines music from great…


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