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A letter to my freshman self

To my freshman self:

It’s hard to narrow down everything I’ve learned the past four years at Auburn. Being completely on your own means learning something every day, but if I could travel back to the fall of 2010 here’s some advice I’d leave you with…

Random roommates are not the end of the world.

I’ll never forget the car ride from Connecticut to Auburn. After a 3 a.m. departure I woke up somewhere in New Jersey and thought, “I’m about to move to Alabama.…


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Letter to incoming Auburn freshmen

Dear Freshmen,

Congratulations on joining the craziest, smartest and most-loving family. You are in for the ride of your life. As a soon-to-be Auburn alumna, I would like to pass on a few tips that will make your Auburn experience that much better.…


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War Eagle Forever: Advice to Future Students

Graduation is just a few days away and I sit here thinking about how fast the time has gone by. These past two years at Auburn have been some of the most rewarding and exciting years of my life. Walking the halls with Cam Newton, experiencing the 2014 snowpocalypse and finding out that every second counts are just a few of the things that have made my Auburn experience an unforgettable one. I’ve learned a lot since I first came to Auburn so here is some advice on making sure your…


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My Top 10 Favorite Restaurants as a College Student.

Graduation is slowly creeping upon me and many others. Everyone says, “Oh I am going to miss walking on campus,” “I am going to miss hearing the fight song when the clock strikes 12,” “I am really going to miss my best friends," and the list goes on. I am going to miss all of those beloved things about Auburn, but the one thing I am truly going to miss is the food. Seriously… I am not even joking.

My hometown is very small, and we are not blessed with the wonderful, food…


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Class of 2014, This One's For You

Arguably one of the greatest years in Auburn University history for students, here's to the seniors, Class of 2014, and the moments they got to experience during their final year at Auburn.

(In no particular order)

5. Experiencing another national or lose.

Let's be real, we can't complain one bit about the amazing football season. From zero to hero, we…


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How to Thrive… Not Just Survive… your Freshman Year

1. Get involved, but not too involved.

It happened to the best of us. We walked down the concourse on O Days and couldn’t resist signing up for every single club. After about a month we realized that there was no way we could keep up with the demands of being a full time student and attending five extracurricular meetings a week between intramural games. My advice to you is to pick one or two organizations and focus on those. You will thrive in the areas where…


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Living up your last week at Auburn

Class of 2014: Congratulations, we did it!


We have gotten to experience Cam Newton as a classmate, winning the national championship, winning two SEC championships and truly understanding the power of a second. We have also been there for the poisoning and removal of Toomer’s Oaks, a rough football season and a few bomb threats. We’ve experienced a lot over our four years at Auburn, but we’ve done it together as a part of the Auburn…


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A Historic Four Years

Throughout my four years as a student at Auburn University, I witnessed first hand what it means to be a member of the Auburn Family. The Auburn Family always supports, always encourages and always cheers.

I was spoiled my freshman year. Our football team was not expected to be anything remarkable, and I expected just another football season with wins and losses. Boy was I wrong. As each game came and went, we were still undefeated. It was amazing.

Our team and…


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High School's Fun, But College is Better

As a senior in high school nearing graduation, you can’t wait to begin the college experience. You’re ready to ditch your boring hometown and the predictable teenage drama in exchange for the glamour of a university campus. Although you’re excited for college as a soon-to-be high school…


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Leaving home and coming to college is a completely new and exciting experience. For most people, it is the first time you can live on their own without rules and curfews. A lot of responsibility comes with the college experience, and there are many decisions to be made.

One of the first decisions any incoming freshman has to make is where to live. Students have the option of living on-campus in the dorms, or off-campus in a house or apartment. Some people find the latter more…


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5 Things Seniors Should Be Told Before Graduation

1. Work hard but play harder

To the class of 2014, your time is limited. Stay out too late with friends one night, eat that slice of pizza at 3 a.m., and make some mistakes (they are life’s best lessons).…


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7 ways for seniors to cope with graduation: Auburn Edition

So with finals just around the corner, that means for some of our elderly college folks, graduation is near.

For some, this is a joyous time! But for others, the weight of the real world has hit them like a brick wall. But do not fear! It's not the end of the world…maybe. Here are 7 ways for Auburn seniors (and beyond) to cope with graduation.

Go get ice cream from Toomer's Corner…


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5 Lies You've Heard About College

1. Your professors don’t care about you:

Professors wouldn’t spend time with college students if they didn’t care. They love to have students come in to office hours and chat about class, life, Auburn football, basically whatever. They are your greatest guide to not only getting good grades in their class, but about where the best doctor’s office is or which restaurant is perfect for when your parents come in town.  Trust me, they…


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Black Auburn: My Experience at a PWI

     Hello! My name is Jamecia Crenshaw, and today I am going to talk about my experience as a “minority” at a Predominately White Institution (PWI). I know. Scary right? Not too many people are brave enough to tackle the big, gray elephant in the room, but, I believe we should not shy away from diversity issues. If we want to solve them, it’s best that we first address…


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Seven Things Every Freshman Should Know About The College Experience

Welcome to life after high school. As a graduating senior, I wanted to share with you several things that are important to know your freshman year here at Auburn:

1. You don't have to know what you're going to do with your life.

Auntie SparkNotes: I Don't Know What I Want to Do with My Life

Yes, It would be so easy to have your whole life planned out from the time you step foot on campus. Truth is,…


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Dear Freshman Self

Dear Freshman Self,

Welcome to college! You have such an amazing four years ahead of you. Here is some advice from your senior self:

Make friends with new people {that didn’t go to your high school}. Best advice ever. Although this seems obvious, and maybe even inevitable, I was surprised to see a lot of my fellow high school classmates run with their same high school crowd in college. I consider meeting new people a hobby of mine, I love it. I…


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Life Lessons Auburn Football Has Taught Me

I have never not been a southerner. The furthest north I’ve ever lived was South Carolina, and does that really count? It is a state with “South” in the name. My baby pictures are confusing. In half of my pictures, I sport a precious toddler-sized Auburn cheerleader outfit, complete with the orange and blue bow half the size of my head hanging from my hair. In the other half of my baby pictures, I’m wearing a cozy…


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There are thousands of popular and widely-recognized mascots across the U.S. who are loved and admired for various reasons.  One stands out from all the others.  

There is something so special about Auburn University’s mascot, Aubie, that sets him apart from all the rest. Aubie has a huge presence on campus and he is welcomed at both on and off campus events throughout the week. He has grown to be more and more loved over the years, and his friendly personality is magnetic. Here…


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Nerd Alert: Why It's OK to be a Square in College

Before we get started, let's introduce ourselves.

This is me, Rachel Pipan.

I’m sorry, that’s me *trying* to be poised and look like a totally cool, adjusted and professional college student. Here’s me, in…


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Advice for Incoming Freshman Girls from Graduating Seniors

A list of thoughts (that only reflect the opinions of the individual) which should be kept in mind during your next four (five, or even six) years at Auburn University.



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