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ISO Peace Dinner- Bringing Multicultural Harmony to the Auburn Family

The International Students Organization (ISO) at Auburn University has been hosting a multicultural dinner for years and years. Their hope was to share the cultures of Auburn students from around the world, but in 2001 that goal changed.


On Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the…


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The Lambert-Powell Meats Lab and Store: One of Auburn's best kept Secrets

Near Auburn’s smelliest part of campus you can find some of the tastiest treats it has to offer. Located on Shug Jordan Parkway in between Wire Road and South College Street, overlooking several of Auburn’s College of Agriculture’s cattle pastures and facilities, is the Lambert-Powell Meats Laboratory.…


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Finding inspiration from freshman year

Senior year.

It's something that seemed so far away when I took my first steps across campus, but somehow managed to come so quickly.

As I'm finishing up my time here at Auburn I often become nostalgic, looking back at what I've learned and experienced.

One day as I was looking for a file in my computer documents, I came across papers I've written in past English classes and other projects I've completed. It was interesting to see how my writing styles have changed…


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Best Auburn Football Flyovers from the past Decade

Auburn fans find themselves looking up a lot during home games in Jordan Hare. Watching the eagle swoop around the stadium during pre-game festivities, gazing up as Nick Marshall airs out another deep pass for an Auburn touchdown, or even checking the skies for late evening late summer thunderstorms. And for one home game a year, Auburn fans have another reason to look up, a flyover.

Flyovers are one of the most American traditions going today in professional and collegiate sports.…


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Smartest Metros in the U.S.? Auburn-Opelika Ranks #4 out of 380 MSAs

Auburn ranks number four in an analysis of the 380 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) in the United States, according to The survey reviewed data on the number of residents with at least a bachelor’s degree, the percentage of increase in the number of college educated residents in the population and compared it to the previous year’s population.…


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An Auburn Thanksgiving

As my last year at Auburn University goes speeding by, I can’t help but get a little emotional when I think of all of my lasts here. My last football game, my last chance to roll Toomer’s Corner, my last first day of classes, and my last year of being under my parent’s wings.


But as Thanksgiving break begins, I’m taking the time to stop and think of what I’m grateful for here at Auburn University. And I’ve found that the list is incredibly long. So with a tear in my eye and a…


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Auburn University Alumni Association Offers European Trip in 2015

This spring, the Auburn University Alumni Association is offering Auburn University juniors, seniors and graduates the trip of a lifetime. Literally.


The Alumni Association is partnering with AESU travel company to send AU travelers to Europe. The 2015 Auburn European Graduation Trip will be making stops in London, Paris, Nice, the Vatican City, Rome, and Sorrento. An…


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Ten Things I've Learned During My Time as a Student at Auburn University

As my last semester of classes comes to a close, it is fun to look back on my time spent at this wonderful university and think about all I have learned. Don’t get me wrong, all the classes I’ve taken and the professional experience I’ve gained are important, but sometimes you learn a few extra things along the way.

1. Aubie is everyone’s favorite.

No matter if it is your first time seeing Aubie or your 100th, chances are you will revert to a 5-year-old,…


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The 5 Stages of Grief: Failing a Test

So you are just about to get your test grade back. You’ve studied for so long and all night, or hardly at all, and you get your grade back and it was awful. You’re crushed. You thought you did so well, or you know you did badly and wish you studied more. Almost everyone has been there. Especially at Auburn, which is ranked as one of the toughest school to get an A in the country. So…


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Sorry Not Sorry: Why women need to stop saying sorry

Ladies, today I want you to count how many times in one day you use the word sorry. I guarantee that the number will astound you. Why is it that as women we are always the one apologizing for menial actions that do not warrant our apology? This over usage of the word sorry was pointed out to me by my…


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Adventure the Great - Auburn Students turned Rockstars

An odd collection of people and instruments scatter the stage. They don’t look like they would be friends, let alone band mates. But when Adventure the Great begins to play, it all makes sense.

“It’s an inside joke that we don’t look like we belong in the same band because we’re all…


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DIY Auburn Game Day Experience-- No Matter Where You Are

Members of the Auburn Family can be found all over the globe. Work, family and a ton of other reasons can keep the Auburn faithful away from the Plains or other venues on game day. However, just because you can’t make it to tailgate before kickoff, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the…


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Auburn’s Guide to Local Dining Deals

Auburn is full of wonderful dining options. On a limited student budget, dining out may not always seem like an option. Thankfully, many of the local restaurants offer specials throughout the week that make delicious food and beverage options more affordable. The following is a compilation of some of the lesser-known specials around town.…


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Auburn Gymnastics Halloween Intra-Squad was Spook-tacular!

The Auburn Gymnastics team is flipping to new heights this year after giving a great showing at its annual Vampires vs. Werewolf’s Halloween intra-squad. The werewolf’s ended up beating the vampires, but only by a measly one point.

“We weren’t really scoring the girls like normal,” head gymnastics coach Jeff Graba said. “We were trying to see how the girls would do under pressure so we could develop depth this year.”

The girls all proved they had what it takes…


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5 Reasons to Love Auburn University

All college students can relate to the exciting and sometimes terrifying transition from high school to college, but only Auburn University students understand the impact a community can have on their college experience.

Although we come from different backgrounds, we have all fallen in love with the same place—a place that has taught us how to become adults, be a family, be responsible, make friends, love, and have the time of our lives.

As I and many others approach…


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4 Expectations Prospective Students Have When They Tour That Are Not Reality

Most high school students come visit Auburn and take a tour guided by the Auburn University Student Recruiters who give these students all the facts about our beloved university. However, there are some things students always perceive about the university on these tours until the actually attend the university and discover how wrong they were.

  • Everyone says War Eagle to each other on a daily basis.

Going to class? War Eagle. Just minding your own business…


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Punt, Pass, Kick with Pi Beta Phi

The sorority of Pi Beta Phi hosted its first Punt, Pass, Kick philanthropy event benefiting the Pi Beta Phi Foundation and the local Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Lee County. The event took place on Tuesday Nov. 4 at 6 p.m. on the rugby field. Participants came out to support the cause along with the entire Pi Beta Phi chapter.…


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Matthew Kearley: changing the way we learn

Matthew Kearley, biology professor at Auburn University, is known to have creative and fun teaching methods that keep his students coming to class, and attendance is not even required.


“There’s been a lot of fun times,” Kearley said. “I used to walk into class and sit down next to somebody and just…


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7 Things You Should Know About The College of Agriculture

The Auburn University College of Agriculture has roots dating back to 1872 with the establishment of the land-grant university, Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College.  Though sometimes misunderstood, the College of Agriculture has been a vital part of improving the agricultural sector in the state of Alabama. In addition to facilitating research to improve nutrition, health, standard of living, farming practices and food safety, the College of Ag is offering students a quality degree…


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All In for Halloween: Top 5 Last-Minute Costume Ideas

It’s that time of the year again – as Halloween quickly approaches, many Auburn fans are scrambling to create last-minute costumes to wear to Halloween parties. Fighting off the droves of fellow procrastinators at costume stores can be a fright, so sometimes the most practical option is to create costumes using items you already own.

The Football Player

Perhaps the simplest Auburn Halloween costume is the classic Auburn…


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