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There are thousands of popular and widely-recognized mascots across the U.S. who are loved and admired for various reasons.  One stands out from all the others.  

There is something so special about Auburn University’s mascot, Aubie, that sets him apart from all the rest. Aubie has a huge presence on campus and he is welcomed at both on and off campus events throughout the week. He has grown to be more and more loved over the years, and his friendly personality is magnetic. Here…


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Petz Unleashed Focused on Family, Reptiles & All-Natural Products

College students love to have pets. Some of them are quite interesting.

Locally owned Petz Unleashed is a full-line pet store specializing in reptiles and all-natural products.

Since first opening on South College Street in 2010, the store has been owned and operated by the Halls, a family native…


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What Your Favorite Auburn Symbol Says About You

Vintage Aubie

If this vintage logo of Aubie is your favorite then you always give a kind War Eagle to every person you meet. See a stranger wearing a tiny bit of orange? War Eagle! Someone mentions the state of Alabama? War Eagle! It’s just the southern…


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BIG Event Doing Big Things

Many college students take the time to volunteer individually or with a few friends. The BIG Event takes this volunteerism a step (more like a giant leap) further by gathering thousands of college students to help out in the community on a single day.

This year’s 11th annual BIG Event will take…


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The Top Nine Things AU Student Veterans Wish You Knew

Brittany Shelton and Andrew Newby are undergraduate student veterans at Auburn University. Both previously served in the United States Marine Corps, and are currently working toward their respective degrees while working at Auburn University's Veterans Resource Center. …


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Traveling with the Tigers

Last week Auburn traveled to College Station to take on the Aggies so thousands of Auburn fans packed their bags, booked hotel rooms and hit the road. The Auburn Tigers have a great reputation around the nation of bring the best fans…

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The 10 Things That Midterms Have Taught Us

1. They Are Back. Accept It And Move On.

You can pretend they don’t exist as long as you want, but it’s midterm time again. So get your highlighters ready because whether you have been studying for weeks or are now just opening your books, midterms…


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Get Up and Get AUInvolve-d

Auburn students hear about it every day: getting involved on campus.  From the first day of Camp War Eagle to the day we leave The Plains, we are constantly told about the importance of campus involvement.  Auburn University’s Involvement Ambassadors want to make sure you take this advice seriously.

Auburn University’s Involvement Ambassadors are seeking to help everyone on Auburn’s campus, from freshman to seniors, to participate in campus organizations.  They work to provide you…


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Intramural Football Fever

Intramural sports are a popular past time for students at Auburn University. Each fall and spring there are a variety of sports offered from softball, basketball, volleyball and the always popular flag football.

In the fall, Auburn University can’t get enough football. Campus Recreation and intramural sports…


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Public Relations Student Society of America: The Ultimate Network

No matter the profession, word on the street is it’s not what you know, but whom you know. With social media taking over traditional relationships, our culture has become obsessed with “friending,” “following” and “connecting” with anyone and everyone. The professional world has followed suit, choosing to focus on social media and judge one’s skills and capabilities by their LinkedIn profile. However, the impersonal “follow,” “befriending” or “connection” will never be able to replace a…


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Female Researchers Present New Findings at Health and Happiness Panel Discussion

The Women’s Studies Program in the Auburn University College of Liberal Arts hosted a presentation of new research by faculty affiliates from three different fields of work on Monday, Feb. 11.


Alicia Carroll from the Department of English, Leah Robinson from the Department of Kinesiology and Barbara Wilder from the School of Nursing each…


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Media Moguls: Gatekeepers to the World

When Jim Morrison said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind,” he could not have been more spot-on. The media are not only gatekeepers to the world, but also impact what we talk about, the level of importance we place on issues and how we view ourselves.

For journalism senior Bradley Roberts, his love of writing paired with the desire for having an impact on the dissemination of information is what lead him toward this course of…


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Not Your Everyday Tree Hugger

The use of natural resources has been a forefront issue in local and national news and a debated topic in the current GOP campaign. However, one natural resource that will never deplete if managed well is timber.

Foresters play a key role in facilitating the production of wood products, while maintaining a balance of wildlife habitats and healthy water qualities. Through Auburn University’s forestry program, students are gaining hands-on experience on how to…


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Auburn Students Finding a Cure for Cancer

Auburn University has recently added Grammy winner and newly appointed Apple CEO to their list of graduates’ accomplishments. Will finding a cure for cancer be the next? That is what one student is working on right now as a part of her undergraduate research program.


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Ivanny Gorski, a senior from Perrysburg, Ohio, who is…


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Can't decide on a major? Customize your own!

One of the most important decisions a college student can make is choosing a major. So often, however, students will find themselves torn between several majors or schools within a university. Students with a variety of interests are often limited in combining majors that overlap through different schools. If this sounds like a problem you are facing, interdisciplinary studies may be the answer for you.



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All In All Pink :: Breast Cancer Awareness Event

The Office of the Vice President for University Outreach and the Office of Public Service will be collaborating with the Kappa Chi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. to sponsor a breast cancer awareness event named All In All Pink on October 26, 2011.




Kappa Chi member Ebony Craig said that these groups will also be partnering with the American Cancer Society, the Department of Student Affairs and Auburn University’s School of…


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How Studying Abroad Helped Me

According to the Auburn University website, study abroad is a student's pursuit of educational opportunities in other countries. This experience enhances the academic, personal and professional development of those who participate.




Auburn University English major, Sarah Cook, chose to study abroad through the University of Georgia's "UGA at Oxford" program, but still had Auburn’s help during her decision making…


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Auburn Theatre Production of “La Bête” Features Senior Mahoney

Riding Horses and shooting guns in the woods are just a couple of things that make Houston Mahoney a “man’s man.” With his father being an orthopedic surgeon, no one expected the Athens, Ga. native to begin acting in high school. Mahoney, a senior in theatre performance, talks about how he got involved in theater.

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During his sophomore…


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ROTC Student Remembers 9/11 and Commends Auburn

Service is something that many ROTC students hold to heart. As the nation reflects on the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, one ROTC student finds service especially close to heart and as a way of life. One such student is Zach Seagraves, an Auburn University senior studying biosystems engineering.

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Native to Milledgeville, Ga.,… Continue

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Breaking the Coaching Mold

When most people think of a PE coach, they think of a large, athletic man loudly blowing his whistle and shouting out football or basketball plays to his students. The second Sarah Tamplin walks into a school gymnasium, that image is shattered.

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Tamplin is a recent graduate of Auburn University, having earned her Bachelor of Science…


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