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Reportedly, They All Survived

“When we get to the edge I’m going to ask you if you want to go skydiving,” Lt. Col. Larry Glasscock professional tandem jumper at Skydive Atlanta said. “You’re going to say, ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but ‘no’ sounds like ‘GO,’ so either way we’re going!”

And with three thrusts we dropped face forward out of the airplane – falling 125 mph.

Glasscock works a couple weekends each month at Skydive Atlanta. “It’s a fun thing to do on the side for sure,” Glasscock said. Andy…


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Can't find your fit at Auburn? Create it!

One of the great things about Auburn University is the ability to find your niche. Don’t see an organization you’re interested in? Create one! That’s exactly what Auburn junior Jade Whitaker, a biomedical sciences major, did when she established Operation Smile Student Club on campus.…


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Kickin' It With The Auburn Women's Club Soccer Team

On any given Tuesday night, a few miles down Wire Road, you’ll see giant lights rising into the sky and orderly patches of green spread across the ground. This is the Auburn Soccer Complex.

At first glance you’ll see mostly elementary age children, with soccer moms and dads screaming and cheering as kids run the opposite direction of the ball. But if you look closer you’ll see one group of college-aged girls methodically playing the game – this is the Auburn Women’s Club…


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Adventurers Unite!

New place, new people, new teachers, new roommates; the transition from high school to college is full of all sorts of adjustments. Along with those is an unlimited list of new adventures.

In order to take full advantage of four years worth of adventures, a group of Auburn students formed the Outdoor Adventure Club back in 2006.

Seven years later, the OAC has about 120 active members all looking to enjoy…


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Auburn University Rowing Club prepares for the upcoming season

The Auburn University Rowing Club is training for the upcoming spring season.

The club competes all over the SEC against other clubs and varsity teams.

"We compete against schools like Vanderbilt, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and we regularly beat Bama," said four-year member Dria Heim. "We…


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Outdoor Adventure Club Sets the Standard for Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Club is one of Auburn University’s best-kept secrets and has recently gained the campus’s attention. The club once felt imaginary and illusive to Auburn’s campus, most students had heard of it, but never actually seen members in action. The last few years on campus, however, the club has gained attention and obtained more than 400 members. Kelsey Woodworth, PR chair for the club, explains that, “Not all of these members are active. That is what makes OAC so special, how…


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Auburn's Greek Community Comes Together for a Cause

Once a year, Auburn’s greek community, including the Interfraternity council and Panhellenic council, comes together in friendly competition to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club.

The sororities and fraternities on campus are divided into different colored teams that participate in events throughout the…


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Auburn Alumni Association Keeps Traditions Rolling Within the Auburn Family

Auburn University prides itself on being one of the top academic institutions in the nation with its superior academics and exceptional fan base. But the real backbone of the Auburn Family goes way deeper than the surface.

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The Auburn Alumni Association has been keeping alumni of Auburn University in contact with one another since its…


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Auburn Hockey Team Launches Fundraiser for Second Season

After years of trying and rejection, in the spring of 2010, directors and faculty at Auburn University approved the charter for an ice hockey organization after a 27-year hiatus. The team overcame hurdles to meet their goals and placed 6th in the SECHC.

The Tigers prepare for their second season with "A… Continue

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A New Organization In The Works Will Help Students Develop New Media Production Skills


Have you ever wanted to learn about video or web production, but you could never find the resources and the task of teaching yourself was too daunting?  


Would you like to gain a broad range of audio and visual production skills within the scope of social…


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Chinese students share culture on campus

On Thursday, February 3, millions of people around the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year. A few hundred of those people will be members of the Auburn Family.

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Auburn is home to more than 500 Chinese graduate students, employees and faculty members, said Dr. Carolyn FitzGerald, assistant professor of Chinese in the…


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