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Toomer's Corner Progress and Options

Toomer’s corner has always been a very historical place for Auburn University. This has been a place full of celebration and an iconic corner that plays a large part in football season and to Auburn fans. The Toomer Oak Trees were destroyed in 2011, and since then Auburn specialists have been cooking up some plans to get the corner back to life. This has been a long and hard process considering there will be change and most people are not crazy about change, especially to such an iconic,… Continue

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Toomer's Oaks to be Rolled Away April 20

Over the years, toilet paper flapping carelessly in the famous Toomer’s oak trees on the corner of College Road and Magnolia Avenue is a common sight during football season or various Auburn University events.


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However, April 20 marks the last day the 130-year-old oaks will be wrapped up and covered with toilet…


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WSFA: Toomer's Tree Fire Suspects on Video

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Help identify these persons of interest.  Anyone with information about these individuals or the incident should call Auburn Police at (334) 501-3100.…


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You Can't Kill Our Tradition

The future of Toomer's oaks has been decided this week. If the current oaks should die, they will be replaced with large trees and a temporary structure will be used to celebrate victories until their roots take hold. 




This decision was recommended by The Committee to Study the Future of Rolling Toomer's Corner after thorough research, surveys and consulting their experts. President Jay Gogue accepted the committee's recommendation this week,…


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ESPNU’s ‘SEC Weekly’ to feature Toomer’s Oaks seedlings

AUBURN- Auburn University's Toomer's Oaks Seedlings program will be featured on ESPNU's "SEC Weekly" television show on Wednesday, June 15, at 6 p.m.


In 2002, Auburn University students began collecting acorns from the Toomer's Oaks in order to grow seedlings from the beloved trees. Many of the seedlings from the acorns were planted in an orchard,…


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Former Camp War Eagle Counselor and his Toomer's Memories

Many Auburn students first experience part of the Auburn life during their Camp War Eagle session. It seems though that would not be the case for the counselors, who are veterans of the campus and its traditions.

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Justin Hayles, a Senior double majoring in accounting and information systems management and 2007 Camp War Eagle Counselor,… Continue

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Toomer's Corner: A Students Perspective

The Auburn Family sat in shock and disbelief as news broke this past Wednesday of the Toomer’s Oaks poisoning. This enormous tree, symbolizing an age-old tradition and spirit that is unafraid, has graced the corner of Auburn’s campus for more than 130 years. The stretching branches have been hung countless times with rolls of toilet paper, a testament to every accomplishment the University has achieved throughout many, many decades.…


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Trees, Traditions, and Tragedy

The recent poisoning of Toomer’s oaks has caused an uproar at Auburn University and in the surrounding community. Many are devastated that the trees likelihood of survival is less than 10 percent.  Flowers and signs can be found covering the ground around the oaks. People have flooded to Toomer’s Corner to take what could be their last pictures with the famous oaks.

The oak trees on Toomer’s Corner have existed for around 130 years. They have been a part of the Auburn tradition for…


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The Phone Call Heard Around the South

For more than 100 years there has been a shared rivalry between two Alabama universities. The competition between Auburn University and The University of Alabama has sparked conversations, fights,tears and even laughter, but what occurred this month has left many people speechless.

What started with an angry phone call to a radio show has spiraled into heartache for Auburn fans.

This January, an Alabama fan by the name of Harvey Updyke explained to sports commentator and radio…


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Toomer's Corner Trees Tragedy Brings Strength

Sadness. That is the first reaction to the Auburn community’s latest tragedy: the poisoning of the Toomer’s Corner oak trees. As it was announced this past Wednesday, Feb. 16, the oak trees were poisoned after Auburn had won the Iron Bowl this year.


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Although the effect starts in sadness, it will only grow with strength.…


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A tradition that can't be broken

In the wee morning hours after an Auburn victory, anyone can drive to the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue and see thousands of rolls of toilet paper thrown across every tree on Toomer’s Corner.

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On Wednesday it was revealed that the trees on Toomer’s Corner were poisoned with an injection of Spike 80DF, an herbicide that… Continue

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Auburn University Determines Next Steps for Toomer's Oaks; Asks Fans Not to Roll the Trees

AUBURN DAILY EXTRA: Auburn University determines next steps for Toomer's oaks; asks fans not to roll the trees

Auburn University has formed a task force to help save its famed Toomer's… Continue

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"Tonight, we are all Toomer's Corner"

From ESPN by Patrick Hruby  The text of the Stanford Tree's emergency address to the nation, following …


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