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April: Where My Grades Go to Die

Since probably about the 5th grade, I’ve noticed a distinct trend in my study habits during the second semester of the school year. This year is no exception.  In January through March, I’m totally on top of my studies. What else is there to do? It’s almost too cold to walk 50 feet to the transit to get to class, let alone any other outdoor activity. All my shows are on their winter hiatus, leaving a huge hole in my weeknights (and my heart) that I can only fill with…


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New Toomer's Drugs Prints and Note Cards

I've just completed this pen-and-ink drawing of Toomer's Drugs, Toomer's Corner in downtown Auburn, AL which will be part of my exhbition at Stonehenge Gallery in May. I've created prints and note cards of the drawing and you may now purchase them in my Etsy shop (scroll down to…


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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Abroad GIF Edition

Why should you ditch America for a few weeks? Maybe you missed your opportunity to study abroad or are a new graduate unsure of where to go next. No matter what happens, you won’t regret stretching the limits of your comfort zone and taking a plunge into the unknown. Consider these 7 reasons why now is the time to travel abroad:

1. Culture: Traveling allows you to learn about different cultures first hand. Your interaction with new people will likely cause you to experience culture…


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The Unexpected Philanthropist

There is a place where books sleep hoping to wake up in the arms of a child. The pathways are lined with boxes waiting to be shipped. A pile of misfit books sit in the corner hoping their torn pages will be opened one day. Thousands of stories are sealed up waiting eagerly for children to discover them.

This place is the Jean Dean Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) warehouse in Opelika, Ala. Hidden in the savannah of the stacked books is the special story of Cathy Gafford, the director…


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What You're Thinking When Choosing a Restaurant in Auburn

What I eat for dinner can make or break my mood on any given night.  I have probably put more thought into my nightly meals than I have put thought into what I'm going to do after graduation.  The great thing about living in Auburn is that there are tons of places to eat all over town, no matter what mood you're in. Here, I've given an example of what was going through my head when I've visited some of Auburn's most popular eateries through the years.…


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Interview with a EuroTrip Veteran Part II

Here's the second installment in the series of interviews with Milan Dekich, an Auburn European Graduation Trip veteran. Milan offers great advice for those of you attending the trip or traveling to Europe this summer!

For those of you interested in attending the 2014 AU European Graduation Trip, the deadline to sign up is next Wednesday, April 2. Follow this link for more information: Auburn…


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The Auburn Acronym: What Does A-U-B-U-R-N Mean to You?



A is for All Auburn, All in. The Auburn Family is a community that…


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Survival Guide: Surviving the Dreadful Last Weeks of School

It's that time again--crunch time. The semester is winding down and summer break will be here before you know it. With all the assignments and projects that are left in the last few weeks, you may be wondering how you will survive it all and come out on top.  Below are five tips that may help you get through the next few weeks with the least amount of stress as possible.…


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25 Travel Hacks in Honor of Travel With Care Week

When dealing with travel there is one undisputed law you need to follow: "Foresight teaches gently, error teaches brutally".  Basically, learn from others mistakes. You can loose so much time and money by not knowing the right information before making your trip. It doesn't matter where you are going, someone has…


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FLP’s Water Week 2014 Raised More Than $10,000 and Improved the Lives of Thousands Across the World

The Auburn for (WATER) program created its first and successful week-long fundraising event called Water Week 2014 that raised more than $10,000 to send three water wells to Bihar, India. …


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Spice Up Your Schedule: Unique Electives You May Not Have Known Existed

To break up the monotonous daily schedule of core classes, luckily Auburn requires students to take a certain number of elective hours. Some students decide to pick up a minor with these extra hours and other's like to mix physical education classes into their day. Auburn offers electives for almost every interest and tons of new things to try. Here are some electives you might not have even know existed!

1. Self-defense- Have you ever wanted punch a police officer?…


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A Guide To Midterms | Advice from Auburn University Seniors

Uh ohh… it’s about that time again. Midterms. All college students dread them. They’re inconvenient, annoying and downright miserable.

Midterms are terrible because, unlike finals week, you can’t stop everything else you’re doing in life to focus on taking tests; you just have to figure out how to fit hours of studying into your already crammed schedule. Not to mention you haven’t completed any of the required reading assignments, and your notebooks are filled with grocery lists and…


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A Twitter Scavenger Hunt for What Life is Like at Auburn University

Auburn’s campus is constantly filled with different kind of events and people with numerous purposes. During the week of Feb. 10-14, I interviewed multiple students and documented the exciting things occurring on campus to show what a week of school is like for an Auburn student. …


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Top Spring Break Locations for Auburn Students

Spring break is beginning to get closer and excitement is building around Auburn University as well as many other college campuses. With less than a month left to go (yes it’s scary but true) people are chatting about spring break plans and how it’s crunch time for getting those beach bods.  The month of March is the prime time for many southern schools to let off for break. This year Auburn’s spring break begins on March 8.  Before you know it all the beaches along the gulf and elsewhere…


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Valentine's Day Specials

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day in Auburn as the local restaurants and bars prepare for one of the most irresistible nights out on the town! Valentine’s Day has always been notably one of the busiest nights of year for restaurants, but in a college town the local bars see a…


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Student Athletes Tweak the Definition of a College Experience

Student athletes are not only expected to perform well on the field, but they also must learn how to manage the little free time that they have away from the locker room.

Katie Sluck, a sophomore studying marketing, has been an Auburn Tiger all her life. In the fifth grade, she made it her dream goal to be on…


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Auburn Pre-med Student: Pulling Teeth and Changing the World

Many Auburn University students travel the world studying abroad during their time in college; Heather Leyva, senior pre-med student is no exception. But while Heather travels the globe, she changes lives, one tooth at a time.

Leyva recently traveled to Costa Rica for a dental…


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Ciao, Rome

The next stop on our Auburn style euro-trip is Rome, Italy. Rome is known worldwide for it’s ancient history and art, and after a trek around the city, you will see why. Rome is a city comparable to the Grand Canyon; you see beautiful photos of such places, but the real site with take your breath away. After the locally guided tours of Rome’s Capitol Hill and the Vatican City, we’ll have about two days to explore the Eternal City on our own. Here are some ideas for how to spend your free…


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AU Dance Marathon Exceeds Expectations and Raises $176,589.65 ‘For the Kids’

Auburn University Dance Marathon is not just another organization on campus. It is not just another activity to add to your college resume, and it is not just something to do in your spare time. It is an organization that offers more than you could imagine.

This past fall, the members of AUDM…


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Busted: The Top 5 European Graduation Trip Myths

In light of our victorious football season, why not continue this celebration and spread our family cheer throughout Europe this summer? Imagine holding our burnt orange and navy blue flag in front of international monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Coliseum. The Auburn Family spirit is undeniable, but with every new experience and opportunity, there are bound to be false assumptions. That’s why I’m here; to debunk the Top 5 European Graduation Trip Myths.




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