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Go Green! Auburn's Industrial Design Department Hosts Annual Designing Green Competition

Auburn University’s Industrial Design Department put on its annual Designing Green competition on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 20-21. Each spring, the Industrial Design Department’s student chapter of Industrial Designers’ Society of America sponsors a competition in which industrial and…


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Six pieces of advice from seniors to freshmen

No senior will lie to you.

The first footstep upon Auburn's campus as freshman was taken with confidence & fear. What if I wear the wrong color Nike shorts, or what if I get lost in the Haley Center maze?

Thankfully, there's enough seniors to give you the advice you didn't even realize you need. After four years of mistakes made and lessons learned, there's plenty of it to go around. Needless to say, they will make your transition into the Auburn family a smoother one.…


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Tales of Tiger Transfers

For many students at Auburn, there was no choice when it came to deciding where to attend college. Either Mom or Dad went here, or maybe another relative...either way, orange and blue was running through veins before one could even say, "War Eagle!"

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Others have a much different story. From first-generation college students to…


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Designers not Decorators


            “We are designers not decorators,” Mary Caillouet, a junior majoring in interior design, said. “You of course have to be conscious of beautiful, but I’m not in school to pick out a couch, I’m in school to see how many people can fit into a space and see how they can work most functionally.”

            Mary said that a lot of people mistake interior design majors for decorators but that’s far from the truth.

            “I’m more concerned…


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Apparel Merchandising Student Aligns Education with a Future Career

Christina Holle is a student at Auburn University majoring in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production Management. Holle is a senior and will graduate in May 2013. She is looking forward to her future in fashion and is grateful for the Auburn education that has been preparing her the past four years.

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“Having a real…


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Emma Graham Brings Southern Couture To The Plains

Emma Mahone and Jackie Graham are close friends who have worked together to create a clothing line that would appeal to young women ages 18-30.

After making its first appearance this fall, the Emma Graham clothing line is taking Auburn University’s campus by storm.

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Lauren McDavid…


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Structuring a Fantastic Future

Senior Mary Win McCarthy from Mobile, Ala. is an Architecture major who has her sights set high for helping improve the design of buildings by creating sustainable and green homes. McCarthy has always has a passion for both art and math and wanted a career that incorporated both subjects.


McCarthy did not realize the breadth of knowledge she would learn going into architecture.


“Architecture influences politics,” said McCarthy. “It has shown a…


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Designing a New Environment

All of the majors in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction are both rewarding and challenging, but only one offers the opportunity to sample everything during your undergrad. One of the ambassadors for the college, Danielle Lowe, explains the major.…


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Renowned Designer Ty Wilkins Evaluates Auburn Graphic Design Students' Work at Annual Show

Each year, the Graphic Design Juried Student Show features the year’s best work by graphic design students in Auburn University’s Department of Industrial and Graphic Design. This competitive show allows students to enter their work in a broad range of categories to be showcased to the public and…


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Industrial Design versus Graphic Design: A Common Misconception

Many students at Auburn confuse the two majors Industrial Design and Graphic Design. While both majors have many similarities, there are a few differences that make the two majors distinct from each other. Students in the Industrial Design program at Auburn say that their outstanding program is often overlooked. Industrial Design students praise the program for its prestige and how greatly the program will prepare them to become some of the most talented college graduate designers.…


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Uniting Management and Construction

With more than 10 colleges and schools and numerous majors to choose from, Auburn University has a program for everyone. Selecting the right major can be the hardest feat to overcome. Many students turn to the College of Architecture, Design and Construction to find their future career paths.


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The college offers a variety of…


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A Major That Combines Hardhats and Business Suits

The McWhorter School of Building Science is one of the most unique academic programs that Auburn University has to offer. Building Science is a program within the College of Architecture, Design and Construction that is a “multi-disciplinary program which combines a significant technical education with a broad background in business management” according to the department. The school is very proud of its leading…


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Graphic Design: Designing The Future

The Graphic Design Program at Auburn consists of a tight knit group of students who show case their artistic abilities through various projects.

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The program is located in the Department of Industrial and Graphic Design and is in conjunction with the Department of Art. Through this partnership, graphic design student are exposed…


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Not Your Grandma's Sewing Kit

Kellie Jennings always knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. She would never be happy with the clothes her Barbie’s came with, so she would make new clothes for them out of scraps of cloth leftover from her mother’s sewing room. “I’ve really never wanted to do anything else. Some little girls want to be princesses or school teachers, but I knew from the beginning that I had to go into apparel merchandising,” said Jennings.…


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An Auburn Graduate Goes LIVE

So what do an Auburn graduate, Eva Longoria, and Haiti have in common? Well, a lot more than you would think.

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Whitney Ward graduated from Auburn's architecture program in 2005. She then moved to Birmingham, AL where she was employed with the now LIVE design group where she had interned during college.

Live design is a way… Continue

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"Designing to Enable" Matthew Groshek's Case for Community Gardens as Sustainable Food Sources

Inspired and intrigued with the notion of sustainability, Matthew Groshek came to Auburn looking to incite the discussion of sustainable practice on campus and his recommendation is simple. Grow your own.

Groshek, public scholar of civic engagement in exhibition planning and design in the department of visual communications and assistant professor at the Herron School of Art and Design, presented his lecture, “Designing to Enable: a case for civic agriculture and a culture of… Continue

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Behind the Scenes at Telfair Peet Theatre

The Telfair Peet Theatre puts on various productions each year on their stages. The lights, music, sets and costumes are all done with precision and by students.

Students are the driving force in the Department of Theater at Auburn University. The program is hands on and students gain more experience with each production. Katie George, a senior costume design major, transferred to the theatre department and instantly fell in love with the program, “I wanted something that was more… Continue

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More Than Just a Pretty Sign

Auburn students see the familiar Toomer’s Ten logo as a guide to a safe ride home. One Auburn student in particular sees it as a sign of personal accomplishment.

Laura Jordan, an Auburn University graphic design major is the creator of the Toomer’s Ten logo found on buses and transit stops across campus. Laura was approached by Jacob Watkins, Student Government Association president, and Griffin Bruns, senior adviser to the president, based on her graphic design… Continue

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