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What I Wish I Knew When I Was a Freshman

1. Go to your professor’s office hours

Don’t be scared. Go to your professor’s office hours and ask questions about the course or simply just to introduce yourself.



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FLP’s Water Week 2014 Raised More Than $10,000 and Improved the Lives of Thousands Across the World

The Auburn for (WATER) program created its first and successful week-long fundraising event called Water Week 2014 that raised more than $10,000 to send three water wells to Bihar, India. …


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Six pieces of advice from seniors to freshmen

No senior will lie to you.

The first footstep upon Auburn's campus as freshman was taken with confidence & fear. What if I wear the wrong color Nike shorts, or what if I get lost in the Haley Center maze?

Thankfully, there's enough seniors to give you the advice you didn't even realize you need. After four years of mistakes made and lessons learned, there's plenty of it to go around. Needless to say, they will make your transition into the Auburn family a smoother one.…


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5 Things Every Freshman Should Know

Auburn University had thousands of freshmen move in this fall. Being a freshman in college is a big change and has its challenges. Some seniors at Auburn University wish they would have known some things their freshman year that they now know.

“I wish I would’ve known the importance of making it to class every day,” said John Dooley, senior at Auburn University. “It will really affect your grades.”…


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Learning Communities: Helping Freshman Find Their Place at Auburn

Adjusting to college can prove to be a challenging transition. By joining a Learning Community, familiar faces can turn into friends.

Find more videos like this on Auburn Family

Learning Communities are becoming essential to a successful freshman year. Auburn University has approximately 35 learning communities.

A group of 20 to 25 students are…


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What to Expect When You're Accepted

Whether the acceptance comes through letter or email, the word “congratulations” is one every high school senior hopes to see. When the “congratulations” come from Auburn University, it’s more than just an acceptance to an elite university. The letter represents an invitation to a family that has roots over 150 years deep.



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Design In Mind

Auburn University was named America's Best Architecture and Design School in 2010. It goes without saying, Auburn is a great school for industrial design.


Industrial design is in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction under the Department of Industrial and Graphic Design.


What exactly is industrial design (ID)?

Students majoring in ID learn how to create and develop new…


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On or Off?

To live on or off campus; that is the question.


Deciding where to live freshman year can be challenging. Auburn has many options, ranging from campus dorms to houses in neighborhoods. When making the choice, factors like price, size, and proximity to campus play a major role in the decision. 


Sara Sellers, a junior in Exercise Science at Auburn, talks about her decisions on housing as a college…


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Off-Campus Living

While most people enjoy their privacy, only a few people get to appreciate the privilege of having their own bedroom during their freshman year of college. Many colleges require students to live on campus their freshman year, but many of these students find a way to get out of it. Those who live in their own apartment or house may have the privilege of privacy and comfort, but they do not have the privilege of convenience.…


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New Town, New Experiences - Insight from the Freshman Perspective

For many students the idea of beginning college can be an overwhelming stage of life to conquer. Madeline White, a freshman majoring in Human Development and Family Science, grew up in a small town with big dreams of attending Auburn University one day. Madeline's family…


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A Freshman with Her Own Kind of Brand

Elizabeth Simmons is a freshman majoring in Agricultural Communications. Her hometown boasts the world's largest livestock exposition and richest regular-season rodeo, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She has served on the Jr. Rodeo Committee of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and plans to do so in the future.…


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Catching Up With Kathryn Ethridge

Kathryn Ethridge is a freshman from Atlanta, GA. She is an outgoing and free-spirited 18-year-old with a passion for helping others. She grew up spending a lot of time in her local church and has participated in mission trips to many countries. She is currently active with the Auburn United Methodist Church…


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Big Dreams for a Small Town Girl

When a lot of students come to Auburn they see it as a downsizing experience; a real small town feel.  Well for freshman Mary-Carter English that isn't the case.  English is from Monroeville, Ala. where the population is around 7,000 people, which is barely more than one grade at Auburn.  




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The Freshman Five

James Imhoff



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Learning as She Goes

Katie Evatt…


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Brandon Howell: An Auburn Traditionalist

What’s your favorite Auburn tradition?

Football brings out the best in Auburn tradition. The tradition I enjoy the most is the tiger walk so that I get to see the coach and the stars of the team. It gets me pumped up for the game ahead and is definitely an Auburn tradition I can't miss out on game day.


If you could meet one Auburn legend, dead or alive, who would it be?

I am a sports fanatic so it is no wonder why I would like…


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An Auburn Freshman with Big Fish to Fry

Tom Houston

Freshman, Majoring in Fisheries

For most freshmen the transition from life at home to life as a college student can be a grueling and demanding one. Freshman Tom Houston… Continue

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Frenzers Attend Auburn in Multiples

Caitlin, Beth, and Megan Frenzer

Political Science and Business Administration, Civil Engineering, History

Freshmen from Chicago, IL


Auburn receives new freshmen every Fall semester, but this Fall the University welcomed three girls from the…


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Desi Ingram: New Home Away from Home

Desi Ingram is a freshman at Auburn University majoring in business with the intent of going to law school upon graduation. She had a long move when deciding to attend Auburn. She is from a town just 15 minutes from Chicago, called Glenview, Ill. Desi was ready to…


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Christian Fulks for Education

Christian Fulks

Freshman,  Majoring in Elementary Education


Being a freshman at Auburn University can be a tough job. The adjustment from high school to college can be an overwhelming and scary experience. Christian Fulks is an energetic 19-year-old…


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