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Interning abroad, a new way to gain work experience

Interning is a way for students to gain work experience and prepare them for life after graduation. In some cases it is a requirement to graduate.

Auburn University offers a Global Internship program to students. Dr. Daniel Padgett is the faculty director of the program and an Associate Professor of Marketing. He explained the history of the program, “The College of Business has been running global internship summer programs since 2005. Our first location was London, followed by…


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Bringing Auburn to LA

Photo shoots, models and Johnny Depp. These are a few things most students can’t say are part of their daily life. For Sarah Winford, an apparel design and production management major, it was a surreal reality.

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Winford lived in Los Angeles this past summer to complete her internship required to graduate.

When deciding on where to go for…


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Business Student Finds Lasting Benefits in a Summer Internship

Erin Phillips is a senior majoring in supply chain management. Phillips started out as an accounting major and switched to supply chain management her junior year of college. While Phillips has always loved business, she felt like supply chain management suited her future career goals better.

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“Supply chain is so interesting and very hands-on,”…


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Structuring a Fantastic Future

Senior Mary Win McCarthy from Mobile, Ala. is an Architecture major who has her sights set high for helping improve the design of buildings by creating sustainable and green homes. McCarthy has always has a passion for both art and math and wanted a career that incorporated both subjects.


McCarthy did not realize the breadth of knowledge she would learn going into architecture.


“Architecture influences politics,” said McCarthy. “It has shown a…


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Senior Nutrition Major Seeks to Develop Culinary Skills Program for Patients with Eating Disorders

Every female can relate to the pressures that come from the desire to be thin. Girls today, even very young ones, are being bombarded with the message that they need to be super-skinny to be happy and successful, while medical experts endlessly tout the health risks associated to being this thin.


Among these experts is Amyclaire Grisham, a senior in nutrition and dietetics, whose passion for health stems from her early involvement in competitive sports; particularly,…


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Help For Your Career at the Fair

Career fairs happen more often than one might think, and you can get an internship or job just by going to one and meeting people from different companies.

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By finding out about the fairs through the Auburn University website, you can help your chances of getting an interview exponentially.  It is free to students and gives them tons of…


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Auburn Senior Teaching for America

There is a growing number of children in poverty who aren’t able to get the education that most of us are privileged to have. Teach for America is a program where individuals interview to become teachers for children who live in low-income communities.


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Many students at Auburn University have chosen to interview for such…


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Interning :: Boosting Skills and Confidence

Every student must make that transition from being a college student to getting a job and becoming a part of the real world. So what is key to making that transition easier?


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Interning is the stepping-stone to working that dream job and becoming comfortable in your skills and choice of major.


Danielle Albert is a…


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A Southern Girl in San Francisco

When Savannah Roberts hung up the phone after her interview with Michael Bodziner, she felt relieved because she knew they had created a bond over their southern roots.

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Having lived in Alabama her entire life, Roberts was anxious about applying for an internship on the opposite side of the country at the No. 2 architecture firm in the U.S.,…


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A Memorable Interning Experience

Clay Bolton is a junior at Auburn University who is in the College of Science and Mathematics. He is majoring in Medical Science. Clay would recommend this college and major for people who are interested in science and have a desire to help others. Eventually he wants to be a surgeon.


Last summer he interned with the Head of NICU to gain experience and more knowledge. He followed medical students who are specializing in Anesthesiology.


"It was a memorable and…


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An Internship With a Cause

Many majors at Auburn University include a semester-long internship in their curriculum. Their purpose is to help students gain experience in the work field that they plan to enter after graduation. One major in particular, rehabilitation services, provides its students with hands-on experience and learning opportunities.

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Chelsea… Continue

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A Dream Internship

“I truly believe that this internship will open up many doors to my future career aspirations," said Robert Green. "I always knew that I wanted to work somewhere within the realm of the sports world."

Many would think this internship was a dream and most guys would love to have the opportunity to do what Green… Continue

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Where Do You Fit?

How are you supposed to know what you want to do for the rest of your life before you take any classes in the field? You’re not.

John Putnam, a fifth-year senior in the College of Agriculture, came to Auburn planning to become an architect. After 3 weeks, Putnam discovered he couldn’t draw and architecture was not for him.

“I sucked at drawing,” said Putnam. “You have no idea how hard it is to draw a straight line.”…


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Teaching Students While Still a Student

Interning at Opelika High School this semester has been an enriching and insightful experience for Auburn University senior Bonnie Dean. This internship gives her first-hand practice working with high school seniors.

Dean is a Secondary Education major at Auburn. Each senior in the program must perform a semester-long internship with a local school.

Working 40 hours each week at the school is exhausting, yet Dean maintains enthusiasm through this experience. Her zeal for… Continue

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