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Working 9 to 5 and then 5 to 9: How to be a Student and Have a Job

For students of Auburn University, going to school is a full-time job. Each teacher expects students to spend at least three hours a week outside of the classroom studying and working on class material.

Therefore, if you are registered for 15 hours a semester, you are expected to dedicate at least 30 hours a week toward school. And that’s not including weeks with papers and tests.

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Handling the Pressure of Multiple Responsibilities

Mae Margaret Davis, a Huntsville native, is a senior pursuing a degree in public relations. Although she is a full time student, Davis has balanced school and the same job for almost 5 years as a student assistant for media relations in the Auburn athletic department. 

 Davis’s day to day responsibilities include anything from getting…


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Balancing Work, Class and Clinical

Most students would probably deem it impossible, but this third-semester nursing school student says she is able to handle schoolwork and a part time job. 


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PRSSA :: Educating, Networking, Careering

As most College of Liberal Arts students have heard, an organization called PRSSA has been welcoming students interested in Public Relations and Communication for years now. PRSSA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America and it is a network of more than 10,000 college students interested in those majors. The organization meets every Monday during the school year at a specific time that’s available for most students.…


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Help For Your Career at the Fair

Career fairs happen more often than one might think, and you can get an internship or job just by going to one and meeting people from different companies.

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By finding out about the fairs through the Auburn University website, you can help your chances of getting an interview exponentially.  It is free to students and gives them tons of…


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Auburn Senior Teaching for America

There is a growing number of children in poverty who aren’t able to get the education that most of us are privileged to have. Teach for America is a program where individuals interview to become teachers for children who live in low-income communities.


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Many students at Auburn University have chosen to interview for such…


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Auburn's Work Study Program: Getting Paid for Something You Love

College tuition, especially at Auburn, is constantly increasing. Many students apply for loans or scholarships, but some are unaware of another type of financial aid that Auburn University offers its students.


The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) provides students with part-time employment either on campus or in the Auburn community to assist with their…


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Robert French: A Great Resource

Many students are preparing for Graduation, which is less than one month away.  Some students will head of to graduate school, law school, or go get another major. But what about the students that plan on heading straight into the work force?

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Most liberal arts students believe that the staff does a great job helping the transition…


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A different kind of student job

Graphic design. Baseball.


Most people would not correlate these two things, but Forrest Buckner, a sophomore majoring in graphic design at Auburn University, does. Buckner is the current assistant coach for the junior varsity baseball team at Lee Scott Academy.


Buckner graduated from…


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Changing Majors: A Major Change?

When first entering Auburn University, it may seem that everyone is sure of exactly what they want to do. Students have chosen a major and they are sticking to it. They are confident that what they decided is what they're going to do for the rest of their life.


However, many students entering Auburn University have no idea what they want to do after they graduate. Many pick a major because it sounds interesting. Soon, they realize that the major they chose isn’t right for…


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Full-Time Students Working Part Time

College is expensive. 


On average, public, four-year colleges charge students in state over $8,000 in tuition and fees for one year. Students out of state pay almost double that cost. The overall total only grows when you add books, food, laundry and a place to live.


As college costs…


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Student Encounters Problems in Part-time Job Search

Finding a job isn’t just hard for alumni and new graduates these days. Many Auburn University students searching for a part-time job this semester are finding that job opportunities are limited for them, too. Typical student jobs, everything from waiting tables to working retail, are hard to find in the Auburn area.

According to, 57 percent of college students hold jobs. For that majority, it means giving up free time to focus on making money. Whether they’re working for… Continue

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