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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Abroad GIF Edition

Why should you ditch America for a few weeks? Maybe you missed your opportunity to study abroad or are a new graduate unsure of where to go next. No matter what happens, you won’t regret stretching the limits of your comfort zone and taking a plunge into the unknown. Consider these 7 reasons why now is the time to travel abroad:

1. Culture: Traveling allows you to learn about different cultures first hand. Your interaction with new people will likely cause you to experience culture…


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What You're Thinking When Choosing a Restaurant in Auburn

What I eat for dinner can make or break my mood on any given night.  I have probably put more thought into my nightly meals than I have put thought into what I'm going to do after graduation.  The great thing about living in Auburn is that there are tons of places to eat all over town, no matter what mood you're in. Here, I've given an example of what was going through my head when I've visited some of Auburn's most popular eateries through the years.…


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Interview with a EuroTrip Veteran Part II

Here's the second installment in the series of interviews with Milan Dekich, an Auburn European Graduation Trip veteran. Milan offers great advice for those of you attending the trip or traveling to Europe this summer!

For those of you interested in attending the 2014 AU European Graduation Trip, the deadline to sign up is next Wednesday, April 2. Follow this link for more information: Auburn…


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25 Travel Hacks in Honor of Travel With Care Week

When dealing with travel there is one undisputed law you need to follow: "Foresight teaches gently, error teaches brutally".  Basically, learn from others mistakes. You can loose so much time and money by not knowing the right information before making your trip. It doesn't matter where you are going, someone has…


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Top Five Places To Study In Auburn

So we are back from spring break, and we are back to that time of year when it is impossible to study (especially if you are a senior). So, if you are in desperate need of a place to forget spring fever and write that 15-page paper, these five places may be the place for you:

5. Wake Up Coffee Co.…


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A Twitter Scavenger Hunt for What Life is Like at Auburn University

Auburn’s campus is constantly filled with different kind of events and people with numerous purposes. During the week of Feb. 10-14, I interviewed multiple students and documented the exciting things occurring on campus to show what a week of school is like for an Auburn student. …


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Student Athletes Tweak the Definition of a College Experience

Student athletes are not only expected to perform well on the field, but they also must learn how to manage the little free time that they have away from the locker room.

Katie Sluck, a sophomore studying marketing, has been an Auburn Tiger all her life. In the fifth grade, she made it her dream goal to be on…


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The Top Nine Things AU Student Veterans Wish You Knew

Brittany Shelton and Andrew Newby are undergraduate student veterans at Auburn University. Both previously served in the United States Marine Corps, and are currently working toward their respective degrees while working at Auburn University's Veterans Resource Center. …


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Auburn Pre-med Student: Pulling Teeth and Changing the World

Many Auburn University students travel the world studying abroad during their time in college; Heather Leyva, senior pre-med student is no exception. But while Heather travels the globe, she changes lives, one tooth at a time.

Leyva recently traveled to Costa Rica for a dental…


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All Aboard the Gus Bus: Sweater Weather

In 2010, Gene Chizik made us do a double take with his signature white, short sleeve windbreaker. It was sleek, practical and exuded just the right amount of attitude. Now, Gus Malzahn has everyone talking (and tweeting) about his game day attire. 

Behold, the Holy Trinity of football garb — the sweater vest-turtleneck-visor combination.…


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I Believe in Work, Hard Work

Auburn students are notoriously hard workers. They balance school with club memberships, football season, intramural sports and socializing. Many of them also take on a part-time job to gain experience or a little extra cash, which adds to the constant juggling of activities. How do they do it? It’s not easy – but it does give them some extra skills that will be invaluable upon graduation.

The job possibilities for those interested can seem endless. There are on-campus jobs,…


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Five Ways You Know You're a College Student

1)     You never wear anything other than a t-shirt and shorts.
And when you go home, your family always asks you if you own any other types of clothing. 
2)     You never have any money in your bank account.…

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11 Reasons It's Good To Be An Auburn Student Today

1. You found a parking spot within 5 minutes this morning.

Normally you circle the lot for about 10 minutes.


2. You remembered Auburn is number 11 in the BCS rankings.…


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No Shave November: Mustaches of Auburn

Gentlemen, it’s mid-October which means it’s almost No Shave November — the month where we distinguish the men from the boys. So, gear up and check out these Auburn men with facial hair for a little inspiration. 

Ready. Set. Grow. 

1. "The Belieber"…


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5 unique ways to dine at Auburn

1. Dog Days

Head to the courtyard at Dudley Hall where architecture students are grilling out and listening to music every Friday…


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10 Things That Change From Your Freshman to Senior Year at Auburn

Some of these things you just have to take with a grain of salt. 

1. Friends on Facebook 

Freshman Year

You have no shame freshman year. Sat next to this one person for three minutes at Camp War Eagle? Sure! Search them on Facebook and friend request them immediately. YOU MUST HAVE FRIENDS.…


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8 Ways You Know You're an Out-Of-State Auburn Student

1. You can't go home this weekend. 

 Because home is many hours and miles away. 

2. Your friends don't road trip to come see…


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Students can now transfer football tickets

Student Ticket Transfer launched just in time for the first game on Saturday.

See the FAQ page for all the details.

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Bringing a Dog to College

Everyone loves having a dog growing up at home. That wagging tail and wet nose will cheer you up no matter how rough your day has been, but is it a good idea to bring your dog to college? Dogs come with many expenses and responsibilities that cannot be avoided. They also limit where you can live when you start your four years of school.

Find more videos like this on Auburn…


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Auburn Circle Named Outstanding Media Organization on Campus

Working for the Auburn Circle is a lot like going on a treasure hunt. Editors spend each semester searching through countless submissions of art, creative writing and photography to find the perfect pieces of student artwork to publish in the biannual magazine.

This year, the Auburn Circle staff and featured artists’ hard work paid off.…


Added by Alissa Best on April 1, 2013 at 7:34pm — 1 Comment

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