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Local Singer/Songwriter to Release 'The Acoustics'

Kristen Hines is a local Auburn singer/songwriter from Marietta, Ga. She has gained a local following by playing at coffee shops and churches in the area. Hines is currently working on a series of EPs called,

“The Acoustics,” that showcase her folk rock style over the course of several

different groupings of songs. The first installment of the series is called

“Songs in C,” and is available for free download online.…


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Department of Music Develops Student Musicians

Thomas Harbin’s life has been a series of musical

adventures. As in any good adventure story, Harbin finds himself with a dream

that far exceeds his current preparation, but, like any good adventurer, Harbin

is exhausting all the possible vehicles that could lead to his personal

resolution. Currently, Harbin is

progressing his skills within Auburn University’s Department of Music.…


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It's Hard to Sleep When You're Chasing Your Dreams

David Zima is out of his mind.

The device for his insanity: VegaBond surf and skate brand, a company he is establishing from his home in Auburn, Ala.

In early 2009 Zima founded the company under the name “Sound.” At the time, the infant brand focused on designing shirts, hats, hoodies and other skateboard-influenced apparel. Today, under the updated…


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2010 Truman Scholarship Finalist

When you look Scott Seitz in the eyes it is obvious that he is on a mission. His light blue eyes are windows to a well of determination, and it’s hard to imagine him leaving any task unfinished. For this reason, when Scott says he wants to use his life to bring about global education reform, you can be sure that this is a quest he has every intention of completing.

On Monday, March 15, Scott Seitz, a junior studying political science at Auburn University, will take a big step toward… Continue

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Opelika Area Renewal Rallies Community

Rows of ragged mobile homes stretch far into the distance. It’s the middle of the afternoon and two drug dealers are posted up on the neighborhood corner as if to call the bluff of local law enforcement. Crack houses are littered throughout the mobile home camp, gang culture is rampant and drug use is widespread.

Twenty minutes away thousands of university students hurry to and from classes occupied by impending exams, friends and spring break plans. It is too easy to spend… Continue

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Auburn Student Follows Calling to Honduras

When classes end in May another set of Auburn University graduates will begin to write the next chapter of their lives. For Leigh Cooper, a senior in elementary education, this next chapter will be written from Honduras and she will be writing it in Spanish.

On June 3, Leigh will put her life in the United States on an indefinite hiatus and begin a new story in Honduras, living, teaching and serving at Orphanage Emmanuel. Leigh describes her decision to teach in Honduras as a… Continue

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Local Garden Supplier Combats Snowstorm

For the snow-starved population of Auburn, the recent winter storm was cause for celebration. As five inches of snow covered the loveliest village in white, students and families took part in snowball fights, built snowmen and took turns sledding down select hills. However, not everyone was as excited about the winter snowstorm.

Blooming Colors, Auburn’s source for gardening and landscaping for the past 15 years, knows they have a lot at stake when temperatures dip below… Continue

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Auburn Students Band Together To Boost Area Music Scene

Ragged streams of dark hair frame deep brown eyes that peer out from behind thick-rimmed glasses, a heavy mustache rests on his upper lip, his chin is hidden by a dark beard. Joseph Wolnski doesn’t look like your typical computer science major, and tonight… Continue

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Co-Op Program Gives Student a Chance to Take Flight

Adam Moyer has always been interested in airplanes, and the Cooperative Education Program (co-op) at Auburn University is giving him a chance to live his dream.

Like many Auburn students, Adam, a junior aerospace engineering major, participated in the co-op program offered through the University. For Adam, this experience transformed his classroom knowledge into practical skills.

“I worked in Delta’s liaison engineering… Continue

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