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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Abroad GIF Edition

Why should you ditch America for a few weeks? Maybe you missed your opportunity to study abroad or are a new graduate unsure of where to go next. No matter what happens, you won’t regret stretching the limits of your comfort zone and taking a plunge into the unknown. Consider these 7 reasons why now is the time to travel abroad:

1. Culture: Traveling allows you to learn about different cultures first hand. Your interaction with new people will likely cause you to experience culture…


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Interview with a EuroTrip Veteran Part II

Here's the second installment in the series of interviews with Milan Dekich, an Auburn European Graduation Trip veteran. Milan offers great advice for those of you attending the trip or traveling to Europe this summer!

For those of you interested in attending the 2014 AU European Graduation Trip, the deadline to sign up is next Wednesday, April 2. Follow this link for more information: Auburn…


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25 Travel Hacks in Honor of Travel With Care Week

When dealing with travel there is one undisputed law you need to follow: "Foresight teaches gently, error teaches brutally".  Basically, learn from others mistakes. You can loose so much time and money by not knowing the right information before making your trip. It doesn't matter where you are going, someone has…


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Ciao, Rome

The next stop on our Auburn style euro-trip is Rome, Italy. Rome is known worldwide for it’s ancient history and art, and after a trek around the city, you will see why. Rome is a city comparable to the Grand Canyon; you see beautiful photos of such places, but the real site with take your breath away. After the locally guided tours of Rome’s Capitol Hill and the Vatican City, we’ll have about two days to explore the Eternal City on our own. Here are some ideas for how to spend your free…


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Busted: The Top 5 European Graduation Trip Myths

In light of our victorious football season, why not continue this celebration and spread our family cheer throughout Europe this summer? Imagine holding our burnt orange and navy blue flag in front of international monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Coliseum. The Auburn Family spirit is undeniable, but with every new experience and opportunity, there are bound to be false assumptions. That’s why I’m here; to debunk the Top 5 European Graduation Trip Myths.




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Interview with a Eurotrip Veteran

Recently, I conducted an interview with the previous Student Travel Ambassador, Milan Dekich. Milan also attended the 2013 Auburn European Grad Trip. This video is the first installment in a series of short Q & A style videos to hear exciting stories straight from the source. While my video editing skills need to be improved, I hope you enjoy the tales and the tunes. 


For those who are looking for more info, attend my last Information Session of the semester, this…


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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Abroad

Throughout my three-month long journey of promoting the AU European Graduation Trip around campus, I’m constantly surprised by the number of students who have never traveled outside of the United States.  For some, it is their financial situation; others haven’t found the time. Most have not been encouraged to see the benefits of traveling abroad. Chances are when you get a job right out of college, taking 2-3 weeks off to travel Europe with your closest friends will be next to impossible.…


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Oui, Oui Paris

Paris: “The City of Love,” “The City of Light” and most importantly, the second destination on our Auburn European Grad Trip. Oscar Wilde once said, “When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” If you’re looking for a taste of the Paris you’ve seen portrayed in movies or photographs, May is the perfect time of year. We will be exploring Paris in the middle of May when maximum temperatures reach the mid-sixties. For us Alabamians, this will be a refreshing escape from our humid summertime…


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Touchdown in London Town

Imagine this: Waking up from your eleven-hour plane ride across the Atlantic and seeing London along the horizon. For those of you attending the 2014 AU European Grad Trip, this will soon be your reality. After stepping off the plane, you will have complete freedom to start exploring the city, and with only three days to spend, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do. One of the fabulous aspects about this trip is that you are able to explore and attend whichever events pique your interests.…


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The AU European Adventure according to Gilda Osborn

Hello again, undefeated Auburnites. Can I get a War Eagle?? 

This weekend was a whirlwind of surprises in what proved to be victorious for our beloved football team. Here's to hoping they stick with their winning streak in the weeks to come. 

When thinking of the subject for my second blogpost (ever), I thought giving you all a little sample of the 2013 AU Grad Trip would be perfect. I chose to interview a previous attendee and personal friend of mine, Gilda Osborn.…


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To all who wander, start here

Greetings, strapping gentlemen and dashing ladies of Auburn University. Is there anyone out there? My name is Grace Perry and I am your new 2013-14 Student Travel Ambassador. What is a Student Travel Ambassador, you may ask? Well, I am your on-campus resource, guru if you will, to all travel programs endorsed by War Eagle Travelers. More specifically, I promote the 2014 Auburn European Graduation Trip around our campus on a day-to-day basis. If you follow @AUGradTrip on twitter, I am the…


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Zen Packing- Preparing for Your Trip Frustration Free

    Heading off on an adventure soon? One of the most frustrating aspects of travel is deciding what all to pack. Then you have to worry about baggage fees and lugging around your full dresser of clothes the entire time. While you can find much advice on…


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Learn Any Language in 3 Months

We take speaking English fluently for granted. Communicating is just so easy and natural for us now. How would it feel to be a immigrant going to school who didn't know English? Last week I met a student-athlete from France. When he came here he could not speak a word of English, yet he…


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Exploring Europe: Most Underated Places Seen on the Grad Trip

When you think of an adventure through Europe what comes to mind? The three major travel destinations have mostly been London, Paris, and Rome. These are the classic cities that have much to offer, including massive lines of tourist. Even though these are a must see, there are several other underated places that can be just as enjoyable without the crowds.…


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You+Your Friends+Auburn= 1 Great Adventure

When graduation ends your time here at Auburn its always hard to leave friends behind. That's why we love to give you an opportunity to have one last adventure with them. The European Grad Tour is having its first and biggest promotion of the year. Now until September 17th you can receive up to $300 off the tour! Your friends don't even have to be graduates to join you on this amazing experience. War Eagle!  Click Photo for:

War Eagle Travelers…


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A New Journey Awaits

Hi Milan here, I'll be your new Student Travel Ambassador for the 2013 Classic European Graduation Tour. This year is looking better than ever with new destinations added and new details coming soon. The 2012 tour is almost done so soon we'll get to hear all the amazing things they did. If you need any questions answered feel free to email or call;, (256) 654-8759. <KeepExploring>

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Are you outgoing, energetic, and self motivated??

Do you enjoy traveling, working with others, and experiencing new things??

Are you at least a Junior or Senior in hours??


If the answer is YES, then I have the job for you!!!!


Auburn Alumni Association is looking for their new (2012-2013) Student Travel Ambassador!!


This is an amazing opportunity for you to gain valuable job experience and work towards a free trip to Europe! What…


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London, London, and More London!!!

Looking for another great reason to travel abroad this summer??! Well, I have three!

The Auburn University European Graduation Tour will kick off in London, England, where everyone will be getting ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics!! There is going to be so much more to do while we are there!


1. There's this great new Picasso Exhibition at Tate Britain.

Check out more than 150 works of the master himself, and learn about the time he spent in London! You can…


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Athens, GA for the Weekend!

Heading out for gameday?! If you've never been to Athens, here are some things you may be interested in seeing before you leave.


1. The State Botanical Garden

313 acres of sheer beauty. The garden is located on UGA's campus, so you won't have to go too far out of the way to experience it! The garden serves as a living laboratory, housing not only plants, but wildlife as well. The welcome center itself is a sight to see, standing at 3 stories high and filled with…


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Thanksgiving Road Trip

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, many of you are probably wondering what in the world you are going to do for an entire week at home?!?!

Well, I have a solution. Grab a few friends, plug in your GPS (or bring out the map), and get on the road!!

Auburn students will have 5 whole days to relax before they have to be at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. Why not enjoy this beautiful fall weather and take a trip with friends!

Depending on how far you want to go… Continue

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