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10 Gifts College Graduates Actually Want

10.Gift Cards- As graduation becomes a reality, almost alumni start to develop an entirely-too-long list of needed items. Since gym shorts and T-shirts are not accepted in the professional world, at the top of that list is business attire. Gift cards to Loft, J. Crew, Banana Republic or Joseph A. Banks would ease the stress of learning to save while developing a stylish and professional wardrobe. Even a shopping trip on you for new office and home supplies from Office Depot or Home Depot would be greatly appreciated. Gift cards say, “I want you to have something you would like, so 

you go pick it out.”

9. Diploma frame- Ready to show off the most expensive paper you ever purchased? A diploma frame would look great behind the desk of their new workplace. College graduates have worked for four years (or more!) for that valuable piece of paper. Plus, it’s a subtle way to support your Alma mater. Auburn Art has a great selection of frames. Your fellow employees might not understand “War Eagle,” but a diploma is universal.(Photo taken from Auburn Art website.)

8. Cookware- College students tend to use the very cheap and most basic cookware, but after college graduation its time to start using the ”grown-up” cookware. Pots, pans and utensils would be       beneficial to a beginner cook.

7. Bedding-Chances are many college students have looked at and slept on the same

comforter and sheets for four years so it’s time for a change of scenery. Nothing feels better than laying on a good pair of sheets at night. Bed, Bath and Beyond always has a great selection of bedding and sheets.

6. T-shirt Blanket- Everyone knows that one of the best parts of college is the appropriateness of wearing an oversized t-shirt to class everyday, but once you enter the workforce they aren't the ideal attire.  Of course, no one wants there memorable t-shirts going to waste. Every t-shirt has a story and what better way to share those stories than by creating a blanket. 

5. A trip- Nothing says congratulations to your college gradate like here’s a free vacation. Graduates have spent four years with their nose in their books and would love nothing more than fresh air and new places.  

4. A GoPro-Most college graduates plan on moving to a new city upon graduation and what’s more perfect than an action-shot camera. GoPro is waterproof and is durable in all environments. Perfect for documenting the next chapter in your life.

(Photo taken from

3. Professional purse or briefcase – Backpacks will be an accessory of the past when entering the workforce.  You know what they say you got to look good to feel good and what better way to show your employer you mean business than to strut through the doors of you new office with a stylish briefcase in hand. It’s not something alumni would buy for themselves but would certainly not mind being gifted one.

2. Home furnishings-  Apartment furnishings can range from decorative pillows to a washer/dryer combo. Many apartment complexes close to college campuses have a furnished option but in bigger cities that isn’t an option. Giving a college graduate a sofa, chair or dresser would be an awesome asset for the future.

1.Money- And if all else fails, college graduates love money.  Money gives them the opportunity to buy what they need or save it for future endeavors. 

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