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10 Reasons Why Having Your Sibling in Auburn is the Best Thing Ever

Because who wouldn't want to be able to start and end a conversation with your sibling by saying War Eagle?

1) You always get a little too excited when you see your sibling on campus. 

2) Now your parents will be coming to Auburn twice as much wanting to meet all of the people you guys are always talking about when you are home.

3) You get to complain together about how long the line is at Tex’s Taco Truck.

4) You then follow that up by saying how worth the wait is for Tex’s Taco Truck's lime fries.

5) When you begin to overreact about all of your friends getting engaged your sibling is the one to call you out. 

6) They will always be down to go out to dinner with you knowing that if you go together the parents will pay for the meal.

7) Long car rides home become less lonely since you now have someone to sing along to the radio with you.

8) Both of your moods are now dependent on how well Auburn Football did that week.

9) When you are upset about failing a test they can remind you about how you received a 40% on a test in high school and the world still moved on.  


10) The Auburn Family becomes a concept that now holds a special place in your heart.    

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