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Senioritis. We have all been there. It comes at a time when one is nearing the end of their high school or college career. If any of these apply to you, you my friend have a serious case of senioritis. Stay strong.

1. You walk into exams knowing you’re going to fail and you don’t care.
All-nighters are for freshman anyways.

2. You are still missing Hibachi Express.
The yum yum sauce still makes appearances in my dreams.

3. Netflix >
The only thing I want to take five with is a Netflix original series.

4. You are either wearing pajamas or business professional to class.
Either way people are going to stare.

5. The outcome of your BuzzFeed quiz is far more important than any school assignment.  Because it’s crucial I know what cartoon character, sandwich or animal I am.

6. If one more person asks you what you’re doing with life after college…
Don’t know and don’t care.

7. You have already earned your degree in procrastination.
Zero cares given.

8. You start to calculate the lowest possible GPA you can obtain to graduate. 
D is for degree.

9. Your entire life revolves around your cover letter and resume. 
Bring on the embellishments.

10. You have welcomed the unknown with wide open arms.  
Try not to cry too much.

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